Salmon and sea trout fishing in Cork

  1. Munster Blackwater
  2. River Lee
  3. River Bandon
  4. River Arigideen
  5. River Ilen
  6. River Coomhola
  7. River Glengarriff

Salmon and sea trout fishing in Kerry

  1. River Sheen
  2. River Roughty
  3. River Blackwater
  4. Waterville Lakes and River Inny
  5. Caragh Lakes and System
  6. Laune, Flesk and Killarney Lakes
  7. River Maine

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Waterville lakes and river system


This rivers and lakes of Waterville drain a large catchment and are regarded by many as the foremost Salmon and Sea-Trout fishery in the country. The lake system is well developed with access to boats and guides being readily available to the tourist angler. The Sea-Trout caught here are renowned for their size and quantity.

Lough Currane

Lough Currane

This famous lake is on a spate river system and so water and weather conditions impact on fishing. There is an excellent network of angling guides and boat hire on this free fishery. Fair to good run of fish dependent on water. All legal angling methods allowed.

Sea trout

Fair to good run of fish depending on water levels. The best times are from early June to September. Sea trout to over 10 lbs. (4.5 Kilos) recorded annually from this famous lake. Better numbers of specimen fish have been recorded in recent years and a good run of summer fish. Free fishing but a state licence is required for both salmon and sea trout. All legitimate angling methods allowed.

More details about Lough Currane available here.


Other fisheries in the system

River Inny

As the Inny River has been set as a Brown Tag River for 2017, there is a total allowable catch by rod and line of 30 salmon or sea trout (over 40cm) for 2017

Due to the low amount of Brown Tags available to anglers, it has been decided that they will be distributed via a lottery system at four different dates throughout the season.

The lottery will be held at the Inny Bridge on the Waterville / Cahersiveen road at 18:00 (6pm). Time and venue may change depending on weather but anyone who has submitted details to the authorized distributor will be notified beforehand.

Tags will not be distributed before March 1st  in order to allow anglers to purchase their licences and submit their licence number to the authorized distributor. Any angler wishing to fish the Inny during this period will have to do so using Catch and Release methods only.

The authorized distributor is;

David Lordan  IFI, Kenneigh, Cahersiveen, Co. Kerry 087 0697440

A valid National or Kerry licence number for 2017 must be submitted with name, address and contact number to the authorized distributor only, up to 2 days before each lottery.

In order to ensure that the tags are distributed as evenly as possible, if an angler receives a tag in any of the draws, whether or not they use it throughout the season, they cannot enter any of the 'remaining draws.

If an angler decides to finish their season early, we would encourage them to return the tag to the authorized distributor so as it can be put back into the pool of tags for the next draw.

Any angler wishing to fish the Inny River without a brown tag assigned to their licence must do so using catch and release methods only:

Anglers may not use worms.  Anglers must use single, barbless hooks at all times.

The fish must be handled carefully and should not be removed from the water prior to release.

Brown tags cannot be transferred between licence holders without contacting the authorized distributor before the tag has been transferred.

Map of Lough Currane and the Watervile lakes and rivers

Map of Waterville and Currane system Map of Lough Currane and waterville rivers and lakes Lough Currane Loughs Namona and Cloonlaghlin Lough Derriana Waterville River Cummeragh River

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