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Irish Angling Update

07 July 2011

Editor: Paul Bourke, Angling Information Officer
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Salmon Angling Update

Report on salmon fishing on the River Slaney.

Salmon fishing on the Slaney is now very slow. Most fish seem to have run and anglers are now focusing on sea trout. There is still a chance of a small grilse run if we have another flood but as we know, the Slaney is predominantly a Spring river and the advise is that the salmon enthusiast might be better off heading to the likes of the River Moy or Blackwater.

Sea trout reports throughout the river are very positive with some very big bags being reported. The average size is small but some good trout are being caught. I would like to mention a special thanks to all those anglers who have gathered scale sample for the Celtic Sea Trout Project. One group of anglers in particular fishing in the Enniscorthy area managed to catch and take scale samples from 40 sea trout in just one evenings fishing.

The trout fishing is at its best now and should continue until the end of the month. For further information on how to help please log onto  and view the annual newsletter.
David Dobbs
Slaney River Trust

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Cork and Kerry salmon fishing report - A fine 17 lb. salmon reported from the Coomhola River


3 salmon reported for the week.


2 salmon recorded on the fishery.


No catches reported

Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers' Association waters and Beat 3.

As of Monday 4th July water levels are now down below 2 feet on the gauge at Johnston's. This is still nice water for all methods and it looks like rain.
I am finding it hard to get news of fish.  Even over the weekend when the commercial nets were off and suitable tides still did not bring much news of fish. One angler I spoke to said it was as if the river was blocked there was not even a fish showing.  Fishing during the past week was not great despite a good angling effort each day and especially over the weekend.   I fly fished for four hours until 10.30 pm on Saturday evening without as much as seeing a fish.  There were a total of 4 fish reported for the week.  
Billy Downes Secretary 
Laune Salmon and Trout Anglers' Association


No catches reported, water too low


1 clipped salmon of 7.5 lb. caught by Anthony O’ Reilly, Cork and returned
1 salmon of 7 lb. caught by Bobby Flynn, Cork and returned
2 salmon caught on the fly weighing 5 ½ lb. and 6 lb.


11 fish caught on the river Lee system with the smaller fish being returned to the system


12 fish caught on the Bandon river with an average weight of 7 lb.


No report

A fine 17 lb. salmon reported from the Coomhola River.

5 salmon landed for the week.  The biggest weighed in at 17 lb. landed on worms by a 14 year old boy during his second year of fishing.  The other 4 salmon weighed in at 5 lb., 5 lb., 10 lb. and 15 lb. landed by local anglers mostly spinning


2 salmon landed for the week by local anglers weighing 8 lb. and 10 lb., methods used spinning and worms.
Eileen Carroll
Inland Fisheries Ireland – Macroom

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Plenty of sea trout action on Lough Currane including a fine specimen of 8 lb. 1 oz. taken on fly

From Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel, angling guide Vincent Appleby reports on the past week’s fishing trends on the LOUGH CURRANE system:

27/6/11 A Guest fishing with Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr caught 3 Sea Trout all in the 2 lb. class and Mr. Mike O’Shea fishing out of  caught 5 Sea trout ranging from 2 lb. up to 2 ¾ lb. all caught on the drift.  We cut across the Lake to the south side and the hired out boat department of  Mr. Vincent Lynham caught 1 junior on the drift. Just for the record other anglers reported an odd Junior, News just in Mr. Alan Walsh caught 10 Trout which were all returned. We head for the upper lakes and Lough Namona Mr. McDonnell caught 1 Junior and a fine Brown Trout in the 3 lb. class fishing with his ghillie Mr. Tom O’Shea -  Wind N then veered NW light with reasonable cloud cover at times. Max air temperature 14.8˚C.
28/6/11 Mr. Anthony O’Sullivan caught 1 Junior; in general my Noble Sea Trout were in a lethargic mood, even though there were a few Juniors caught. now to the hired out boat department, Mr. Frank Donnelly reported to me that Mr. Vincent Lynham caught 12 Sea Trout in 4 days fishing. Amount of rainfall 0.4 mm, max air temperature 15.5˚C.
29/6/11 Lough Currane was on the quiet side with the just the odd Junior being caught, and with wind being light to calm.  If I have missed your catch you can text me on 087 2074882. Local ghillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy reported to me that his client, Mark, a Dublin Angler caught 3 Sea Trout ranging from 2 lb. down to Juniors, now for the catch of the Day or I should say catch of the evening and that goes to Mr Donal O’Reilly, fishing in a hired out boat from caught a cracking 8 lb. 1 oz. specimen Sea Trout on the fly, and I can tell you he had one hell of a battle, it took the best part of 3 hours to procure my Noble Sea trout and as they say in the bar worth waiting for, and just for the record Donal also caught 1 Junior. Amount of rainfall 0.2 mm, max air temperature 15.1˚C.
30/6/11 Mr. Bill Rushby caught 5 Sea Trout, ranging from 2.5 lb. down to Juniors and his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy was telling me that they were all returned, Mr. D Keane, caught a 2 lb. Sea trout with his ghillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville Boats - Mr. John Allen caught 5 Sea trout with two on the troll and 3 on the fly, from Junior class up to 1.5 lb. fishing with his ghillie Mr. Bob Priestly. Mr. Pete Maxey of the UK, fishing with his ghillie Mr. Sylvester Donnelly had a good 6 days fishing with an average of 2 good Sea Trout per day, ranging from Junior class up to 3 lb. just for the record all the smaller fish were returned and he lost a fine fish on his last day. Pete’s best fly of the week was: Claret Bumble size 10. Max air temperature 15.8˚C.
1/7/11 Mr. Dermot Devereux caught a 4 lb. grilse on the troll with his ghillie Mr. Neil O’Shea - and Neil was telling me they also lost one.  Staying with the Salmon department, Dr. Jim Comerford caught a grilse on the troll.  It was tough going for anglers sea trout fishing with very little wind, and here are the anglers who succeeded. Mr. Bill Bullock and his good friend Malcolm, fishing in a hired out boat from  caught 3 Juniors, and a guest fishing with his ghillie Mr. Bob Priestly caught a Sea trout in the 2 lbs class on the drift. And last but not least Mr. Rod Robinson caught 2 Sea Trout, ranging from 1 ¾ lb. up to 3 lb. and all caught on the fly. Now we head upstream to the Commeragh River where Mr. John Phelan caught an 11 lb. Salmon. Max air temperature 16.7˚C.
2/7/11 straight to catch of the day and that goes to Mr. Mark Doorman and his son who caught his first Salmon weighing in at five lbs and his ghillie Mr. Bob Priestly was telling that they had 5 Juniors on the fly and finished the day off with 2 lb. Sea Trout on the troll.  In the Dry fly department Mr. John Harrington of Cork, caught a 2 lb. Sea Trout. Wind was SW light to calm with bright sunshine; other boats reported just an odd Junior. Max air temperature 16.4˚C.
3/7/11 There was some good action in the trolling and fly department and catch of the day goes to Mr. Jim Young and Mr. Colin James who caught a 5 lb. grilse on the troll, and two Sea Trout on the fly, fishing with their ghillie Mr. Mike O’Dwyer, also in good form Was Mr. Ted Robinson and his Son, Mr. Nigel Robinson, with six Sea Trout from Junior Class up to 2.5 lb. fishing with their ghillie Mr. Frank Donnelly and of and just for the record both fishing parties were from the UK. Mr. Patsy Quilligan and Mr. John Harrington of Cork, were telling that in the past week, they have had a total of 15 Sea Trout from Junior class up to just over the 2 lb. and all were returned, Mr. Kevin O’Sullivan of Lake road Waterville, caught a 2.5 lb. Sea trout and finished his shift with a Junior, late this evening Kevin, caught 1 Junior. Now we cut across Lough Currane to the North side, Mr. Neil O’Shea of reported to me that, Mr. Michael Solen caught four Trout from 1.5 lb. up to 5 lb., Mr. Mike Hennessy, Kenmare fishing with two Dutch Anglers, caught 2 Sea Trout of which the best was 4 lb., and local ghillie Mr. Bob Priestly, caught one Sea Trout in the 2 lb. Class. Wind SW light to calm with reasonable cloud cover.

That is your ration for this week, from your Gillie/Guide and the Waterville fishery. No Spin No Fly’s just facts

That is all the news from your gillie and the Waterville fishery. No Spin No Fly’s just Facts.
Vincent Appleby
Angling Guide and Accommodation
Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel
Email: Web:

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67 salmon caught at the Galway Fishery and conditions now perfect

Water levels have fallen this week, with just one gate now open, perfect conditions for flyfishing. With the improvement in conditions has come a marked improvement in numbers of salmon, with a lot more fish entering the river over the last couple of days. There were 67 salmon landed this week, with a good many more hooked and lost.
Werner Meckle and Rolf Fuhri from Germany both recorded grilse on shrimp; Dave Gibson from Galway had a nice 6lbs fish on shrimp, while Bob Lawlor had a 4 lbs fish on fly. Eoin Warner from Dublin had 2 grilse on shrimp, as did Brian O’Rourke from Galway, including a fine grilse of 7lbs. Eamon Power from Waterford landed 2 grilse on fly, and Aidan Brophy took a 6lbs fish on shrimp. Shane and Paul McNamee had a good visit, landing 5 grilse between them on fly and shrimp, while Gary Rogers from Dublin landed a cracking salmon of 11lbs on a spinner.
Young Joseph O’Toole from Galway landed a nice grilse on shrimp, and Stephen Buchanan from Dublin had 2 grilse on fly. Brian O’Donoghue took a nice 5.5lbs grilse on fly, his first Galway fish, and Brian Howard from Dublin landed a nice 6-pounder on fly. Dave O’Reilly took 2 grilse on fly and shrimp, while James McEvoy from Cork landed 2 grilse on fly. Local angler Michael Szabat landed a grilse on fly, while Andrew Lynas from Northern Ireland showed his dad Dexter how to fish, landing 2 grilse on fly.With conditions so good and the main grilse run hopefully underway, prospects here for the next couple of weeks are very good indeed.
Kevin Crowley
IFI-Galway .

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18 lb 10.5 oz salmon on fly at Delphi, biggest in 25 years

Photo: Mark Corps with his 18lb 10.5oz salmon from the Delphi.

15 years ago you wouldn’t be surprised to get 28 fish in a day at this particular time, but in recent years this has changed. This week we have had 28 fish in total which everyone was quite happy with. It was however finished off in spectacular style by Mark Corps yesterday who landed a stunning 18 lb. 10.5 oz fish off the Turn Pool on an Elaine Shrimp Fly.  The fish which was in about two months took about twenty minutes to land. This fish now sits in second place in the modern era.  In the number one spot is still Nigel Saxby Soffe with his 19 lb. 1 oz fish which he also caught in the Turn Pool in August 1986.
The fish is most likely a 3 sea winter one of probably 10 we have landed so far this year. This is not Marks biggest, who works as Angling Advisor with for Inland Fisheries Ireland. Congratulations to him and thanks for donating the fish to Delphi where it will be mounted and put on display in the new club room, angling room, ghillies room or liars den or whatever you want to call it room!  Since my last update we have also had quite a few fish.
On the 28th Reinhard Mittmann had his second of the day a sea liced 4 lb. fish off Finlough on a Sunrae Shadow.  On the 29th we landed six fish. Mattias Eder had a sea liced 7 lb. 10 oz. off Finlough on a Willie Gunn. Johannes Hipp had a sea liced 4 lb. 1 oz fish off the Dynamite on a Collie Dog.  Fred Possinger landed a sea liced 4 lb. 10 oz. fish on a Willie Gunn in the Meadow Pool while his wife Gerda went one better with a sea liced 9 lb. 11.5 oz fish off Finlough on a Collie Dog.  Reinhard Mittmann had two fresh fish off Finlough one on a Willie Gunn and one on a Collie Dog weighing in at 5 lb. 4oz and 6 lb. 13 oz.
On the 30th Reinhard Mittmann had a stale fish of 9 lb. 8 oz on a Willie Gunn off Fin.  Mattias Eder landed two on Fin both stale one of 8 lb. and the second of 9 lb. both on Shrimp flies.  Gerda Possinger had a fresh grilse of 3 lb. 7 oz. off Doolough while Pete McFarlane had his first ever a fresh 6 lb. fish off Doolough.
The 1st July we had 6 fish all off Finlough.  Mattias Eder had a stale 8 lb. 15 oz fish on a Willie Gunn.  Yvonne Zirngibl had two, one of 6 lbs 8oz. with sea lice and one of 3 lb. 9 oz. but in a few weeks, both on a Willie Gunn.
Reinhard Mittmann had a stale fish of 7 lb 0.5 oz. on a Delphi Collie.
Gerda Possinger had a fish of 5 lb. on a Collie Dog and finally Benny Weltz had a fresh fish of 4 lb. 2 oz. on a Willie Gunn.  Yesterday along with the beast, Micheal Healy had a fish of 8 lb. 8 oz. on a Silver Cascade off Finlough.  So far today we only have one landed a sea liced 6 lb. 10.5 oz fish landed by Andy Smith in the Bridge Pool.  The river is now at 20 which is still plenty but if we get rain on Tuesday as forecast it will be most welcome.

To book fishing or accommodation at Delphi, contact Delphi Lodge at +353 (0)95 42222, or check for details.
D McEvoy
Delphi Fishery
Delphi Lodge, Leenane, Co. Galway.
Tel: +353 (0)95-42222 Fax +353-95-42296

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Good salmon and sea trout fishing reported from Inagh


The week started with high water and this ensured a good weeks fishing on Inagh.  In total 13 Salmon and 40 Seatrout were caught.  Rain is desperately needed now as the river levels are very low, however there are sea liced grilse been landed on the beats.  Derek Woods (UK) and Steven Tory (UK). fished The Derryclare Butts for a few mornings and had 3 grilse to 6 lb. on Cascades.  Michael Heery (Dublin) and Denis Murphy (Dublin) fished Lough Inagh for 2 days and landed 4 grilse to 6 lb. and 7 Seatrout to 2.5 lb.  Most of the fish took a Silver Daddy.  Kevin Kelly (Galway) and Padraic McTavish (Galway) fished Lough Inagh and landed 2 grilse to 4.5 lb. on a Silver Doctor.  Robert Moulton landed his first salmon on the fly and his 2nd salmon in 20 years on Greenpoint beat.  The long awaited fish took a Cascade and weighed 4.5 lb.


Anglers this week have commented to me on the wildlife they have seen, a Golden Eagle has returned to the lake, kingfishers and otters have also been witnessed.

To book fishing or accommodation, call Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel at 095 34706 or check their website at  

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River Moy fishing well for grilse as IFI hosts events on the river during Ballina Salmon Festival

casting day

Inland Fisheries Ireland – Ballina are hosting two events in the River Moy as part of Ballina Salmon Festival Week. On Sunday the 10th July, at ‘The Point’, Quay Road, Ballina, IFI are hosting a ‘Fly Casting Day’. The Day will feature the Irish Open Spey Casting Championship and single hand casting competitions, with categories for professional casters, amateurs, ladies and juveniles.

Three times World Spey Casting Champion Scott MacKenzie, Scotland, will also be onsite throughout the day to give demonstrations and to offer casting advice, as well as professional casting instructors who will be available to offer free casting lessons. There will also be a fly tying theatre where tying experts Betty Hayes, Michael Hayes, Declan Tuffy and Frank O’Reilly will be offering advice and fly tying tips. The site will also host a toddlers area, with a bouncy castle and toddlers ‘fishing pool’. The event is free to attend, with a small charge to enter some of the casting competitions. For further information see or contact Inland Fisheries Ireland – Ballina on +353 (0)96 22788.

The Cathedral Beat will host the annual Juvenile Angling Day (under 17) on Thursday, 14th July. This annual event is free to attend, with rods, lifejackets and baits available for those taking part.  To book a place for the Juvenile Angling Day, contact the Moy Fishery Office on +353 (0)96 21332.

Angling on the lower Moy continued to improve over the past week, with the Moy Fishery producing 47 salmon. Spinning at the at the Ash Tree Pool, Martin Coyle, Co. Donegal, had one of 6.4 lb. The Cathedral Beat produced 12 for the week, including one for David Marron, Co. Monaghan, on the spinner, and one for Virginia Webb, England, on the fly. The Ridge Pool produced good sport, where 28 salmon were caught, including a second salmon for Virginia Webb, and a further two for David Marron, who had two including one of 8.6 lb. to the fly. Andrew Wilson, Co. Dublin had two grilse to the fly while Peter Wilson also had one of 6.9 lb. The Weir Pool produced 5 salmon, including 3 for John Phelin, Co. Laois, who’s best was 5.8 lb. The Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water produced reasonable numbers, as did the Armstrong and Gannon Fisheries. Upstream, all of the Foxford fisheries including Cloongee produced good angling, where Colin Goh, England, had a nice fish of 10 lb. to a spinner and one of 7 lb. was caught by William Shepard, N.Ireland. The East Mayo Anglers’ water fished very well, where 60 salmon were reported for the week, with over 30% of these sportingly released. Visiting angler, Pascal Nicolas, France enjoyed a great week on the East Mayo water, with 9 salmon in total, his best fish was 7 lb. Robert Donaldson, N. Ireland, had two of 7 lb. and 8 lb., taken on the fly.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Good Sea Trout reported from the Moy Estuary

Judd Ruane reports great angling on the Moy Estuary at present, with over 90 trout caught over the past week. Stuart and Nigel Kerry, and friend Martin Roberts, England, all enjoyed great sport while angling the estuary with Judd, boating a total of 29 sea trout over two days, with their best weighing 3.5 lb. Joey Kenny and David O’Sullivan, Carrick-on-Shannon, had 8 trout, their best 2.25 lb., while Swiss pair Marco and Sara Benziger had six during their visit.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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65 salmon released back to the river out of a total of 100 salmon recorded at Ballisodare

The fishery provided excellent fishing throughout the week, with over 100 salmon caught, 65 of which were released. Visiting anglers Jim Keenaghan and Val Tyrrell both had two grilse each, with Hugo Marron, Co. Monaghan, also landing a pair of grilse to the fly. Sean Brady, Co. Galway and Leslie Cooper both had grilse of 5 lb. taken on the fly. The prawn also proved a successful method for many anglers, with Paddy Marron, Co. Monaghan landing a nice salmon of 13 lb. Nigel Wilson, N.Ireland, also enjoyed success on the prawn, releasing two grilse. Sue and Roy Simpson both had good sport during their time at Ballisodare, catching grilse of 5 lb. and 4 lb. respectively
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Salmon angling slow at Lough Beltra but great sea trout fishing

The weather was not ideal for fishing on Beltra this week, despite this, two salmon were caught. Jackie Diffley, Glenisland, caught a grilse of 7 lb. while David Eddis, Castlebar, had one of 4 lbs. Anglers also reported very good numbers of sea trout in the lake, the best observed for many years, with sea trout up to 2 lb. reported.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Steady salmon fishing reported at Burrishoole.

Very good angling again last week at the Burrishoole Fishery, with 14 salmon caught.  Michael Healy and Pat Cowley, Co. Derry had 6 salmon over two days, with Seamus O’Neill boating 4, while Toby Gibbons and Brian Hope had 1 fish each. The best fish of the week was caught by Pat Hughes and weighed 5.7 lb. The most successful flies were the Ally Shrimp, Java Shrimp, the Cascade, Goat’s Toe, Stoats Tail and Green Peter. All wild fish were released.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Salmon report on the Foyle Rivers.

It has been generally a quiet week on the Mourne. Water levels remained good all week with the river holding a nice height for fly, warm overcast weather added to the good conditions. Fish have been landed but not in the numbers you would expect for the end of June when you would have hoped for Derg Grilse to have entered the river by now. Water was diverted from the weir through the mill for most of the week so maintenance could be carried out on the counters, unable to get to the weir a small pod of fish took up residence from the outflow at the Back of The Mill down to the Wood Hole at Sion Mills, this provided some sport for anglers, elsewhere your chances of a fish have decreased with Springer's by now settling in for the summer and becoming stale. Reports from the Foyle indicate an increase in poaching activity; this in its self would indicate an increase in fish in the Foyle.

Upper Mourne Report

The grilse have arrived in the Upper Mourne with a few catches made in the last week by visiting anglers from GB and RoI.
24 June - 8 lb - Halfwater.
25 June - 3 on the Snaa; two weighed 5.5 lb and the third was 5 lb.
28 June - 9.25 lb - Halfwater

We have some availability for beats in July, for further information  or call the office 02881661683.

The Derg lacked water all week and as a result angling effort suffered.

The forecast for the week looks promising with rain on the horizon from Tuesday on. Ever the optimist Grilse have to come sometime! It's been a better than average season so far so "please Lord" let it continue!

Tight Lines

Mark-NM Tackle, Sion Mills.

Tel/Fax: 00 44 (0) 28 8165 9501

Lionel Knobbs,
Loughs Agency Angling Manager
Web: E Mail:

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Valuable prizes for sea trout anglers in 2011

Sea trout anglers on the east and south coast of Ireland, the west coasts of Scotland, England and Wales and on the Isle of Man have an excellent chance to win one of the many valuable prizes on offer in a free prize draw by collecting scale samples from any sea trout they catch in 2011. The Celtic Sea Trout Project (CSTP) is incentivising anglers to take samples of scales from any sea trout they catch over the season in specific “priority” rivers. 
The priority rivers are:

IRELAND: Shimna, Castletown, Dee/Glyde, Boyne, Dargle, Slaney, Colligan, Bandon Argideen, Currane

SCOTLAND & ISLE OF MAN:  Luce, Nith, Annan, Esk (Border), Neb, Sulby

ENGLAND: Esk (Border), Ehen, Lune, Ribble

WALES: Dee, Conwy, Clwyd, Dwyfor, Glaslyn, Dyfi, Teifi, Tywi, Tawe

The prizes are:

There are major unanswered questions in the understanding of sea trout, namely:

The CSTP intends to provide this missing knowledge and to translate it into fishery and conservation benefits for countries bordering the Irish Sea.
The scales are important samples for this major research project which commenced in late 2009.  Interpretation of scales from river and marine caught sea trout will contribute much to understanding some of these questions as they will provide very important primary information for analysis of river-specific life histories and growth rates. The scales will also be used for novel studies including genetic analysis (so called genetic finger-printing) to characterise individual river stocks, and for micro-chemical analysis to identify the freshwater origins of sea trout and, specifically, to determine their marine feeding areas within the Irish Sea, based on specific chemical signatures deposited within the scales.

Scale collection is difficult because, apart from fish traps, of which there are only three across the whole CSTP area, the sampling of adults in rivers has to be done by angling.  This is an extremely important element of the project and anglers are encouraged to participate fully so that sea trout can be better understood which will help to conserve this fascinating migratory trout. Scales from sea trout of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, over the full extent of the angling season are requested and can be taken easily using the basic scale sampling kit which is provided free of charge (see for more details).

The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland-Wales Programme (INTERREG 4A). The main project partners are Inland Fisheries Ireland, Bangor University, University College Cork and Environment Agency Wales.

The winners will be chosen based on the scale samples submitted to us before 31st March 2012. The prize draw will take place on the 1st of April 2012. Winners will be contacted directly.

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Trout Angling Update

Trout a little bit harder to come by on Lough Sheelin.

It was much harder work for anglers fishing Lough Sheelin this week. Huge numbers of trout particularly small trout are being seen but the fish are choosey about what they’re taking which is making fishing on this lough a lot  more challenging than in previous weeks.  The trout are predominantly feeding on the perch fry at the moment and until the fish are diverted to eating other invertebrates, the fishing won’t be easy which makes the catches all the more coveted by the persistent anglers.  The lake was carpeted with fly for most of the week in particular there were great hatches of murrough on Saturday night as well as caenis and plenty of varieties of sedge.  Dry sedge imitations proved to be the best for catching Trout.  The hot, bright and calm weather hampered fishing as well on Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  Sheelin’s water clarity is very good and that coupled with mirror like conditions meant that any movement of boat or rod at all resulted in fish instantly disappearing.

On Saturday July 2nd the Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association in conjunction with Recreational Angling Ireland held a Youth Angling day at the lake.  This attracted nineteen enthusiastic young anglers aged been seven and seventeen.  The day consisted of fly tying, casting and fishing and everyone from instructors to helpers to participants had an enjoyable and worthwhile time.  A catch and release policy is actively encouraged on this lake at all times.  36 fish were recorded for the week.  Heaviest fish for the week was a 3½ lb. fish caught by Michael Kelly, Balbriggan using an LF dry fly on Monday June 27th.  Other Catches were Peter McArdle and Ken Kearns, Dundalk – on Saturday before 9 am 5 trout, heaviest was 2½ lb. using a dry sedge around the Long Rock area of the lake.  On Saturday evening a 2 lb fish was caught using a dry sedge in Goreport.  Brendan Corr, Belfast – on Saturday night, 1 trout at 3 lb., caught on a murrough.  John Coyle, Dublin – 1 trout at 1½ lb., spinning.  Robert Kenny, Balbriggan, Dublin – on Tuesday June 28th, 1 trout at 3 lbs. on a spent gnat, caught around Merry pt.  Michael Kelly, Balbriggan – Monday 6 fish, best was 3½ lb. all caught using LF dry flies, Tuesday 2 fish, best was 2 lb., Wednesday morning 2 fish both at 1½ lb., Friday evening 2 fish at 2 lbs, both on the sedge, Saturday 3 trout on the sedge, 2 lbs in weight, Sunday 2 trout heaviest 3 lbs, caught off Stony island.

Brenda Montgomery
IFI - Limerick
Lough Sheelin Office

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Few anglers on Lough Corrib but good fishing to be had.

Tom Kelly reports from Oughterard that there are very few anglers fishing Lough Corrib at the moment, but those who do go out are having good sport, with big numbers of smaller trout coming to wetfly and dap, as well as some bigger fish. The numbers of small trout has been a feature of fishing this year, and bodes well for fishing in the next few years as these fish mature.
Kevin O’Toole and son Harold from Galway had a good day, with 5 trout for 10 lbs, best fish 4.5 lbs, on wetfly and dap. The Williams party from England landed 9 trout over 3 days to dap and trolling.
I had the pleasure of fishing with 2 Dutch angling journalists on Tuesday, as well as a colleague, Mike Hennessy from Cork. Guided by Tomi and Jack from the Corrib Predator Team, who worked tirelessly to put us over fish, we landed 2 good trout of 7.5 lbs and 9 lbs trolling roach deadbaits. Conditions on the day were awful, with high winds and frequent showers, but the fish turned up and will surely feature in a Dutch angling magazine shortly.
We also went after ferox on Lough Mask with guides Ronan Cusack and Padraic Kerrigan, on a much softer day on Wednesday, and Mike Hennessy landed the specimen trout he was after, a fine fish of 12.5 lbs. This was Mike’s 20th species to bag a specimen so he was very happy heading home that evening. Two more fish were landed, both around 9 lbs, with a couple more hookups and dropped fish.
Fly anglers on Mask are enjoying good sport at the moment, with everyone reporting fish any time they go out. As with Corrib, however, very few anglers are out, and I was surprised just how quiet the lake was. With such good fishing available at the moment, the Western Lakes would be a good bet for trout anglers looking for summer sport.

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Lough Arrow trout fly anglers fish best in evenings

Anglers who ventured out on Lough Arrow enjoyed good sport, especially in the late evenings. Francie White reported boating three trout on wet flies, with the average size being 2.25 lb. David Gray had four trout to the dry Murrough and Green Peter, with his best fish 3.5 lb., while Thomas Walsh had three trout to the Murrough, averaging 3 lb. 
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Ballin Lough rainbow trout report

Catch reports from Ballin Lough are down somewhat from previous weeks, despite this 21 rods accounted for 43 trout (29 of which were returned). Dave McAvoy and boat partner had 3 trout, their best 2 lb., while Joe Crane and boat partner enjoyed great sport, boating a total of 20 trout, their best was 3 lb. Finally Pat Moran and boat partner had 5 for their visit to the fishery. The most successful flies over the past week were the Green Peter, the Peter Ross and the Black Pennell.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Trout mopping up the dry flys at Cashel fishery

What great weather for anglers here at Cashel.  Maghera's Bernard Mellon released sixteen trout which fell to dries.  Paul and William Temple (Derry) released ten trout between them and bagged one for home which weighed near 2lb and was caught on white dries.  Limavady's Stephen Gurney released one which took the ace of spades while Dungiven's John Hasson released sixteen over two short days using the Griffith's gnat and the f-fly.  Stephen Woods (Donegal) and Conor Mc Cosker (Fermanagh) released three and two trout respectively using daddies.  Derry's Aidy Askin released two as did R Beattie and B Beattie on green lures.  Billy Hazlett (Derry) bagged two weighing 5 lb 8 ozs and released another eight which all took dries.  Daniel Reilly (Maghera) bagged one for home at 2 lb 3 ozs and released another three which took buzzers.  Roland Mullan (Feeny) managed one to the bank on Sunday evening.

Well done to all!
17 Birren Road , Dungiven, BT47 4SH, 
Tel/Fax: 028777 42159
email:  Website:

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Coarse Angling Update

Youngsters catch fish with the Dublin Angling Initiative

The Dublin Angling Initiative summer fishing courses continued where teenagers from Whitechurch Youth Development Project fished a pre baited stretch of water on the Royal Canal near Kilcock where nearly all the youngsters caught fish. The main species were rudd with one or two roach bream hybrids. They then had great sport fishing for rainbow trout at the Angling for all facility in Aughrim, Co. Wicklow where they caught and released rainbow trout.   

David Byrne
IFI – Blackrock
Creevy Lake Office

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Excellent skimmer bream and roach catches recorded at Inniscarra and Carrigadrodid Lakes.                

Cork City angler Duncan Lennox, looking for somewhere to fish on Carrigadrohid Lake that was out of the strong wind, settled on a peg not far from Coolcower Bridge. Over the next four hours he had 23 lbs. of roach, hybrids and trout using waggler and maggots in just over three feet of water.
This consisted of twenty eight roach the best of which were 1 lb. 5 ½ ozs and 1 lb 12 ozs, three hybrids of 8 ozs, 3 lbs 7 ozs and 3 lb. 8 ozs and a trout of exactly one pound.

Inniscarra Lake continues to fish well with over 900 lbs. of mainly skimmer bream caught by three UK anglers in seven days from the shallow end of the concrete match stretch at Innisleena. 

O’Callaghan’s Bar in Coachford will be running four matches later this year and they are:-

Please phone Eileen or Patrick +353 217-334023 for details.
Eileen Carroll
Inland Fisheries Ireland – Macroom
Tel: +353 (0)26 41221

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Kevin Lyons reports on fishing from around the Longford area

Fishing in and around the Longford and Strokestown area has been good, the improvement in the weather has helped. Most catches are on feeder or waggler fished at distance, again prebaiting and early starts are producing the best results Bream to 5 lb, Hybrids to 3 lb., Roach to 1 lb. and some big Perch have all featured in the catches. Just the odd Tench has been caught but this could be due to the constant change in the weather conditions, at the time of writing the weather is due to change to warmer conditions so tune in next week to see what happens.

Andy Stone from Essex with one of his catches

Andy Stone with couple of good two tone Bream

Paul from Hertfordshire with his first big Irish Bream

Ryan the 9 year old new boy from Hertfordshire with another good catch

Andy Stone from Essex who is a regular to Melview Lodge in Ireland this year invited Paul and son Ryan who we reported on last week over to Ireland to sample some real fishing (as Andy puts it), getting tiered of fishing the over stocked Carp lakes in the UK they decided to take up Andy's offer and join him this year in Ireland. As mentioned last week Paul and 9 yr old son Ryan have only been fishing since last September, Andy who kept an eye on what they were doing and gave advice when needed him self had a good week with some good catches of Bream, Hybrids, Roach and Perch. Considering how long Paul and Ryan have been fishing and it being there first fishing trip to Ireland they done extremely well and I'm sure we will be seeing more of them in Ireland in years to come (Well Done Lads).
Kevin Lyons, 
Drumlish Road, Clonrollagh, Co Longford
Tel : 003534345061
Email: Web: 

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Annual King of Clubs Festival details announced


Match anglers taking part Ireland’s flagship event – the King of Clubs – have persuaded the event organisers to allow competitors to wade three metres from the bank.
Since its launch in 1983, anglers have more or less complied with the Irish Angling Federation rule that restricts wading to one metre from the bank to knee depth.  However, the use of modern fishing stations with high platforms has encouraged some anglers to push further out – up to 15 metres - and complaints have been made to the sponsors.
Taking into account the number of letters representing both side of the argument and seeking advice from Inland Fisheries Ireland (who steward the King of Clubs), the decision has been taken in favour of providing some leeway and set the new rule.
Anglers can now place their platform or angling box, so that the forward edge is no more than three metres from the bank AND the water is no more than knee depth.
“I am delighted with we have been able to reach some middle ground” said Ann Pye of Irish Ferries.  “I do hope that our regular angling guests appreciate the difficulty and a decision that formalises something that has become almost normal on Irish waters.
“And I certainly hope it leads to even better catches and more exciting fishing than ever”.

IRELAND’S “King of Clubs” autumn angling festival The 2011 King of Clubs can expect prolific sport with fair weather and “first pick” venues.
The number of quality roach, hybrids and bream, on the famous Lakes of Cavan and Leitrim has never been better and it will take a lot of fish to become the 27th King of Clubs Champion.
Five days of match fishing begins on Monday September 12 on five different venues chosen from the various shorelines of Lough Gowna, Gulladoo, Eonish, Glasshouse, Killykeen and any other fishery that shows good form during this summer.
Irish Ferries are the main organisers and deal with all entry enquiries. Anglers travelling from the UK and mainland Europe must travel with Irish Ferries and there are various inclusive festival holiday packages available.
For more details contact Ann Pye by telephone 0151 242 1715 or email

David Houghton -

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Good coarse fishing catches in the Lough Oughter area

Good bags of bream are being reported at Killygowan and good mixed bags from Killykeen including some Perch.  Some anglers who night fished the Killykeen area report very big bags of Tench.  Trinity Island is also giving good catches of fish.  Trout fishing on the Annalee River and Larah River is reported to be very good.  Fishing in the Cootehill area is good with only a few anglers in the district. 
Alice Murtagh
IFI – Ballyshannon
Corlesmore Office, Co. Cavan.                       
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Junior summer league at the Meadowbrook Fishery, Co. Fermanagh

Jack Tisdall from the Cloughballymill Angling Centre reports on the latest leg of the junior summer league at the Meadowbrook Fishery in Co. Fermanagh. 

The first two rounds of the Irish Float Team Qualifiers for the 2012 teams were fished this weekend.  A total of 25 anglers have booked in to fish the six match series with best 4 results to count. Fishing was very hard for the 20 anglers that took part in this weekend events on Eonish match stretch (waggler/slider/pole) and Rockfield Lake (Pole only)

The first day was won by experienced International angler Damien Maddock from Dublin with 10 fish on the slider and Waggler for 1.240 Kgs, John Heys (Belturbet) was second with 7 fish for 1.180 Kgs with Vincent Walsh (Donegal) third with 7 fish for 0.780 Kgs.

Although the number of fish caught in the pole session on Rockfield Lake was better, the fishing was still very hard for most anglers. Winner of the second match was Tommy Dowd (Virginia) with 36 fish for 2.880 Kgs, runner up was Jason Ward (Mayo) 28 fish 2.120 Kgs with
Nick Howell (Kilskeery) third with 19 fish for 1.090 Kgs.

The next match in the series will take place on Sat 23rd July (The day before the All Ireland), it will be fished on one of the venues in the Killeshandra area.

It is not yet too late to book in for the series as Mark Theedom (manager) will be selecting the top 19 anglers in the series to represent Ireland in the Three
major international events next year (Please contact Mark if you wish to fish).

Report no 2


The team from Cloughbally Mill Angling Centre retained the title they won last year in this annual 4 man team weekend.  Day one saw the Gaulmoylestown Club team win the team event on a weight advantage after a tie on 6 points with Shannon Tackle Red.  Cloughbally Mill were in third on 7 points.  Individual winner on day one was Dave Finnigan (Gaulmoylestown) with 73 lbs. 5 oz. Day two saw Cloughbally Mill win the day on an excellent 4 points, with Team member Nick Howell also winning the day with 101 lb. 10 ozs. After both days results were added together Cloughbally Mill finished with 11 points, with Shannon Tackle in second on 12 and Gaulmoylestown third on 13. An extremely close and enjoyable weekend, well done Gardo.

Jack Tisdall
Cloughballymill Angling Centre
Unit 3, Sligo Road, Enniskillen. BT74 7JY
Tel: +44 28 6632 2008

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Longvale Coarse Fishery

Longvale Coarse Fishery is enjoying this lovely summer weather!  Lots of fish being caught and we continue to be open for business 7 days a week during daylight hours.  Pictures of the recent catches are available for viewing on face book.  Directions to our fishery are available on Google maps.  Longvale is Suitable from beginner to expert with Families welcome!  Tuition and equipment can be provided on request.  You can purchase Bait on site.  Further information is available from James or Glenda, on +353 (0)87 1610832 (from NI) or +353 (0)871610832 (from ROI).

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Fantastic 7 lbs. Tench for nine year old angler wins our catch of the week.

Photo: Lucy Jackson wins Catch of the Week with this 7lb tench.

Well known specimen hunter, Terry Jackson in an email sent in a photo of his daughter, Lucy Jackson aged 9, with a cracking tench taken around the border areas whilst camping out with him. It was one of five fish taken, and as she constantly reminds me, she caught the largest. The fish weighed in at 7 lb. on the button.

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Pike Angling Update

Sunny conditions hamper good pike fishing at the latest qualifying competition on Lough Egish.

The latest Pike Championship qualifier was fished in very bright sunny conditons on Lough Egish in Co. Monaghan.  60 anglers fished todays qualifier and catches were only fair.  The winner, Maura Martin landed a number of fish including the best fish of the day at 14 lb 8 oz.  The five qualifiers who go on to fish the final were:

1st  Maura Martin (Ardee)
2nd  Stephen Martin (Duleek)
3rd  Sean Dymlow (Dun a Ri)
4th  Mickey Doherty (O'Caseys)
5th  Ibar Condron (Phoenix)

The organisers  thanked John Murray & his family in the Lakeview Bar for their hospitality & plentiful supply of food.

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Sea Angling Update

Ashley Hayden reports on sea fishing on the East Coast

There has been very good smoothound fishing from Bray, Co. Dublin last week, all caught on fresh crab from small boats.  At a North Wexford venue 2 double figured smoothounds were caught, again on fresh crab.
Conditions were very favourable early in the week for bass lure fishing with good numbers of schoolies and bass up to 5 lbs caught at Wicklow. The westerly winds and medium tides were great for lure fishing and soft plastics. However, a south east wind on Tuesday will favour the use of bait over the next few days. Razor and crab fish close in will probably work best on the eastern shore line.

Mackerel fishing was excellent off Wicklow pier last weekend in the evening time, german sprats and feathers appear to be working well. Mullet are appearing in all estuaries at this stage along the eastern seaboard.

Anti cyclones and reasonably big tides produce great conditions for smooth hound fishing off my local Wicklow/Wexford beaches. Although they will take during the day, evenings into the night are best. Armed with freshly dug black and yellow tail lugworm I headed towards a favourite south Wexford strand. The evening was glorious, almost clear blue skies and a light variable breeze, a far cry from the constant strong southerlies of recent weeks. With high water at 19.00 pm fish could show at any time.


I beach fish with matching Diawa surf poles and 7HT’s, capable of putting a twin paternoster baited with lug out beyond a hundred meters, that is far enough to catch anything that swims along these strands. Today though distance was a problem due again to floating weed carried by the current, not as bad as a fortnight ago but still a pain. Casting short to avoid the worst of it a tap tap tap on the rod tip signalled a flattie, sitting on my hands to let the bite develop a yank down followed by a jump back indicated a slightly larger suspect. In a second I was backing up the beach rod in hand winding hard to connect with the fish. Kicks down the line and a silver tail in the wash, bass with a flounder chaser, a good start.

Gerry and Billy arrived setting up to my right. The lads were fishing crab and lugworm with a view to bass and smoothies. Certainly on this strand lugworm will cover both; it’s good to play the percentages though. Weed was a problem until around 10.30 pm when it fell away as the tide run eased up to slack water. Bites would surely occur now, livening up what other than the early promise had been a pedestrian session. Slow leans on both Gerry’s and my rod heralded a pair of dogfish, returned.

A movement to my right, Gerry is winding hard his rod curved, a thrashing in the wave wash is illuminated by Ger’s head lamp, a decent hound raises the spirits. A couple of photos and I walk back to my stand, as I near the far rod pulls down hard, grabbing the butt while striking in unison the hound takes off. First left and then right a spirited struggle ensues before I eventually grab the heavy leader and drag my prize clear of the water. A fine male smooth hound caps a successful outing.


Fishing on a further bite less half hour I decide to call it a day. Two target species have been accounted for so I will head for home while the going is good. Saying my good byes to Ger and Billy I trudge through the sand dunes towards the car and a welcome cup of tea back at the ranch.
Ashley Hayden - website: 

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Shannon estuary and Clare coast charter fishing report

At the end of June we had another mixed week both fishing wise and weather wise!

cod anfd ling

I have been out almost every day since my last report and every day it’s like fishing in a different place. We have had some lovely sunny weather, a down poor for a full day more in place in a rain forest and day with a winter gale, but still where else would you go!! When it’s nice on the west coast of Ireland it’s the best place there is.

The fishing has been ok but never flat out. Over the week it has still been hard to get into heavy mackerel fishing although we did have our first day this year when we filled the bait box with ease. The other days it took a little looking around. There are also some fine Launce about that make good bait. This week I also had our first Mackerel up the estuary east of Kilcredaun Head, so things are looking up there. The fishing in the estuary is still slow with Ray scarce on most marks and this was true even with a hard working group from a northern fishing club.  The marks in the shelter around Horse Island are picking up though and we had some fine Congers there.


Out to sea we are having ok fishing. The species count is good but the fish seem to be feeding in spurts. Although there seem to be plenty of fish on the sounder it can be slow at times and I would say the catch rate is not at its best. This would be mainly true of Pollack and maybe because of this the catch of Ling seems to be up. There are also lots of Red Gurnard on the ground.

I had a nice father and son team over from Austria this week for a 2 day trip. The son had been fishing on the west coast of Canada quite a few time and his fishing stories were putting me under a bit of pressure, especially as I have already said  the fishing was what I considered a bit slow. So I was delighted when he passed the comment as he left that it was the best fishing trip he had been on! So its official, despite the weather and all our other grumbles…when it’s nice the west coast of Ireland is the best there is!!!!
Luke Aston
Clare Dragoon, LOCHIN 366, 650HP.
Carrigaholt Co. Clare  
Telephone: +353 65 9058209 or +353 87 6367544
Email:  Web:

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A Dutch party of sea anglers deep sea fishing land the first Blue Shark of the new season fishing with skipper Butch Roberts out from Kinsale.

On Friday the 1st of July, a Dutch party of sea anglers deep sea fishing landed the first Blue Shark of the new season fishing with skipper Butch Roberts out from Kinsale.  The group landed one shark estimated at 60 lb. which Butch then tagged and released.  The fish was hooked and landed about six miles out from the old head of Kinsale.  Very stormy conditions prevented any more fishing on the day and the group had to fish inshore in shelter for the rest of the day fishing for a variety of species.

Sundance Kid

Aquastar 38'. Twin 215HP
Skipper: Butch Roberts
Licence: 760 Expires: Feb 2011
Base: Kinsale Operational area: 30 miles out of Kinsale, Crosshaven, Baltimore & Cape Clear.                                                                    Address: Crohane, Old Head, Kinsale, Co. Cork.
Telephone: +353 21 4778054 or +353 86 1036905
Email: Website:

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Great Blue Shark fishing reported at Kinsale on Sunday, July 3rd.

Well known specimen hunter, Jim Clohessy reports on some great shark fishing out from Kinsale.



  “Looks like the shark season is in full swing!
Mick Walsh and crew aboard “Ocean Ranger” fishing out of Kinsale hooked 13 sharks on Sunday July 3. They boated 10 sharks to an estimated 140 lb.  Conditions were absolutely stunning, flat calm, with little drift. Not ideal shark fishing conditions but nobody told the sharks!
Jim Clohessy


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Good Shore fishing reported from the Beara Peninsula in West Cork

Paul Harris reports

If the end of June was the week of the ray then the beginning of July became the week of the pollack as our guests took advantage of some lovely weather to go ‘rock hopping’  and find some excellent shore fishing.
Edwin, Tony, Ferry and Martin from Holland are relative newcomers to spinning but took to it like proverbial ducks to water and rather than wander about just fished one rock mark and in a hectic afternoons fishing caught 38 pollack with a lot of fish in the 4 to 6 pound range and topped by a super duo of 8 lbs and 9 lbs 2 ozs. All the fish were weighed on registered scales. During their weeks holiday they also caught huss and ray to 5 lbs and wrasse to 3 lbs.
Marcus Dean from Manchester visited the Beara last year with his girlfriend and was so impressed with the fishing that he returned this year with brother Nick for some serious fishing. In the early part of the week they caught ray to ray to 6.5 lb, conger to 9 lbs along with the usual collection of doggies and huss. A switch to float fished rag produced wrasse to 3 lbs but the last two days were spent concentrating on the pollack and fishing marks which are rarely if ever fished they found plenty of obliging fish. On their penultimate days fishing they caught over 40 pollack to 6 lbs 14 ozs but hit the jackpot on their last day with a fantastic catch of 70 fish topped by one of 7 lbs 4 ozs.
The bulk of the pollack caught during the week were taken on rubber sandeel imitations which was understandable with the large shoals of sandeels seen in the area.
Dave and Tony from Camberley, Surrey were over for their annual weeks holiday and took a good variety of fish including ray to 5.5 lbs, wrasse to 3 lbs, pollack to 6.5 lbs and an excellent conger of 16 lbs which went in some small way to make up for the one estimated to be at least 40 lbs which was lost at Daves feet. He knows where it lives however and has vowed to return and catch it next year.

Anyone looking for information on fishing on the Beara can contact me at  or ring me on +353 (0)27 60330.
Websites:  and

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Bill Ryan, angling guide in west Clare reports on some recent shore fishing in the region including a fine specimen Ballan Wrasse


Shore fishing is quite good with plenty of Wrasse turning up from The Bridges of Ross right up to Bealeice near Doonbeg.  Crab and shrimp best baits. I had a lot of shrimp go into my crab pot so I started using them with some considerable success!  I had 19 wrasse in one session from a Rock Mark near Doonbeg recently. Shrimp accounted for most of them.  Today near The Bridges of Ross on an outer mark I had 6 wrasse on shrimp, best 3.5 lbs. On an inner mark I had 4, best a specimen of 4.75 lbs. all on shrimp.

Rock marks in Kilkee are producing Pollock to near 8 lbs. Two local young lads Ben Ryan and John Collins had Conger to 9 lbs. from the rocks behind the pier in Kilkee.  Good spinning for Pollock at Tullig near Cross, late evening best.  Bass are scarce at the moment. Garfish everywhere. Bull Huss and Ray from Poulnasherry Bay and Doonaha. Mullet at the outer Pier in Carrigaholt.
Bill Ryan
Shore Angling Guide
Querrin St.,Kilkee,Co. Clare. 
+353 87 4130122   
E-mail: Web:

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Home International Shore Championships results

Lionel Knobbs, Loughs Agency Angling Manager reports:

The Home International Shore Championships was held last Friday 1st July & Saturday 2nd July on the east banks of Lough Foyle. This is the first time this event has been held in Ulster and the feedback has been very positive from all involved. Teams arrived from last from Monday onwards and practiced on various locations along the shore of Lough Foyle catching Thornback, Flounder, Smelt, Eel, Shad, Sea-Trout and Bass. Sadly during the competition on the Friday and Saturday conditions became less favourable with bright sunshine and still water, catches dropped from the practice sessions, but as the competitors said it was the same for everyone, and catches remained pretty good.


Gold-- England  
Silver-- Ireland
Bronze-- Scotland
Dark Bronze-- Wales


Youths (under 21)

Gold-- Wales
Silver-- Ireland
Bronze-- Scotland
Dark Bronze-- England


Gold-- Scotland
Silver-- Wales
Bronze-- England
Dark Bronze-- Ireland

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