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Irish Angling Update

04 August 2011

Editor: Paul Bourke, Angling Information Officer
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Salmon Angling Update

Low water conditions prevail on most east coast rivers but sea trout fishing has improved in the last week along with a few salmon.

Matt Campbell reports that water levels on the Castletown River remain very low at the moment. Good numbers of sea trout are being caught on worm on the tidal stretch of the river. Some nice sea trout weighing up to 1.5 lb. are being taken.

Salmon anglers on the Boyne are still waiting for rain. Water levels are extremely low at the moment. The low water is not helping the salmon fishing at Navan. In the last week only 4 salmon have moved through the counter. Despite the low water there has been reasonably good salmon fishing at Oldbridge, about 12 fish over past week. A few sea trout are being taken too, not great sizes though. The best sea trout reported weighed around three pounds and was taken on the fly. This fish was released unharmed back to the river. On the Boyne estuary there were plenty of small sea trout moving over the week end. Fish were on average half pound to a pound and a half with an occasional larger fish showing.

On the River Fane, Bernard Devenney of the Dundalk Salmon Anglers reports that there have are plenty of sea trout in the Fane this past week. David Crawley from Dundalk has been getting some sea trout at night. The average size of sea trout is three quarters of a pound. Very few anglers are fishing though and there have been no reports of any significant catches. A small number of salmon have been observed on the lower reaches of the Fane. The best salmon taken during the last week was caught by Paul Kirk from Dundalk. Paul's salmon weighed 12 lb. and was taken on the fly. As with the other east coast rivers, rain is badly needed on the Fane. 
David Byrne
IFI – Blackrock
Creevy Lake Office

The Dundalk Salmon Anglers Association welcomes new members &visitors to their fisheries. Day Tickets cost €15 per day right through the season until 12thOctober

Day tickets to fish the Association's fisheries are available from:
Dundalk Angling Centre,
Demesne Shopping Centre, Dundalk.
Tel: 087-1477060. Closed Sunday & Monday 
Bicycle Doctor,
98 Bridge Street, Dundalk.
Tel: 042-9327033 & 087 2233039. Closed Sunday & Monday
Devenneys Stationers,
8 Crowe Street, Dundalk.
Tel: 042 9334202 & 087 1322873 (Anytime). Closed Sunday

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Suir salmon become more difficult in low water conditions.

Water levels dropped away on the river last weekend and the salmon are not so easy to catch now. We had one report of an 8lb salmon taken on a nymph by a trout angler but most fish take are taking at the moment are falling to the prawn first thing in the morning or last thing at night. There are some grilse in the river now between 3lb and 6lb but we need a drop of rain to freshen the Suir up so anglers can fish with a reasonable expection of catching.
Philip Maher
Touraneena, Ballinamult, Clonmel, Co.Tipperary, Ireland
Tel: + 353 (0)58 47524 Mob: + 353 (0)87 8399345
Web: Email:

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Good salmon fishing reported from the Blackwater Lodge

Despite low water conditions we caught fish every day in the last week except for the 25th when there was actually nobody out fishing at all!  27 grilse & salmon to 14.3 lb. have been caught in the last 7 days, including 3 double figure fish & 4 first ever salmon.  The river has fined off & is in perfect order for the fly & also the prawn. The clarity is now about 5 feet.  The news is that the main grilse run has appeared on the west coast, so it should make its way round to us very soon.  On the July 21st, 5 grilse to 6.4 lb. including three first ever salmon for Jake & Jesslyn Hiltz (USA) and Marino Bellini (Italy).  The 22nd of July turned out to be the second best day of season with 9 fish to 11.5 lb. including a first ever salmon for 7 year old Tommy Quinlivan. 3 grilse caught on the lower river on July 23rd.   On the July 24th, 4 grilse & one almost sea-liced 13 pounder were released all apart from 1 grilse from the upper river. Tim Quinlivan caught a superb almost sea-liced fish of 14.3 lb. (second best fish of season) on spun prawn - his first ever with this method on July 26th.   2 grilse caught on the lower river on the 27th of July.
Ian & Glenda Powell
Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery
Upper Ballyduff, Co. Waterford.
Tel: 00 353 58 60235     From UK: 0871 474 0135  (10p/min any time!)
Mobile: 00 353 87 235 21 20
E-mail: Website:

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Grilse and sea trout feature in steady catches on Lough Currane.

25/7/11 Straight to the sea trout fly department, Mr. Liam Ellis and Mr. Ted Aherne, of Cork, caught 3 sea trout from Junior class up to 2.5 lb. A guest fishing with his ghillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and of  caught a fine 3 lb. sea trout on the fly, and there was a 4 lb. sea trout caught on the troll by Mr. Martin Clancy of Co Cork.  In the salmon department, Mr. Ld Binnian and party fishing out of caught a 8 ¼ lb. salmon on the troll, and going by my PI, they had one hell of a battle with my noble salmon, rumour has it took the beast part of 30 minutes plus before their Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy, dispatched my Noble Salmon, and as the say in the Highlands of Scotland better late than never. Wind NNW light to fresh at times and overcast with light drizzle at times.   Amount of rainfall 1.0 mm, max air temperature 16.1˚C.
26/7/11 Here is your weather report bright sunshine, with a light NW wind blowing, and on the Game fishing front all quiet on the SW front. Max air temperature 17.2˚C.
27/7/11 Again my noble fly Anglers had the elements against them with very little wind out there and what wind was there was from the NW, but one angler that did see a bit of action, was Mr. Alan Hanney of Co Galway, who caught a fine brown trout in the 1.5 lb. class, fishing with his ghillie Mr. Vincent Appleby and of and just for the record there were a few nice fish showing, and that is no spin and no fly’s just facts. Wind as all ready stated, and just for the record it was over cast with light misty rain late this afternoon, Amount of rainfall 1.2 mm, max air temperature 18.5˚C.
28/7/11 A guest fishing with his ghillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of  caught a fine Grilse on the troll and Neil was telling me that despite the east wind it was very warm out there. In the sea trout department there were a few caught but nothing that would make the RTE News. Max air temperature 17.9˚C
29/7/11 The lough was on the calm side so my noble sea trout anglers didn’t have much Success, even though the odd junior was caught, on the salmon front the same couldn’t be said, so straight to the catch of the day, and that goes to Mr. Leif Frank Mikkelsen of Denmark who caught a fine 5 lb. grilse on the troll with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea -  Max air temperature 17.3˚C.
30/7/11 There was 1 salmon/grilse caught on the troll by Local ghillie Mr. Tom O’Shea -  and on the sea trout front just the odd Junior reported but nothing that would make the news headlines, max air temperature 17.0˚C amount of rainfall 4.4 mm,
31/7/11 Dr. Tim Gleason, caught 2 fine Grilse on the fly with his ghillie Mr. Mike O’Dwyer, also in good form with the fly, was Mr. Dave Bourke who caught a fine 5.5 lb. grilse in the Mouth of the Commeragh, fishing with his ghillie Mr. Frank Donnell and of  In the sea trout department again just the odd Junior caught.  Amount of rainfall 0.9mm, max air temperature 17.2˚C. That is your ration for this week, from your ghillie/guide and the Waterville fishery. No Spin No Fly’s just facts.

That is all the news from your gillie and the Waterville fishery. No Spin No Fly’s just Facts.
Vincent Appleby
Angling Guide and Accommodation
Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel
Email: Web:

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Some good salmon fishing including some first time fish for junior anglers fishing on the Galway Weir Fishery.

Photo: Amy Quinn landed her first ever salmon, caught on fly

Water levels were perfect for flyfishing this week, but the weather has been very warm and humid, making for difficult angling. In spite of this, 58 salmon were landed for the week. Young Amy Quinn from Loughrea landed her first ever salmon, a fine grilse of 5 lb. caught on fly.

Photo: Thomas Cleere also landed his first salmon on fly

Thomas Cleere also landed his first salmon, a nice 4.5 lb. fish, also on fly and he also had two other fish on but lost them.  He was fishing with his father well known tackle dealer in Clane, Co. Kildare, Pat Cleere who had two fish himself. Ted Walsh landed 2 grilse on fly, while Michael Rogers had 3 grilse on fly and shrimp, and Jim Barry took 3 grilse to 7 lb. on fly. Kevin Clancy landed 2 grilse on fly, as did Bob Lawlor and Leo Casey, while Eddie Corry had 3 grilse on fly, as did John Keogh. John Reidy took a nice 8.5 lb. fish, also on fly.  Fresh fish are still coming in on every tide, and with water levels so good, fishing prospects remain very good here.
Kevin Crowley

IFI-Galway .

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Monthly angling report from Lough Inagh

Fishery manager Colin Folan reports from Lough Inagh on fishing for the month of July: The month started off with great promise of good fishing as we had flood after flood. Plenty of fish entered the lake and anglers enjoyed good fishing, however the last 2 weeks have been frustrating with little or no water and wind.  The temperature of the surface water is now 18 degrees C. This has driven the sea trout into the deeper water of the lake and the fish are lying about 12 feet below the surface and in 90 feet of water. There are lots of fresh grilse at The Derryclare Butts waiting to run but they have no water to do so. The large brown trout are starting to show in the last few days and many anglers have had whoppers including Anke Kondla from Germany with her capture of a fish estimated at 11 lb.  Richard and Hugh Maguire from Dublin had numerous trout yesterday (July 31) including 2 browns of 4 and 6 lb. 

Catch totals for the month;
Salmon - 28.  Best fish weighed 7.75 lb. and was caught by Ronan Power from Galway on a Red Harry on Lough Inagh
Sea Trout - 69.  Best fish weighed 3 lb. and was caught by Sean McCloskey from Northern Ireland on a Green Octopus on Lough Inagh.

We are in great need of rain to bring new fish in and to rinse the lake to drop the temperature and I am hopeful that Wednesday will see the start of a change in conditions

For fishing please contact Colin Folan, Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel, Recess, Connemara, Co. Galway; Website: Phone: +353 (0)95 34706
Kevin Crowley
IFI-Galway .

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River Erriff

Fishery manager Jim Stafford reports from the River Erriff that water levels continued to fall from 0.7 meters to 0.6 meters for the week and the river was baked in bright sunshine for most of the period. Water temperatures were recorded between 18 and 20 degrees C. There were fewer rods out on the river and catches were down on the previous week. Mr. Robert and Annie Rusby, U.K. caught a fish each in the Sea Pool and Garden Pool on Beat 9.  Mr. Jean Boidron and Mr. Gerard Garnier France had one each from the Sea Pool on Cascades. Fresh fish continued to show in the estuary on every tide, but with the high water temperatures fewer fresh fish entered the river. There seems to be a good head of fish waiting to run the river, so as soon as we get some rain fishing should pick up again here.

To book fishing or accommodation, contact Jim at Aasleagh Lodge on +353 (0)95 42252, or email
Kevin Crowley
IFI-Galway .

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Low water conditions hamper good salmon fishing on the River Moy

Water conditions on the River Moy are currently very low, with the gauge at Ballylahan Bridge reading 0.3m. The low water has favoured angling on the lower Moy Fishery beats, with the Cathedral Beat and Ridge Pool now producing good numbers. The Ridge Pool fished well last week, particularly on Sunday when 16 salmon were caught. Robert Logue, N.Ireland, had a total of five on fly, all of which were released. Graham Hunter, N.Ireland, also took two on fly, his best 4.95 lb. The weir pool produced 3, including one for Ian Keating, Dublin, of 4.23 lb.

Photo: Eleven year old Conor Moran, Portlaoise, with his first ever salmon, caught on bubble and fly at Pollnamonagh, pictured with father Mick.

The Cathedral Beat yielded 17, with two for Roland Capouillez, Belgium, on the fly. Eleven year old Conor Moran, Portlaoise, fishing Pollnamonagh, had his first ever salmon on bubble and fly. Jean Daniel Rouanet, France, had two of grilse to fly on the Springwells, while the Ash Tree Pool produced four, including one grilse for Benny Hopkins, Monaghan. The Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water fished reasonably well, with the Mount Falcon Fishery reporting over 30 salmon for the week, including 7 for Mike Hornsby, U.K., whose best fish was 8 lb. The Knockmore, Attymass and Coolcronan waters’ also produced reasonable numbers, as did Byrne’s fishery. Armstrong’s had approximately 30 salmon while Gannon’s and the Foxford Fishery had similar numbers. Preston Patton, Canada, had two grilse off the Foxford Fishery on the fly. At Rinanney, 44 salmon were reported, with IFI’s Cloongee Fishery returning 14 salmon for the week, including two for Roland Luley, Germany.

The East Mayo Anglers’ Association water produced approximately 25 salmon, 10 of which were released. Jochem Solwag, Germany, had two grilse on fly, Mike Springer had one while James Compton, N.Ireland, had one of 5.5 lb., also on fly. 
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Annual sea trout competition report from the Moy Estuary.

The Moy Estuary Boat Club hosted its annual sea trout angling competition on Sunday the 31st with 44 anglers taking part and a total of 66 trout weighed in on the day. The ladies section was won by Heather Doherty, with a trout of 1.97 lb. and received the John Walkin Cup. In second place was Marion Fitzpatrick with a trout of 1.40 lb. and in third was Geraldine Padden. The junior anglers section was won by Mike Doherty, second place went to Ryan Donnelly and third place went to Caleb Peterson.  The Alice Campbell Memorial Cup for the senior section was won by Mark Campbell with sea trout of 1.64 lb., second place went to Ryan Leonard and third place went to Harry McCafferty.The winner of the Marie Durkan Memorial Cup for the heaviest bag of the day went to Mark Campbell. The Johnny and Barbara Ward Memorial Cup, awarded to the captor of the heaviest fish from all categories, was won by Heather Doherty.  Elsewhere on the estuary, angling guide Judd Ruane reported good angling of late. Max Collins and friend had seven trout for their day. Roger Walker and party of three had 18 trout, while Des McDonagh, had five, his best 1.75 lb.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Good grilse fishing reported from the Ballisodare River

Over 110 salmon were reported from the Ballisodare Fishery for the past week, with approximately 45% released. Many grilse continue to be caught, with the occasional larger salmon also being landed. Local angler Patrick Scallon had an 8 lb. salmon to the fly, while visiting angler A. McKeown also had one of 8 lb. on worm. F. Kelly had two nice grilse of 5 lb. and 6 lb. to the fly with visiting angler Gary Bertwell, England taking a fine 10.5 lb. fish on fly.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Good improvement in grilse run into the Garavogue River

Good numbers of grilse have been observed moving into the system of late, resulting in some good catches for anglers, many of whom have been concentrating on the migrating sea trout. In recent weeks, Bernard McDermot, Sligo, has caught and released 4 salmon, including one fine fish estimated at 13 lb. which was caught on a Teal, Blue and Silver. Francis Brady, Sligo, also enjoyed good sport with 4 salmon over 2 days, 3 of 3 lb. and one of 6 lb. which was caught on an Invicta. Anthony Walsh, Sligo also had a 2 lb. grilse on an Alexandria. All fish reported have been released. Anglers are reminded that the Garavogue and Lough Gill system are operating under a strict quota, and unless in procession of a brown gill tag, anglers must fish catch and release methods.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Spring tide brings more grilse into the Burrishoole Fishery

The fishery produced 6 salmon for its four day open period, two of which were wild fish and were released. Sixteen sea trout were also caught and released. Michael and Sean Smith, U.K., enjoyed great angling, with 5 salmon and 9 sea trout, including the best fish of the week, caught by Michael which weighed 5.5 lb. Jim Wilson, Ballina had one wild salmon and 2 sea trout, while Andrew Pease, U.K., and Bill Bullick, N.Ireland also had two sea trout each. A lot of fresh grilse have been reported as moving into the system on the recent spring tide.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Grilse fishing report from the River Drowes

31/07/11: The Drowes continued to gradually fall over the week and the gauge read 0.48 metres by the end of the week. This seems to have been somewhat beneficial as a number of the grilse seem to now be holding up in the river instead of running straight through to Lough Melvin. There was a fair number of visiting rods fishing for the week with most of these fishing at the weekend. There were a number of grilse caught over the week and some of the catches are given here.D. McDowell recorded a 5lb. grilse caught on shrimp from The Meadow. A McGrane accounted for the 3 grilse weighing from 2½ to 4lb.caught on a fly from the Sea Pools. D. O’Toole logged two grilse weighing 3 & 4½lb. caught on a fly from the Mill Pool and Corry. Thomas Colgan registered another grilse weighing 2lb. caught on worm from Lennox’s Bridge.
There are high spring tides at present which will hopefully mean good runs of grilse. Rain is also forecast towards the weekend which should ensure good water levels in the river continue.
Lindsey Clarke

For info/bookings etc on the Drowes Fishery & Lough Melvin see the website: or Tel: +353 (0)71 9841055 (8 am to 12 noon).

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Lough Melvin

31/07/11: There were few rods out after salmon this week on Lough Melvin and I have only heard of one grilse caught. This weighed 4lb. and was as fresh as a daisy when Denis Maguire landed it while trolling along the Garrison shore.
Lindsey Clarke

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Low water levels hamper good fishing on the Owenea Fishery.

31/07/11: The Owenea suffered from low water levels all week with the gauge never reading above 0.10 metres! The gauge average for the week was very low reading a low 0.08 metres. As a result only 6 visiting rods fished for the week and there is little to report in the way of catches. Sid Patterson recorded a fresh 4½lb grilse caught on a fly from Kelly’s Pool on beat 7 on Monday.  Badly needed rain is forecast for the coming weekend and hopefully this will give us good conditions.
Lindsey Clarke

For info/bookings etc on the Owenea Fishery –
Tel: 074 9551141. (9am to 1pm April to May & 7am to 1pm June to Sept).

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Valuable prizes for sea trout anglers in 2011

Sea trout anglers on the east and south coast of Ireland, the west coasts of Scotland, England and Wales and on the Isle of Man have an excellent chance to win one of the many valuable prizes on offer in a free prize draw by collecting scale samples from any sea trout they catch in 2011. The Celtic Sea Trout Project (CSTP) is incentivising anglers to take samples of scales from any sea trout they catch over the season in specific “priority” rivers. 
The priority rivers are:

IRELAND: Shimna, Castletown, Dee/Glyde, Boyne, Dargle, Slaney, Colligan, Bandon Argideen, Currane

SCOTLAND & ISLE OF MAN:  Luce, Nith, Annan, Esk (Border), Neb, Sulby

ENGLAND: Esk (Border), Ehen, Lune, Ribble

WALES: Dee, Conwy, Clwyd, Dwyfor, Glaslyn, Dyfi, Teifi, Tywi, Tawe

The prizes are:

There are major unanswered questions in the understanding of sea trout, namely:

The CSTP intends to provide this missing knowledge and to translate it into fishery and conservation benefits for countries bordering the Irish Sea.
The scales are important samples for this major research project which commenced in late 2009.  Interpretation of scales from river and marine caught sea trout will contribute much to understanding some of these questions as they will provide very important primary information for analysis of river-specific life histories and growth rates. The scales will also be used for novel studies including genetic analysis (so called genetic finger-printing) to characterise individual river stocks, and for micro-chemical analysis to identify the freshwater origins of sea trout and, specifically, to determine their marine feeding areas within the Irish Sea, based on specific chemical signatures deposited within the scales.

Scale collection is difficult because, apart from fish traps, of which there are only three across the whole CSTP area, the sampling of adults in rivers has to be done by angling.  This is an extremely important element of the project and anglers are encouraged to participate fully so that sea trout can be better understood which will help to conserve this fascinating migratory trout. Scales from sea trout of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, over the full extent of the angling season are requested and can be taken easily using the basic scale sampling kit which is provided free of charge (see for more details).

The project is part funded by the European Regional Development Fund through the Ireland-Wales Programme (INTERREG 4A). The main project partners are Inland Fisheries Ireland, Bangor University, University College Cork and Environment Agency Wales.

The winners will be chosen based on the scale samples submitted to us before 31st March 2012. The prize draw will take place on the 1st of April 2012. Winners will be contacted directly.

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Trout Angling Update

Trout fishing is a little quieter on the River Boyne and other east coast rivers but there is some fishing at dusk in particular

Water levels in the River Boyne are very low and clear at the moment. Water temperatures are quite high reaching 18 degrees on occasion. Several stretches are heavily weeded at the moment. At Trim, there are still good rises to the blue winged olive during the day and to the sedge in the evenings. Fish were observed rising freely today on the Boyne at Trim and on the Athboy Trimblestown, Stoneyford, Enfield Blackwater and the Deel. Not many anglers are fishing during the day due to the low water. On the Boyne below Slane some very nice brown trout are being taken in the Roughgrange area.

Colm Lynch of East Coast Angling reports that there are not many anglers fishing for trout fishing at Navan. One local angler Tommy Cully has been catching plenty of small fish to three quarters of a pound on dry fly on the lower Blackwater.

Colm at East Coast Angling can be contacted at  mobile: +353 (0)87 2044996

Kells Blackwater

On the Kells Blackwater angling guide Pat McLoughlin reports that the water is low and clear. There are very good rises of trout at dusk and into dark with the possibility of some nice trout at this time of day. Sedges, morning duns and some olives are high on the trout’s menu at the moment.

There have been some nice brown trout taken on the River Fane over the last week. Fishing is difficult due to the low water conditions. Evening time has presented the best opportunities.
David Byrne
IFI – Blackrock
Creevy Lake Office

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Small sedge fly patterns lure good trout on Lough Sheelin

Anglers are seeing a lot of movement of fish with the lake being described as ‘thick’ with 4 – 10” wild trout.  There are big hatches of sedge and buzzer right across the lake and also hatches of Green Peter particularly around the Bog Bay side of the lake but still trout prefer the abundance of perch fry.  Movement of fish on Lough Sheelin very much depends on wind, the less wind the better the fishing.  The best method was dry fly fishing using as small a sedge as possible.

The heaviest fish caught during the week was by Michael Kelly, Balbriggan with a 4½ lb. trout on a Green Peter in bog bay on Friday July 29thand by Gary McKiernan, Cavan who caught a 4 lb. trout on the same day using a dry sedge along the western shore of the lake.

The National Garda Competition took place on Wednesday July 27th and was won by Pat Sweeney from Swords with his 2 lb. wild fish caught on a klinkhammer.  The McDonald Cup with be run by the L.S.T.P.A this Saturday August 6th at Kilnahard from 11 am to 6 pm, €20 entry fee, 2 fish bag limit with the heaviest fish winning.  For further details contact Thomas Lynch at 087 9132033   

Photo: Six year old Conor Fitzsimons holding a 6 lb trout caught in Sheelin in May

63 fish were recorded for the week. 

Thomas Lynch, Cavan – on Sunday July 31st between 12 – 7 pm on a klinkhammer and dry sedge, 5 trout averaging about 1½ lb., fishing along the western shore of the lake.
Gary McKiernan, Cavan – 3 trout @ 4 lb., 3 and 1½ lb. using a dry sedge around Orangefield and the Western side of the lake. 
Darragh Murtagh, Cavan – 2 trout averaging at 1½ lb. on a dry sedge. 
Michael Kelly, Dublin fished the lough over several days during the week.

On Thursday July 28th 6 trout best 2½ lb., all caught on LF dry flies around Orangefield. 
Friday July 29th from 12 pm onwards in the bog bay area of the lake, 4 trout best was 4½ lb. using LF dry flies. 
Saturday July 30th 7 trout using LF dry flies and stimulators, 2 trout caught on the green peter @ 3 and 3 ½ lb. around Lynch’s point around 10 pm. 
Sunday July 31st 6 trout, best weighed in at 3 lb. using dry flies.

A catch and release policy is encouraged on this lake at all times. 
Brenda Montgomery
IFI - Limerick
Lough Sheelin Office

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Good trout fishing reported from lough Acalla and Lake O’Flynn

Trout fishing on Lough Acalla and Lake O’Flynn was exceptionally good over the past 2-3 weeks.  Bag limits were easily attained over a few hours fishing on both lakes. Many fish were reported up to 3 lb. Green peter and dabblers accounting for most fish.  In the case of Lake O’Flynn, the leading anglers were Matt Foley and Bernard Mannion who reported 15 - 20 fish in the course of short visits to the lake. They reported big rises of fish all over the lake. With the big stock of fish present, fishing should continue to be lively over the coming weeks.
John Ryan
Lough O’Flynn Office
Tel: +353 (0)94 9640103

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Aidan Hodgins from Loughrea wins the annual World Cup competition on Lough Mask

Aidan Hodgins
Photo: Aidan Hodgins took top honours winning the world Cup Trout Angling Championship

It was that time of the year again, as the World Cup made its familiar return to the shores of Lough Mask. Several hundred anglers entered, with heats being fished from Thursday to Sunday, and the final held on Bank Holiday Monday. Fishing was mixed, with some days fishing very well, and requiring good catches to qualify, while other days the conditions made fishing difficult. Monday was truly awful trout fishing weather, very warm and humid all day, and the lake was mirror calm. Most anglers barely saw a fish, let alone met any, but Aidan Hodgins from Loughrea managed 2 fine trout for 4.99 lb. to take top honours. Aidan won a 19 ft. lake boat and trailer sponsored by Burke Boats of Ballinrobe, along with a Honda engine sponsored by Duffy’s of Headford. In second place was local angler and World Cup boatman’s organizer Ronan Cusack, with 2 trout for 2.21 lb., while third place went to Freddie Steele, from Co. Down, with 2 trout for 2.06 lb. The heaviest fish prize over the competition was won by Aidan Heffernan, with a fine trout of 4.84 lb.

Lough Corrib

Very few rods were out on Lough Corrib last week, but trout angling is producing well for those anglers prepared to go out. Mayfly are still coming off at times, with sedge hatches going well also. In the Cornamona-Greenfields area, 15 angers reported 27 trout in 18 rod-days, mostly to wetfly, with mayfly patterns doing well, and dapped crickets also producing some fish.Mick Killeen from Ennis and Ernie Cullen from Belfast fished wetfly on Sunday and landed 5 trout for 9 lbs. Jimmy Purcell took 2 trout for 3.5 lb. on the dap, while Charlie Lawlor took a trout of 1.5 lb. on the dap. Mick Killeen fished again on Monday and landed 4 trout for 7.5 lb. Elsewhere, 2 English anglers reported 11 trout for approx. 18 lb. over 3 days fishing wet and dry fly, best fish was 2.75 lb. and all were sportingly released.
Kevin Crowley
IFI-Galway .

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Good trout fishing reported from Lough Arrow

Late evening fishing on Lough Arrow continues to produce some great sport for anglers. However, it is a matter of being in the right place, at the right time, as the rises of trout are reported to last for very short periods. However, those who find themselves present when the fish are ‘on’ are having great success. Michael Gunning had three trout between 2 lb. and 3 lb. while Peter Dunn had 6 in the 3 lb. to 4 lb. range. John Hargadon had 4 trout, his best 3 lb. with Sean Wilson, Dublin also enjoying success, with 5 up to 5 lb. Jimmy Frazer boated one of 3.5 lb. with David Gray landing one of 4.5 lb.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Good rainbow trout fishing reported from Ballin Lough

Eight rods fished Ballin Lough over the past week and were rewarded with a total catch of 28 trout (20 of which were released). Pat Murphy, Castlebar, boated 16 rainbow trout in total (12 of which were released), with his best fish 3.5 lb. John O’ Malley and boat partner had 5 trout with their best fish weighing 4 lb. Trevor Knott and boat partner caught and released 4, with their best weighing 4 lb. The most successful flies over the past week were the Viva, Green Peter, Nymph patterns, Daddies and the Cat’s Whisker.
Bryan Ward
IFI-Ballina .

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Good Sonaghan Trout fishing reported from Lough Melvin.

31st July 2011: The trout fishing for Sonaghan was very good however with all anglers reporting good wet fly fishing at all the deep water locations. Most anglers reported 5 or 6 good Sonaghan caught with the majority of these released again.
Lindsey Clarke

For info/bookings etc on the Drowes Fishery & Lough Melvin see the website: or Tel: +353 (0)71 9841055 (8 am to 12 noon).

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Dry flies and nymphs lure Rainbow trout at the Cashel Trout Fishery

Cashel Trout Fishery report by Marlene McLaughlin

What a beautiful weekend we have had with anglers in their element trying out different flies.  Limavady’s Jonathan Nicholl, Keith Nicholl and Jamie Mills banked ten trout between them with Keith getting the majority on a cat’s whisker.  Lavey’s Pearse McGill did tremendously using dries and nymphs releasing twenty-three trout which Dungiven’s John Hasson released a modest seventeen trout which took assorted dries and a few small lures.  Derry’s Jeff Davidson, Billy Hazlett and Alan Temple banked a total of twenty trout using suspenders and buzzers.  Mr Sergei (Latvia) bagged one for home which was 2lb 8ozs and he also released many more back into the lake.  Derry’s Paul Ford accompanied by his son Adrian spent an hour and released one trout. 

Well done to all!
17 Birren Road , Dungiven, BT47 4SH, 
Tel/Fax: 028777 42159
email:  Website:

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Coarse Angling Update

Good Tench reported from loughs in the Carrickmacross area

Although coarse fishing in the NE is difficult at the minute, some of the lakes in the Carrickmacross area are fishing very well for tench. Lots of fish around 3.5 to 5 lb. have been taken in early morning sessions.  There is a pole qualifier being held on the Brothers Lake in Carrickmacross this weekend. If you are interested in taking part please contact Dick Caplice for details. Tel: 087 2405317
David Byrne
IFI – Blackrock
Creevy Lake Office

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Good coarse fishing enjoyed at the Waterways Ireland King of the Barrow Festival

Darragh Magnier
Photo: Carlow cac Treasurer George Quinlan presenting Darragh Magnier with his trophy and prize money for juniors win.

Sunday 31st July seen a large number of anglers grace the track side of the river Barrow in Carlow town for the annual Waterways Ireland King of the Barrow coarse angling festival. The Carlow Coarse Angling Club host the event every year and the popularity of the festival and indeed the coarse angling in general in and around Carlow seems to be growing along with the club.

Visiting anglers travelled from England, Belfast, Cavan, Dublin, and several other counties throughout the country to enjoy the craic that has been associated with the Carlow Coarse Angling Club since it was re-formed several years ago. The club are now in a position to offer workshops on coarse angling and will continue to do so throughout the winter months with the aid of the Angling Council of Ireland trained coaches. If you require any information as regards the Carlow CAC or indeed the river Barrow please do not hesitate to contact Gerry McStraw on +353 (0)85 2844566 or e-mail

The draw for the festival was held at the old town park beside the graveyard at Montgomery St. at 11:00 am and saw a steady stream of anglers arriving from 10:30am. The actual match was fished from 1:00pm to 6:00pm whilst the junior anglers fished their section from 12:30pm to 4:30pm. In total twenty-six adults, nine junior members and several mothers fished on the day making it a complete success. Special thanks must go to Waterways Ireland the main sponsor, Miroslav who sponsored the trophy's and the medals for the kids, William O'Neill from Waterways Ireland, Monika for providing Rolls and drinks and off course the Carlow Coarse Angling Club committee and members, spectators and all who attended on the day. Mr William O'Neill also received an award for his outstanding work over the past few years in helping make the Carlow cac probably the most active club in the country through his work with Waterways Ireland.

Winner on the day was Sean Brereton who weighed in over 9Kg. and fished mostly the long pole thus becoming this year’s King of the Barrow, second place went to Owen Lynch with just over 5Kg. and in third place was well known Leinster angler Jimmy Kelly with over 4Kg. All other anglers on the day averaged 2Kg. of fish which wasn't bad considering the wind and rain on the day and the water levels of the Barrow which seem to be at their lowest for years. The Junior section was won by Darragh Magnier with Lewis Parr in second place and Graham and Stephen coming in joint third. All other junior anglers caught fish and were delighted with the day out. A lot of organising went into the event and promises to be even bigger next year.

Pic:1 Carlow cac Treasurer George Quinlan presenting Darragh Magnier with his trophy and prize money for juniors win.
Pic:2 Carlow cac Vice-chairman Neville Martin presenting the new King of the Barrow Sean Brereton with his cups and prize money.

Carlow woman new All Ireland Coarse Angling Champion

Photo: Florie from Lakeside self catering and Monika, the new Irish womens Champion

Several members, committee members and junior anglers of the Carlow Coarse Angling Club made the long journey to Co. Cavan last week to fish the coveted All Ireland Championships. The junior anglers fished their match on the Saturday 23rdJuly whilst the senior and lady anglers fished on Sunday 24th  July on the picturesque lake in Killashandra. All the junior anglers in attendance struggled on the day due to the very high sun and very little cloud cover. Graiguecullen based junior angler Lewis Parr came fifth overall in a very gruelling match. Methods on the day used included the Pole, feeder rod and float rod with the feeder being the main choice of the day.

The senior sections fished on Sunday were indeed busy with well over a hundred anglers in attendance on several different sections. Methods used in the senior sections were similar to that used by the junior anglers the day before with most of the anglers opting for the (Tip) Feeder method. The winning weight overall was around 10 Kg whilst the other sections were only producing average 1 - 2 Kg bags of fish. Monika from Carlow won the ladies All Ireland Championship trophy and hopes now to go on and participate in the coaching programme ran by the Angling Council of Ireland along with several lady members of the Carlow Coarse Angling Club. The Carlow CAC are very proud to have the New All Ireland Ladies Champion as a member of their club and wish her all the best.

If anyone has any enquiries as regards the Carlow Coarse Angling Club or indeed coarse angling on the river Barrow in and around Carlow please do not hesitate to contact Gerry McStraw on +353 (0)85 2844566 or e-mail   The Carlow cac are affiliated to the National Coarse Fishing Federation of Ireland and have seven fully trained Angling Council of Ireland coaches who donate their time to the club for free. The club will also be running workshops within the coming months to help train others how to enjoy the art of coarse angling.

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Super bream, tench and hybrid fishing reported from the Loughs in theLongford and Strokestown area

Photo: John from Wexford with some nice Tench.

Fishing in and around Strokestown and the Longford area has been very good, the last few weeks has not seen large weights but it has produced some good specimen Tench and Bream and some big Hybrids. Still the early mornings and late evenings on prebaited swims are producing the best results, Bream and Tench to 5lb. and Hybrids to 3lb. have featured in most catches. Both feeder and float have produced however the feeder has proved to be the best tactic, baits once again consist of various cocktails which include maggots, Corn, Worm, Caster. The weather has been consistent for the last week and the overcast but warm climate is welcome, we will see what the rest of the week and the weekend has install for us.

Photo: Brian from the U.K with a mix of Tench and Hybrids.

John and Brian who we reported on last week continued their second part of the week just like the first, if you remember this year they were after Tench. They managed to catch Tench to 5lb.2oz and John managed a personal best Bream of 5lb. 1oz on the feeder using corn and maggot cocktail, and both John and Brian caught some nice Hybrids to 3lb. Both John and Brian said they had a great time and I'm sure they will be back for more next year.

Photo: John with some nice Hybrids and Tench.

First timers from London Andrew Rowe, son Harry Rowe and friend John Dent decided to give Ireland and it's wild fisheries a go this year and have a week’s rest from the easy fishable Carp Lakes back in the UK. They decided to Stay with Kevin and Jane Lyons at Melview Lodge in Longford and try some of the many surrounding lakes and rivers it has to offer, Kevin said the guys turned up and they were as keen as anything and this proved to be a winner for them.

mixed fish
Photo: First timers from London Andrew Rowe, son Harry Rowe and friend John Dent.

They were advised as regards to mixing prebait as they were not familiar with this and just got on with the job in hand, their catches consisted of Bream, Hybrids, Roach and Tench. Kevin said they even night fished with good results when the sun was getting too bright during the day time, Next week we will see how the lads get on with the second part of their holiday.
Kevin Lyons,
Melview Lodge,
Drumlish Road,Clonrollagh, Longford, Co. Longford
Tel:+353(0)43-33-45061 Mobile:+353(0)87-268-7441
E-mail:  Web:

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Good coarse fishing reported from the River Suck at Dunamon

On the coarse fishing front, fewer anglers were out in the upper and mid suck section. They reported angling to be slow and the general consensus was that the weather and low water conditions contributed to this. All coarse anglers are now praying for a day heavy to liven up the angling.
14 anglers fished Sat and Sun bank holiday weekend at Donamon and Lough Loung. The winner here was Rory Dunne from Roscommon, who had just over 10 kilos for the 2 days. Peter Walsh was second with 9 kilos 700 and third was Jason Ward with 8 kilos 100.
In a practice run earlier in the week for this competition Leigh Maitland, Ballyhaunis Angling club netted 85 small fish in 2 hours at the Donamon Fishery.Leigh was using a single red maggot. However he wasn’t in the winner’s enclosure at the weekend angling event. That’s fishing!!
John Ryan
Lough O’Flynn Office
Tel: +353 (0)94 9640103

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Details announced about the NCFFI Feeder Team Qualifiers

The Irish Team Manager Mark Theedom has just announced his venue for the two NCFFI Feeder Team Qualifiers on the 13/14 Aug 2011.Full details are in the letter below.Just to remind anglers that under NCFFI Protocols the manager will pick his team from a panel, which will be selected on results.Anglers will know if they are selected for the World Championships in Belgium (July 2012) by mid-September.For more details or to book in please contact Mark

Everyone welcome.

Jack Tisdall

02 August 2011
Irish Feeder Team Qualifiers
World Feeder Championships 
Belgium July 2012

The two qualifiers for the above team will take place on Mullanary Lake, near Ballybay, Co Monaghan as indicated below. A squad will be selected from these qualifiers based on results. The 6 man team to travel will then be selected from the squad by the manager.
Qualifiers 1 & 2

Saturday 13th& Sunday 14thAugust 2011 
Mullanary Lake, Ballybay, Co Monaghan.
Draw at Venue 9.30am both days.
Entry 60euro (To team funds)

Bait Limits;
17 litres Groundbait including Corn and Hemp,
4 1/2 Pints live bait.

1 x 4 hour Match each day.

All matches to be fished in accordance with CIP’s Feeder rules and NCFFI Protocols. No Bloodworm & Joker required for qualifiers.

Please let me know if you intend to be at the Qualifiers contact me at  or on 0044(0)2866347891
Mark Theedom

Cloughballymill Angling Centre
Unit 3, Sligo Road, Enniskillen. BT74 7JY 
Tel: +44 28 6632 2008

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Pike Angling Update

No report this week

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Sea Angling Update

Good tope and smoothound fishing reported from the north Wexford area

Reporting from North Wexford, Joe Byrne from Courtown Angling Centre reports that fishing has been very good in the Courtown area. There are lots of mullet in and around the harbour at the moment.The best tope caught over the last week weighed 30 lb. and was taken on a mackerel flapper. Smoothies are being taken on high water into dark. Pulley rigs with crab and rag are producing the best results. Several bass were taken in the Courtown area over the last week but Joe reports that the bass fishing is still slow in the area for the time of year.
If you fancy a great day charter boat fishing on the 'Brazen Hussey' or the 'Puffin' off Courtown for ray, tope, smooth hound, bullhuss or general ground fishing please contact Joe Byrne at +353 (0)87 6613145
Local angling information can be obtained by visiting the well stocked tackle shop and angling centre in Courtown. Please

Bass fishing has been quite good in the north Dublin and Wicklow areas. Unfortunately, more specific information on locations is not available. 

The newly formed sea angling club in Drogheda had an outing at Termonfeckin over the weekend. 15 to 20 anglers fished a small competition and a couple of bass were landed. Anyone wishing to join the club experienced or novice just contact the lads at East Coast Angling in the Boyne Shopping Centre in Drogheda.

Colm at East Coast Angling can be contacted at  mobile: +353 (0)87 2044996

David Byrne
IFI – Blackrock
Creevy Lake Office

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Great stories of good bass fishing and plenty of inshore and deep sea fishing in the Cork Harbour area

A report of sea angling activity in the Cork Harbour area from the blogs at

Saturday, July 30: Cobh SAC angler, Pat O' Shea, recently hit a goldstreak or a bit of a purple patch, if you will. Over the course of three sessions, in one week, he landed no less than three 9lb bass.

Pat takes up the story '....on my first session I was doing a bit of soft plastic fishing from the boat. Conditions were far from perfect. I was using a vertical jigging technique but the drift was probably too fast. The strong tide was compounded by a fresh following wind that was pushing me along at 4knots. Too fast! Despite that I did manage a 5lber. I moved further upriver to escape the breeze and as the tide eased I struck lucky. As I drifted over a reef, my softie was hit by a good fish and after a lively struggle a fine 73cm fish was onboard.'

'...two days later and with weather conditions much improved I was able to fish an outer harbour mark. Over a shallow kelpy bed, while casting a slug set up weedless style, I had a subtle take that felt like a weed frond hitting the braid...always a possible sign of a good fish...and so it was this time. At first there was little resistance as the fish didn't realise it was hooked and then all hell broke loose. After another hectic encounter, another great fish was swung onboard....this beauty came in at 72 cms.'

' three and with conditions so settled I opted to fish a beach mark outside the harbour. As the tide ebbed, with virtually no swell, I had plenty of follows on surface lures, but no takers. Two hours without fish and my
confidence was waning...I was headed for a dreaded blank. As it got dark I opted for a soft plastic technique, which turned out to be a wise move. I set up a sluggo with an articulated jig head that I picked up in Nantes and using a technique shown to me by an old Frenchman I was into fish immediately. First cast and as the SP dropped through the water column I felt a bang. First lift, another bang, and then the fish was on. What a tussle! After a number of spirited runs the prize was mine...a beauty of a fish coming in at 75 cm. I followed this up on successive casts with two more fish, the best going 7 lb. Cigar time!!!'

'...what a great three days. It'll be hard to beat that, but I'll try.'

Pat O' Shea
Cobh SAC
Commodore Hotel

Young guns at it again....

Following our recent story of young Howard Murphy upstaging his Dad with a 67cm bass, another young gun has gone and done the same thing. Liam Cabral, aged 10, had this fine bass of over 6lbs. It was the biggest of the day, and Liam's first sea bass. After that catch Liam matched his Dad bass for bass and, eventually, passed him out. Well done Liam!!!

Liam and his Dad are from Canada and are on holidays here. They took the chance to book Richie Ryan for a harbour bass session and were glad they did. You too could have a session like this. Why not give Richie and buzz at +353 (0)86 1940744

Seahawk goes deep....

Cian Ryan reports of a good day out recently on the 'Seahawk.' They fished the Ling Rocks first but found the fishing poor with only one pollack to 7 lb. and two small ling. Each time they brought the ling up about halfway something big made a go for them. The rods doubled over momentarily but whatever it was let go. The fish came up worse for wear, though, with massive teeth marks on their flanks. What was it? Certainly the case of the one that got away!!!

After that they moved to the Smiths where they had great fishing with cod to 6 lb. on ragworm. They also had ling, huge whiting, haddock, cuckoo wrasse, and a megrim; all on the drift. Just a small few fish were kept for the table, but that'll keep the wife happy!

A day out on Seahawk will certainly keep you going. For more details contact Richie Ryan at +353 (0)86 1940744

22 species in one day....

Jim Linehan, skipper of Deora De, recently had an unusual request. One of his clients was anxious to scatter the ashes of his recently deceased dog at sea. The dog, a four and a half year old female boxer, had a serious heart condition and had to be put to sleep. Jim thought the most appropriate location on the way out to sea would be dognose, a favourite harbour fishing mark. Good thinking Jim!

Back to the fishing. Jim and his party had a cracker of a weekend. On the Saturday they recorded 18 species, but bettered that on the Sunday with 22 species of fish!

The species count was as follows: mackerel, launce, plaice, dab, megrim (now that's a good one to get), conger eel (on the drift would you believe), dogfish, poor cod, pouting, garfish, grey gurnard, red gurnard, tub gurnard, whiting, haddock, ling, cod, pollack, coalfish, cuckoo wrasse, scad, bull huss....whew!!!

While the fishing is this good, it would be worth booking a trip on the Deora De.

Deora Dé
35' Offshore 105. 400 HP Iveco
Skipper: Jim Linehan
Base: Cobh Operational area: 30 nautical miles of Ballycotton - Cork Harbour - Kinsale.
Address: 35 Maulbawn, Passage West, Co. Cork.
Telephone: +353 (0)21 4863445 or +353 (0)86 4091389

Upstaged by a young gun....

Well those soft plastic supremo's don't have it all their own way. Here's young Howard Murphy of Bellavista with a fine 67cm bass on a soft plastic. Well done Howard!

Howard was out with his Dad on one of those fine Warrior 175's from the Bellavista fleet. If you'd fancy a day out on Cork Harbour targeting bass why not give Kevin a bell. These Warriors are for hire at very competitive rates. For more details click here.
Bellavista Hotel
Bishop's Road, Cobh, Co. Cork.
Tel: + 353 (0)21 4812450

Soft Plastic Supremo's.....

Jim Clohessy heads a cadre of local Cork Harbour anglers who have spearheaded soft plastics fishing to new heights. Jim and fellow anglers, Kevin Murphy of the Bellavista small boat fleet, Pat O' Shea, Cobh SAC, and local guides, James McSweeney and Richie Ryan have been specialising in soft plastics fishing for bass for over three seasons now and have perfected numerous techniques such as drop-shotting, touch-legering, vertical-jigging, texas-rigged, weedless, name it, these lads have now done it and have a proven record of success!!!

Rumour has it that these lads are ready to take on the professional French anglers at their own game. Will we see these lads compete in the French bass leagues next year? Who knows?

The pictures above show the lads in action with some recent catches.

Jim will be busy shortly organising the Cork Small Boats Festival. Incidentally, if you are interested in entering this year's event there are still some places left. You can contact Jim on his website here.

With regard to the Bellavista small boat fleet, these Warrior 175 boats are ideal for targeting the bass within the confines of Cork Harbour. For more details contact Kevin here.

James MacSweeney offers a superb guiding service specialising in bass angling. You can contact James for more details here.

Richie Ryan offers the first specialised boat guiding service targeting bass through fly fishing techniques. Richie is also adept at other methods of lure fishing, including soft plastics.   More details from:
Bellavista Hotel
Bishop's Road, Cobh, Co. Cork.
Tel: + 353 (0)21 4812450

Cobh SAC Inter-pub Competition

Cobh SAC recently hosted the inaugural Cobh Inter-Pub Angling Competition. It is hoped that this will be an annual event and was sponsored by local bar, The Maurentania.

There was a great turnover, with over 60 anglers fishing, representing local pubs, restaurants, and hotels. Seven charter boats of the Cork Harbour Angling Hub charter fleet were used for the day.

Weather-wise it was a great day. The fishing wasn't bad either but it was slow to start off with. However, as the day went on the pace of fishing picked up. Plenty of pollack, cod, ling, and whiting were caught. More colourful species like red gurnard, grey gurnard, ballan wrasse, and cuckoo wrasse were also landed, aswell as the usual suspects such as conger, doggies, haddock, coalfish, etc.,...

The competition was tough with some of the top Cobh SAC anglers competing. Tradewinds Restaurant were overall winners. In the individual category, Milo Burke, Cobh SAC, came out on top with Sandra O' Shea, Cobh SAC,second, Ger Brady, Cobh SAC, third, Pat O' Shea, Cobh SAC, fourth, and Martin O' Leary, also Cobh SAC, in fifth place.

All anglers retired to Tradewinds Restaurant for the prizegiving and what a great night was had by all! Local band 'The Urge' entertained everyone for the night and it was the wee hours of the morning before everyone eventually made it home!

A 50 year wait for a bass


It's been 50 years since Nils Roring caught a bass! Robin, his son decided to treat his dad and booked a bass session with Richie Ryan of Eire Bass. A few minutes into the session and Nils was in a fine fish of about 5 lbs. And more bass followed on what was a good session on board "Sea Hawk". 50 yrs. is a long time to wait for a bass but the Roring's won't be waiting as long again as they have definitely decided to book Richie again soon.
Richie Ryan
Saltwater fly fishing Guide.
Tel: +353 (0)86 1940744

Notes: Why not try fishing from the only licensed saltwater fly-fishing boat in Ireland in the second largest natural harbour in the world? Your guide, Commander Richie Ryan has built up a huge knowledge of bass fishing, in particular on the fly, over the last 30 years. With a new boat for this sport he is insured to carry up to 3 anglers. Bass and sea trout are the main target species. Young and old are welcome and if you have no knowledge of fly-fishing, other methods are available. In 2009 he had bass on every single booking! All equipment supplied.

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230 lbs. skate taken at Courtmacsherry is our Catch of the Week


Charter skipper, Mark Gannon reports on some recent deep sea fishing with his clients out from COURTMACSHERRY E-mail:  Web: 

The fishing the last while in Courtmacsherry has been excellent with shark  and skate fishing being at its best for quite a while.  The best days sharking was 30 hook ups 16 tagged several fish over the Specimen weight of 100 lb. i.e. fish over 2.25 m are approx. over 100 lb. all were tagged and released. 

blue shark

The common skate fishing has also been tremendous with the Lady Patricia taking the honours with 16 hook ups and 12 tagged and released. There was several of the fish over 100 lb. and 2 of the fish were new Irish records if weighed as they would have been over the 230 lb. mark according to our estimated weight using the research from Aberdeen University.  The biggest fish measured an impressive 87 inches x 72 inches and wins our Catch of the Week.  In the Bay good Pollack fishing with plenty of medium cod, ling and conger to 38 lb.  The inshore wrecks are fishing well with the Lady Patricia catching 40 ling to 22 lb. on one of the inshore wrecks.  Inshore fishing has also been good with catches of dabs, Plaice and thornbacks. 


In the estuary the Bass fishing has been exceptional with one 2 hr. session producing 25 fish to 4 kgs. for Marco and Robin from Delft in Holland, on other sessions up to 10 fish were caught mostly using savage lures trolling from the self drives.

Lady Patricia & Lady Louise
Two Aquastars 38' 370 HP
Address: Woodpoint Guest House, Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork.
Telephone: +353 (0)23 8846427 or +353 (0)86 8250905
Email: csal@iol.ieWeb:

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Good species recorded in the West Clare area from the shore


Bill Ryan, angling guide inWest Clare reports on some recent shore fishing in the area.

Good wrasse fishing at The Bridges of Ross with crab best bait. Lugworm is accounting for the smaller fish. Spinning for Pollock is good in the evening with Dexter Wedge or Jellyworm.I fished Baltard recently with a friend and had excellent wrasse fishing with fish to 3.6 lbs. on crab.This venue involves a long walk under the high cliffs and should only be undertaken in good weather and tide conditions and with local guides.My brother Emmet had a conger of 15 lbs. from the rocks at Kilkee.There are lots of Mullet at the Piers in Kilbaha and Carrigaholt. Kayak anglers Ben Ryan and John Collins are having great sport catching Mackerel and Pollock in the bay in Kilkee.I had a Bass of 5 lbs. 3 oz. from a new mark near Kilkee. The fish fell to a 140mm Bass Bullit on an evening tide.Trigger fish are eagerly anticipated and should appear any day now!
Bill Ryan
Shore Angling Guide
Querrin St.,Kilkee,Co. Clare. 
+353 87 4130122   
E-mail: Web:

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Blue shark and other species for deep sea anglers fishing out from Carrigaholt

red gurnard

Charter skipper Luke Aston reports on some recent deep fishing trips operating out from Carrigaholt on the Shannon Estuary and Loop Head.

We have just had a lovely week of weather and fishing here off the coast of Clare.I had a group of fisherman in from the delta area of the Dutch Belgium border who are all experienced fisherman and get the best out of what is available. They were lucky with the weather and we could get out to sea in lovely conditions every day of their trip.


Some of the highlights of the week included the first Shark of my season. We did this shark trip on the only day of the week with a little breeze to give us a good drift. This resulted in 2 shark in the boat and another couple of dropped runs. They are the first Blue shark I have heard of on the west coast here but there have been a couple caught over this last weekend so the Blues are now about. Hopefully they will stay as normal well into October.


We also had a really good session on big Spur Dogs with quite a few into double figures and one that was about the 12lb. specimen mark although probably just under. On light tackle on a nice day these gave great sport. Another species that seem to be about a lot were fine Red Gurnard. Fishing tight to the bottom with strips of Mackerel would turn these up although a few were also taken on shads!

The same shads were also providing some good Pollock fishing with spinning rods and when fished close to the bottom were also taking Ling and the odd Cod. There is no doubt that this fishing picks out the bigger Pollack and when fished direct to the line with lead heads of around 120grm. and the correct rod, this fishing method is right up there with any sport fishing. It does take a little while to get your technique right but when mastered it is so much more fun than the more traditional method with a boom and lead. When this method did slow down at certain stages of the tide we found that light perks would work well.

So all in all the fishing is going well here now, although at some stages of the tide if the drift is held up we do have quieter periods. Hopefully the weather and fishing will continue to be kind to us in the coming weeks.
Luke Aston
Clare Dragoon, LOCHIN 366, 650HP.
Carrigaholt Co. Clare  
Telephone: +353 65 9058209 or +353 87 6367544
Email:  Web:

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Good deep sea fishing in Clew Bay at the Newport Sea angling Festival

The 4th leg of the West Coast Shore League took place on Saturday the 30th, in warm, humid conditions. Competitors were pegged on one of two islands out in Clew Bay, fishing into the channels for mainly dogfish, thornback ray and bull huss. This competition was hosted by Newport SAC, and is part of the Newport Sea Angling Festival.For the second year running, the competition was won by Michael Flannery, with a fine total of 17 fish for 833 points. Michael was pegged in Zone A, which fished better on the day. Next in Zone A was Yanto Jones from Galway Bay SAC, with 15 fish for 831 points, followed by Sean Ivory from Western Vikings with 16 fish for 719 points.Zone B was won by Mike Curtin from Fanore/Lisdoonvarna, with 9 fish for 461 points. Second was Kevin Crowley (GBSAC) with 7 fish for 372 points, and third was James Devers (Killala) with 7 fish for 353 points.The result leaves Sean Ivory at the top of the league standings on 392, followed by Mike Curtin on 386 and Yanto Jones and Kevin Crowley on 382. Next leg of the league takes place on August 27th, hosted by Corrane SAC.

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Good pollack and a good range of species for juvenile angling event while deep sea fishing for Broadhaven Bay


Belmullet Sea Angling Club, in conjunction with Inland Fisheries Ireland and the Broadhaven Bay Hotel hosted a juvenile angling event on Saturday the 30th. The event which was initially scheduled for Fisheries Awareness Week in May, had been postponed due to bad weather. However, the first of three trips from Ballyglass Pier onboard An Gearóidín was graced with an almost flat calm sea and blazing sun overhead. The weather conditions deteriorated throughout the day, and by late afternoon, the participants of the final trip (but not their spirits!) were considerably dampened. In total twenty juveniles took part, ranging from 6 to 16 year old, all of whom caught fish on the day, many enjoying their first ever fishing experience. However, angling was difficult at times, with fish reluctant to take and mackerel difficult to locate, yet nine species were boated in total throughout the day. Many fine red gurnard (some up to 1.5 lb.) came to the boat, along with tub gurnard, good sized pollack (up to 8 lb.), coalfish, dabs, pouting, dog fish and poor cod. 


All juveniles who ventured out were presented with trophies at the end of each session by Pat Ruddy of Belmullet Sea Angling Club, and a special thanks to Gerry Reilly, Skipper of An Gearóidín, for his expert knowledge and patience displayed on the day.

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Killala Bay good for ray, and plenty more...

sea angling

Donal Kennedy, skipper of the Leah, reported good angling on Killala Bay over the past weekend. On Saturday the 30th of July, a party of anglers fished out of Killala. Sea conditions were fine with the weather find but dull. Fishing throughout the day was steady, with a mixture of pollack, ling and 16 thornback ray, one close to 18lbs caught.

sea angling

Sunday, 31st saw a party of anglers from Limerick depart from Killala, with light rain and winds, conditions were not ideal, but very manageable. Again, many fine ray were caught, including two blonde ray. A number of pollack were also caught, with two of these up to 7lbs and many around the 4lbs mark. Ling were also boated, with one weighing approximately 8lbs. A turbot of approximately 5lbs was also landed.

For angling onboard The Leah on Killala Bay, contact Donal Kennedy on 00353 (0)86 8174509.

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Sixteen species recorded at the Culdaff SAC Sea Angling Festival

Culdaff SAC Sea Angling Festival 2011 Results

1st Place - Paddy Breslin (Culdaff SAC)
2nd Place - Liam O'Connor (Culdaff SAC)
3rd Place - Davy McCormick (Millisle SAC)
UPC Open Gold Medal Winner - Paddy Breslin
Best Junior - Dylan Doherty (Culdaff SAC)
Best Lady - Cathy McCormick (Rathmullan SAC)
Most Species Prize - Vincent McLaughlin (10 species)
Best Boatman Prize - Derek Doherty (Gemini II)

22 Anglers took part on each day of the festival, fishing was very good once again this year with 16 different species being encountered including spotted ray, scad, cod, dogfish, and the usual pollack, coalie, ballan wrasse, red, grey and tub gurnards and some fine whiting.  Although tope do not qualify for points in this competition and are not targeted by anglers a single tope of over 40lb. was also landed by Liam Longmore on a light 12ft. competition outfit and 30lb. braid, no easy task.  All fishing was done on the drift over rough rocky ground and clean sandy areas to maximise the number of species encountered.   As with previous years the pollack and wrasse fishing was extremely good with pollack of over 7lb. being caught and released and wrasse of close to specimen size being taken.  Prizegiving took place in McGuinness' Bar Culdaff where the Des Mills Memorial Cup was presented to Culdaff SAC member Paddy Beslin who was 1 fish ahead of fellow Culdaff angler Liam O'Connor who received the Go Filling Station Cup.  Paddy also lifted the much coveted UPC Open Gold Medal having the highest score on the Saturday of the competition.  Dylan Doherty was the highest ranking junior angler and received a new rod from Liam Collins Hardware and tackle and the McGuinness Cup.  Top Lady angler went to Cathy McCormick who received a set of Galway Crystal Glasses.  Vincent McLaughlin lifted the James Bonner Memorial Shield for Most species over the 2 days with a grand total of 10 different species.
Culdaff SAC would like to thank everyone who sponsored the event, especially John McLaughlin at Inishowen Boating, Oliver Farren at Culdaff Filling Station, McGuinness' Bar, E&I Engineering and all the local accommodation providers who sponsored the event.   A word of thanks is also due to all the anglers who travelled to take part and made the event so successful.

For details on fishing within the Foyle and Carlingford catchments visit.

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A report on trip of a lifetime for three anglers deep sea fishing with specimen hunter, Terry Jackson and catching a monster skate of 193 lb.


A friend asked if I would take 3 volunteers from his charity, and himself on a sea angling trip, they wanted to catch a fish of a lifetime! None of them were dedicated sea anglers, but spent most of their angling time with roach poles etc.We boated specimen spurdog, tope to 39 lb. and rounded off the day with a skate of 193 lb.. I think that qualifies as a fish of a lifetime!
The best part was that it took a tope bait on a light uptide rod. The guys took turns in playing the fish, approximately twenty minutes each, so they could all get to feel what the battle was like. After an hour and a half, the skate reached the surface but dived before we could boat it. It did this a second time, and un-believably, the uptide rod stayed in one piece!
Finally on the third occasion, it came close enough to be boated. Measuring 66 inches by 86 inches, the female skate at an estimated 193 lb. was quickly tagged, photographed and returned.  (This fish was a worthy contender for Catch of the Week but unfortunately in the same week, a bigger skate was landed down in Courtmacsherry!!   Paul Bourke). The guys were blown away by the trip, one that will stay with them a lifetime
Terry Jackson

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More Porbeagle Shark for anglers fishing out from Red Bay in Co. Antrim

Charter skipper Hamish Currie reports on some recent fishing for his clients fishing out from Red Bay in Co. Antrim.


Shark are still on the menu from red bay and last week I had a group of Dutch lads who had some nice porbeagles not monsters but some nice fish all the same.  Other fish taken caught in good numberson the trips were congers,ling, huss along with spurdogs, rays and pollack .
Hamish Currie
Predator II
Red Bay Stormforce 9.1 Rib
Web: Email:
Telephone: 028 2177 1828   Boat: 07720440117


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