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Irish Angling Update

30 September 2010

Editor: Paul Bourke, Angling Information Officer
email: Paul Bourke
Ph: 00 353 (0) 1 8842600
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Salmon angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


River Fane

Tour operator, Claude Gatti and journalist Philippe Collet from France continued their visit to the Fane on Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th September. Bernard Devenney had a nice fresh run 5lb grilse on Friday afternoon 24th Sept on a flying c. Bernard reports that during the last week the number of salmon cuaght on the Fane has slowed down to about three fish per day on the lower reaches of the river. Over the last few days Paddy McAleavey from Dundalk had a nice 13 lb fish at the Mill of Moyles about a mile above Innskeen. Brendan Rice from Dundalk had one salmon each day Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th September. Eamonn Conway had a nice 6lb grilse at Knockbridge over the weekend. Water conditions are perfect for fly fishing at the moment. Generally, this has been a very good year for salmon on the Fane and it is expected that before the season ends there should be good fishing to be had.

All red salmon and many fresh fish are being returned unharmed to the river by anglers as part of a practice to conserve the salmon for future generations.

Photo:   Bernard Devenney plays his fish at Stephenstown on the Fane

Permits for salmon fishing on the Fane are available from the Dundalk Salmon Anglers, through Island Fishing Tackle, 58 Park St, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
Tel: (042) 9386464 Fax: (042) 9335698
Web: Email:

Castletown River

Sea trout fishing improved on the lower reaches of the Castletown as the water level dropped. Anglers caught some nice fish to around a pound.

Details of day permits, memberships and events are available from the Dundalk Brown Trout Angling Club at


River Boyne

There has been what can only be described as a terrific run of salmon into the Boyne over the last week. A conservative estimate puts the catch at circa 60 salmon from Oldbridge to Navan over the last week. Walkers on the towpath were treated to a rare spectacle on Sunday last 26th September with anglers catching and releasing 14 salmon in an hour upstream of Blackcastle weir. Several fish of 16lbs were taken over the last week by anglers fishing the Navan waters. One 16lb fish was taken by Dublin angler Brendan Jervis on shrimp on Tuesday 28th September. Also on Tuesday 28th, Young Tony Lyness from Navan landed his first salmon on the fly. Tony' s dad Jerome had taken three nice fish on 22nd September weighing 9lbs, 10.5lbs and 13lbs. Luke Walpole and Colm Buchanan from Navan also had fish.

Water levels are dropping and clearing and there should be a great finale to the season. Salmon have also been recorded on the Kells Blackwater with one of angling guide Pat McLoughlin's clients catching and releasing 5 salmon to 11lbs on Wednesday 28th September.

Johnathan O' Brien from Meath, fishing with Pat McLoughlin today, had 5 salmon weighing 5lb, 7lb, 7lb 10lb and 11lb and lost one of around 7lb on a purple shrimp fly. No sea trout reports were received this week.

Additional information and permits for the Navan waters can be obtained from Colm Lynch, East Coast Angling, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Kells Road Navan, Co. Meath. Tel: 046 9073377   mobile: 087 2044996  email:

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Southern Region


River Nore

Photo: Tim Bohlin from Seattle caught his 1st atlantic salmon in the stream at Dysart

24/09/10 Local angler Jim Flinders had a good fish of 14 lbs yesterday before the river came up. This fish was returned to the river to spawn, well done Jim.

27/09/10 Tim Bohlin from Seattle caught his 1st atlantic salmon in the stream at Dysart, Tim an experienced steel head fly fisherman had two days on the Nore with me and he taught me a thing or two about fly selection for fishing fast heavy water, after fishing my flies all day he swapped to one of his own and caught a mad fresh grilse , well done Tim. And today Dublin angler Brian stevens had a small grilse in the same stream.
Jim Brown
Salmon and trout ghillie
Address: Rosebank Lodge, Mount Alto, Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny.
Email: Web:

River Suir

Albacore tuna
This week Catch of the Week goes to Inland Fisheries Ireland's Mark Corps. Mark was working with Trout and Salmon magazine on a article showcasing the salmon angling on the River Suir when he caught this fine 23.2lb cock salmon. The fish took a size 10 Tara ( a weighted nymph of his own tying). After a 20 minute battle the fish was safely brought to the net and weighed at 23.3lb. The salmon was then carefully released to continue its jouney to the spawning streams. Mark was fishing the Kilsheelan Beat with local guide Philip Maher of FishHunt. The salmon was one of 2 "twenties" caught on the last Monday.

River Blackwater

Blackwater Lodge

Sept. 23: 8 fish caught - best a 9 pounder on fly.
Sept. 24:
16 fish. Sept. 25: 12 fish - all but one very fresh
Sept. 26:
20 fish - 6 on fly which is starting to work well. Including an 8, three of 9 and an 11 pounder.
Ian & Glenda Powell
Address: Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery, Upper Ballyduff, Co. Waterford.
Tel: 00 353 58 60235     From UK: 0871 474 0135  (10p/min any time!)
Mobile: 00 353 87 235 21 20
E-mail: Website:

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South Western Region


Lough Currane

Angling guide Vincent Appleby of reports on the fishing on the LOUGH CURRANE system.

salmon from the Butlers Pool
Photo: UK Anglers, Mr. James and Michael MacSweeny with their Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan caught 3 Salmon between 10.5 lbs to 6lbs on the Butler Pool.

24/09/10 There was good action on the Famous Butler Pool and where UK Anglers, Mr. James and Michael MacSweeny with their Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan caught 3 Salmon from 10.5 lbs down to 7lbs, and 6lbs. On Lough Currane Mr. Tim Benard and party, fishing out of caught 5 Sea Trout with Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy. Mr. Colum Berkely caught 3 Juniors on the fly with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea, UK Angler Mr. John Bojtor, caught 6 Sea Trout with his Gillie Mr. Mike O’Dwyer. UK angler Mr. Dave Ecclestone caught 2 Juniors, with his Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan. Now to the River Inny and the C&R department, the Benard party fishing out of caught a Grilse and just for the record they also caught one yesterday as did a few more anglers.

25/09/10 Mr. Graham Sage and his good friend Mr. Brian McNaughton caught one Junior. Tthe Benard party fishing out of caught 6 Sea Trout, fishing with their gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy. Guests fishing with their gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea caught 4 sea trout. Mr. John Bojtor of the UK fishing with his Gillie Mr. Mike O’Dwyer, caught 4 Sea trout up to 4lbs. Mr. Dave Ecclestone, caught 2 Juniors and Mr. Robert Elson fishing with his gillie Mr. Bob Priestly, caught 4 Sea Trout, 3 on the fly and 1 on the troll. In the Salmon department Mr. Rory Berkeley fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea, caught a 5lbs Grilse on the Trout Fly. On the Butler Pool, UK Angler Mr. James McSweeny fishing with his gillie Mr. Michael o’Sullivan, Caught 2 Grilse and just for the record one was returned.

26/09/10 Cork Anglers, Mr. John Purcell and Tim O’Connor, caught 3 Sea Trout from Junior class up to 2.5lbs. UK Angler, Mr. Rob Elson, caught 5 Sea trout up to 3.5lbs, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob priestl. Benard angling party, fishing out of caught 2 Juniors, with their Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy. Dutch Angler Mr. William Timmerman caught 3 Sea trout with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea. Mr. Colum and Rory Berkeley caught 3 Juniors on the drift, with their gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea. Reverent Humphrey caught 5 Sea Trout, up to 1.5lbs. Mr. Ken Towner of the UK caught 1 Sea Trout to his rod. Mr. John Holestead and Mr. Ken Partington caught 14 Sea trout to their boat and their fly of the day was a Soldier palmer, and fished on the slow side. Now we go up stream to the upper lakes and Lough Cloonaghlin where, Mr. John Curnew and Mr. Mickey Foran, caught 7 sea Trout up to 2lbs and their Flies of the day were a Dunkeld and a Peter Ross, now our Manger Mr. Trevor Stafford Esq. takes us to Lough Derriana, where Mr. Reina Lachenmaire of Leitrim, caught 2 Sea Trout and 15 Brown trout. Mr. Sylvester Donnelly, reported to me that his clients, Mr. Bill and Nigel Piercy and Mr. Joe Loughim and Mr. Jim Williams, fishing in 2 boats for the past 7 days, caught and 6o Trout, an average of 2 trout per rod per day, and their best was 3.lbs 12ozs and out of that fine catch they only kept 6 in total. Now today’s weather, overcast and cold, max air temperature 14.9c.

27/08/10 Tim and Jeremy O’Connor, caught 3 Juniors, and Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr, also caught 3 Juniors. Mr. Bob Priestly and his Guests caught 3 sea Trout up to 3.5lbs. Mr. Trevor Stafford reports on the evening shift, on Lough Currane, when Mr Colin Bateman, caught a fine Sea Trout of 2.5lbs. On Lough Cloonaghlin Mr. Paul and Kieran Hyland, caught 2 Sea Trout up to 1.5lbs and added 12 Brown Trout to their basket. Now we go down Stream to the famous Butler Pool and of Waterville House Manger Mr. Alan McGuirk, reported to me that there were 21 salmon caught last week.

28/09/10 Mr. Crohan O’Shea caught his first ever Salmon on the fly, so congratulations to Crohan who fished with gillie Mr. Mike O’Dwyer. On Lough Currane Mr. Chris O’Sullivan of the UK, caught 2 Sea Trout, with his gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea. Guests fishing with their gillie Mr. Bob Priestly caught 3 Sea Trout up to 3.5lbs. Mr. Rob Elson of the UK fishing with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Snr, caught 8 Sea Tout up to 3.5 and all were returned.

29/09/10 Mr. Kevin Coombs of Tiverton Devon caught his first salmon on the River Inny, fishing with his gillie Mr. vincent Appleby. Mr. Rob Elson of the UK, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Terence Wharton Snr, caught a fine 8 lbs salmon and finished the day off with 2 Sea Trout . Mr. Chris O’Sullivan of the UK caught 2 Sea Trout fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and Mr. Mick Martin fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy, caught 7 sea trout up to 2lbs.

Mr. Trevor Stafford of reports that Mr. Ger McCarthy and his good friend caught 5 Sea Trout, Mr. Michael Roden and Mr. Willie Walsh, caught 3 Sea Trout, with their Gillie Mr. Junior Scully, Mr. Colin Batemen of the UK, caught 6 sea Trout, Mr. John Bojter of the UK, caught 4 Sea trout, and Mr. Bill Piercy caught 3 Sea trout with his Gillie Mr. Sylvester Donnelly. On Lough Namona, Mr. Tim O’Sullivan and Mr. Roger Richards, caught one Sea Trout, in the 2.5lbs class and on Lough Derriana, Mr. Paul and Kieran Hyland, caught 6 Sea Trout from Junior Class to up to 2 to 3lbs and added 3 Brown Trout to their basket.

That is your ration for this week, from your Gillie/Guide and the Waterville Fishery. No Spin No fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby
Angling Guide and Accommodation
Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel
Email: Web:

Weekly reports from salmon fisheries in Cork and Kerry

For week ended 26 September 2010



8 salmon caught between beat 1 and beat 2 of the Laune with 2 fish weighing 5lbs each, 1 12lbs fish, a 14lbs fish and the remaining fish averaging between 6lbs and 8lbs. 


In perfect water the fishing would have to be described as disappointing for the second last week of September.  Anglers caught fish during the week but it was more a week of fish being met or lost.  One of those anglers was Richard Barry from Tralee who lost 6 fish for the week but eventually on Sunday he landed one a nice fresh fish of 7 lbs having also lost two fish.  Sunday 26th was the best day with visiting anglers from England and France catching fish at Johnston's.  The lucky French angler was Charles Noblet who landed a sea liced fish of 7 lbs on the worm.  This writer was also in luck after five blank visits to the river the reward for patience was a fish of 6.5 lbs followed shortly after by a fish of 8lbs plus which was played and returned by Rico Stien on his first attempt at salmon angling with a double handed fly rod.

There was a huge angling effort today Monday (at least twenty anglers) but other than tentative news of one very big fish most anglers blanked again.  The change in the forecast may be to blame but a fresh drop of water would liven up the last few days of the season.

Ending of the Salmon Season: Just a thought would there be support for the salmon angling ending on a Saturday or a Sunday rather than the 30th of September which this year falls on a weekday?  This would give those who work the opportunity to fish the last day of the season with friends and angling colleagues and recall the highlights of the present season and look forward to the new angling year.
Billy Downes


25 fish caught on the river Lee with a number of these fish returned to the river.


1 fish caught on the 23rd weighing 7 ½ lbs by Joe Scanlan, Cork and was returned.
Tel: 087 9983879


48 fish caught last week on the Bandon river with the majority of these fish being returned to the water.


3 fish caught on the Argideen river for the week.


18 fish caught on the Ilen river, the majority of these were returned.  The best fish was caught by Ekhard Wagner on a fly weighing 9lbs .


14 fish caught on the Coomhola river.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


River Feale, Co Limerick

Photo: 16lb salmon from the Feale.

Brendan McKenna jnr caught a good salmon on the fly in the Listowel area. The fish was a freshly run salmon of 16lbs. Two Limerick men also fishing the fly in the Abbeyfeale waters had a good fish on, but on landing the fish turned out to be a bit coloured and was released back into the river. It weighed about 8lbs. Overall the fishing was slow in places with salmon reluctant to take on most days but thats fishing you just dont know when they are going to take.

MulkearLife Project - Illustrated Talks

Full details of all illustrated talks are available by clicking the link below:

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Western Region


10lb sea trout caught at Delphi

23/09/10 A truly memorable day. First, Paul Sims from England caught the biggest sea trout in our 25 years at Delphi. Conservatively estimated at ten pounds (and Paul, a former stillwater fishery manager who is well used to handling big trout, should know), the fish fell for a dapped daddy-long-legs of Paul’s own tying. A murky picture of the beast will appear in the annual newsletter, but there is no doubt that it’s a brute of 10 pounds plus. Ghillie Sean Moogan was deservedly ecstatic.

Second, James Henchey, also from England and a man who has not previously managed to land a Delphi salmon despite several attempts, caught two salmon on the same cast from the Finlough stream, with many of us looking on, just before dinner.

Third, Vince Gwilliam and Graham Smith, from Wales & England respectively, took 28 seatrout from Glencullin Lough – the first good bag off that lake this season.

Fourth, Jonathan Smalley, from the Isle of Man, left today having caught 60 seatrout up to 5 pounds as well as 12 salmon in 16 days fishing.

To cap it all, an RTE film crew, making a programme about ghillies for “Ear to the Ground”, managed to film the presenter, Helen McKenna, hooking and catching a salmon (her first ever fish) almost immediately on Finlough – a television rarity. And we hit the 300 salmon mark.
Peter Mantle
Delphi Fishery
Delphi Lodge, Leenane, Co. Galway.
Tel: +353 (0)95-42222 Fax +353-95-42296

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


River Moy

Water levels on the Moy have been fluctuating throughout the week, with the Cathedral Beat unfishable due to the high level. The Ridge Pool accounted for only three salmon, due to the high water and low angling effort, with Mervyn Painter, England, among the few anglers having success. At the Freshwater Beat, two were caught, by visiting English anglers Charles Fremantle and Michael Putman.

Water levels suited angling on the Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water, where great numbers of salmon were reported, with the Mount Falcon Fishery also accounting for numerous catches. The Knockmore water also enjoyed a very successful week, as did Attymass and Coolcronan fisheries. At Coolcroonan, John Brookebank, U.K. caught one of 6lbs on the worm, while James Goose, U.K. had two grilse. Byrne’s Fishery produced a few fish, while at Armstrong’s, good catches were also reported. Gannon’s and the Foxford Fishery also fished well for the week, as did Rinanney. The Foxford town fisheries continued to provide good sport for anglers, as did Cloongee.

The East Mayo Anglers’ water enjoyed a successful week, with salmon falling to the spinner and fly. Günter Propanter, Austria, had success at East Mayo, landing a 10lbs salmon with a spinner and a second fish of 6lbs to the fly. Ian Guegan also enjoyed success catching a fine fish of 12.5lbs, while Patrick Cadiergues, France, caught a grilse on the fly. John Buckley, Athlone, had a nice fish of 10lbs to the spinner, with John Anderson, Galway, also catching one of 10lbs, with the fly.

Ballisodare Fishery

Ballisodare accounted for 13 salmon for the week, with nine different anglers having success. The heaviest fish of the week was caught by local angler Jimmy Cuffe, which was taken on a Willie Gunn.

Owenmore River

Photo: Dutch angler, Rudi with a grilse from the Owenmore

The Owenmore fished well for the week, with fresh run salmon still being reported and many fish being released back into the system. Salmon were caught every day of the week, with the weekend fishing particularly well. Among those to have success were Owen Warner, Dublin who had two salmon, John Long, Bangor, had 4 salmon (returning 3), while Eric Sinclair, N.Ireland also caught a salmon.

Newport River

Grilse continued to be caught on the Newport, with Castlebar angler, Rocky Moran accounting for one for the week. French visitor to Newport House, Mr. J.M. Jodelet had success catching and releasing a grilse while Dr. J. Hannagh, Castlebar also caught a salmon. Local man Eamon Kennedy landed a 6lbs salmon, which was safely released.

Lough Beltra

Sea trout provided good sport on Lough Beltra, where David Eddis and James O’Hora, boated and returned a total of 10 sea trout. Glenisland angler, Jackie Diffley also had success catching
a grilse.

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


River Drowes

There were good water levels in the Drowes over the week and at the time of writing, the gauge at the Four Masters Bridge is reading around 0.65 metres. There were good numbers of grilse caught over the week with fresh fish and a few coloured fish featuring in catches.

J. Kyle recorded a 4lb grilse caught from the Mill Pool on a fly. G Brett accounted for a 5lb grilse caught on a fly from the Mill Pool. P. Cook registered a 3lb grilse caught from the Island Pool on a fly. J. Philpot accounted for a 3lb grilse caught from The Footbridge on shrimp. The Morrow & Kennedy party reported 6 grilse caught on spinner & shrimp for the week weighing up to 6lb. The Huldi party recorded 5 fish caught for the week on fly & shrimp weighing up to 7lb. The Delforge party accounted for 6 grilse to 5lb caught on fly & worm.
Drowes Salmon Fishery
Tel: 071 9841055.

Lough Melvin

The fishing was quiet enough over the week on Melvin. There was little or no angling effort for salmon and the trout fishing was hard work!

For info/bookings etc on Lough Melvin:
Drowes Salmon Fishery
Tel: 071 9841055.

Melvin & Rossinver Fishery
Ruth Mettler
Tel: 071 9841451.

Owenea Fishery

The week started with a nice flood reading 0.30m on Monday which gave fair water on Tuesday (0.19m). On Wednesday & Thursday however, we received two very big floods (0.6 & 0.65m) which meant that the river was virtually unfishable and no rods were in attendance over these two days. On Friday the river had finally fell to a good height (0.26m) and the river then fell away to read 0.16m by Sunday. The gauge average for the week was very high reading 0.39 metres. The fishery was fairly quiet overall with only 24 visiting rods fishing for the week.

There were reports of s very good run of grilse occurring during the two good floods though this is not reflected in angling catches and the fish seemed very dour again and hard to tempt. On Monday, John Doherty recorded a 3lb grilse caught on a spinner from beat 9. Alan Watson logged a 7lb grilse caught on the fly from beat 8. One of the local lads accounted for an 8lb grilse caught on a spinner from beat 5 on Thursday. I await reports of any further salmon caught.

For info/bookings etc on the Owenea Fishery – Tel: 074 9551141. (9am to 1pm April to May & 7am to 1pm June to Sept).

Eske Fishery

Lough Eske was fairly quiet once again this week with only three boats out over the week. I heard of no salmon caught this week, only a couple which were hooked and lost on wet fly. A few sea trout to 1¼lb were caught.

For info/bookings etc on the Eske Fishery –
Tel: 074 9740781. (9am to 1pm).
Note: For 2010 angling for salmon on the Eske Fishery is on a catch & release basis.

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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


Conditions remain favourable on Loughs Agency salmon rivers

Fresh run fish are still running into the systems but in declining numbers as is normal at time of our season and are mainly reported on the Rivers Dennet and Faughan.

Visiting English Angler Larry Swire reports another enjoyable fishing trip to Loughs Agency's water.

Fly Fishing catch and release,(Curry's Red and Y Bug) Larry reported a total of 19 Salmon during his recent visit.

Larry also reported catches' of Brown and Sea Trout and many Salmon that he failed to land (The fish that got away)

Upper Mourne

Water height and angling conditions are reported as close on perfect with good number of fish seen in all pools.

J Hutton on Sunday caught 2 fish in Carniquin, an 8lb and a 5lb. On Saturday; J Irvine caught two nice fish 8lb and 6lb and visiting angler from the Cotswold, S. Farnham caught an 8lb on the Snaa pool.
Lionel Knobbs
Loughs Agency

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Trout Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


River Fane

Water conditions for trout fishing in the River Fane were far from ideal over the last week. However, despite this, some nice trout were taken in the upper reaches of the river.  Philippe Collet from France visited last week and had six nice trout  on spinner. Philippe  lost a really nice fish over two pounds in weight but landed and released six nice trout to 1.25 lbs. As we near the end of the trout season conditions on Wednesday 29th September are not the best for trout fishing.

Photo: collet.JPG   Philippe Collet with a nice Fane Trout

Details of day permits and memberships are available from the Dundalk Brown Trout Angling Club at


For details of guided fishing on the Fane and fly casting tuition Eamonn Conway can be contacted at 086 1242966 or

or Matt Campbell who also provides guiding services on the Fane and Castletown Rivers. Matt can be contacted at 087 6757550

River Boyne and Tributaries


Nothing to report on the  trout fishing front around Navan due to the unfavourable water conditions. Colm Lynch from East Coast Angling reports that lots of salmon have been observed crossing the weirs at Navan.

Don't forget that the Navan and District Anglers Fly Tying School will be starting on October 1st. Anyone wishing to take part in the school can contact Colm Lynch for details.

Additional information and permits for the Navan waters can be obtained from Colm Lynch, East Coast Angling, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Kells Road Navan, Co. Meath. Tel: 046 9073377   mobile: 087 2044996  email:

Kells Blackwater

Some nice trout fishing was recorded by visitors to the Kells Blackwater over the last week. Guided by Pat McLoughlin, Francois Dennis from France had 6 trout to wet fly and nymph and also landed a 7lb salmon on a gold bead head hares ear while fishing for trout. Laurent Petitpas and friend also from France, fished for 3 days and had an average of 25 trout each. Best 4 fish were around 40 cm. Pat can be contacted at 086 1017415

River Liffey

Angling guide John Higgins reports that there has been good daytime trout fishing on the Liffey over the last week. The has been plenty of fly on the water and it is fitting that a great season is finishing on a high note. John has had nice trout to 40cms during the last week.

If you fancy spending a day on the River Liffey around Newbridge with angling guide John Higgins, he can be contacted at 

Annamoe Trout Fishery

A small number of places are still available and if you would like to take part in the ‘Ladies Fly Casting Day’ at Annamoe on Saturday 2nd October, please contact David Byrne, Marketing Angling Coordinator, Inland Fisheries Ireland at 087 9918608 or by email at

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Southern Region

John Flynn reports:


Carrigavantry rainbow trout fishery report

24/09/2010 A great Day was had by everyone who took part in the Dick Doyle Competition.The winner was Declan Walsh. A very special thanks must go to John O'Brien outdoor angling centre for the fantastic sponsored prizes. Top prize was an electric outboard.

Carrigavantry has been stocked since the competition and the fishing is excellent at the moment. Reports are 6lb rainbows are been caught and bag limits being reached by all who have fished in the last week.

Finally for now, would fishers who want to release their catch please make sure there fish are in a returnable condition. You must use barbless hooks and have the tackle to cope with as quick a fight as possible. If the fish are bleeding at the gills or are too full of lactic acid they will likely die after being returned.
Tight lines to all.
Waterford City and Couty Trout Anglers Association

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South Western Region

no report this week - [most recent report 02/06/10]

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Lough Sheelin

The Lough Sheelin Trout Protection Association will be hosting their annual ‘Lough Sheelin Stream Rehabilitation’ competition this Saturday, October 2nd from 11.0am to 6.Opm at Kilnahard Pier.  There will be €6500 in prizes with the first prize will be a 19ft Sheelin boat and trophy.  All entries should contact Eamonn Ross @ 086 6619834/ (049) 9526602 or Thomas Lynch @ 087-9132033.

The lake fished very well during the week with three heavy catches of 4½, 5 and 7 lb trout recorded.  Thursday morning was the best day with misty cloudy conditions and an excellent rise of fish.

The Cavan Anglers hosted the McIntyre Cup on Saturday September 25th. 25 anglers took part, the winners were as follows:

78 fish were recorded for the week, most of which were released

Best catches for the week were:

Lough O'Flynn, Co Roscommon

Photo: 1lb 12oz trout from Lough O'Flynn

Anthony Baggott reports that he and Phillip Mc Goldrick were 4 hrs on Lough O'Flynn on 25/09. Conditions were calm and cool and there were small hatches of sedges. They fished dry fly fly, size 12 peters and murroughs and caught 4 fish, 3 returned.

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Western Region


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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


Lough Conn

Despite the unsettled weather, angling on Lough Conn has been relatively productive for the time of year, with numerous trout reported as well as salmon falling to the wet-fly. Angling in the Errew Abbey area, local anglers Ian Wyse and John Warren had four trout to dabblers for a days angling. Fishing out of Kelly’s boat hire, Cloghans, a party of four Welsh anglers, led by Daniel Edwards and Richard Hall enjoyed great sport, averaging 6 trout per day over four days, with their best day accounting for 20 trout. Their best fish was 3.5lbs, with Green Peters accounting for most fish.

Ballina and Cloghans anglers held the first Lodge Pub angling competition on Saturday 25th, with 15 anglers participating. Winning first place and the Lodge Pub perpetual trophy was Joe Quinn, with Patrick Kelly, Cloghans, taking second.

Pontoon Bridge Hotel hosted their annual end of season fishing competition on Saturday 25th. The event was well attended, with 54 anglers participating and 27 boats out for the day. The catch and release competition saw a total of 30 trout recorded and two salmon, with numerous salmon hooked and lost. Nick Crispin, Co. Kilkenny, won first prize for the heaviest (longest) catch, with four trout and a grilse, totalling 167cm and also the largest fish competition with his grilse measuring 54cm. Dan Gormley, Monaghan, took second place with four trout measuring 106cm while Peter Byrne, Castlebar, came third with three trout for 97cm. The best visiting angler prize went to Julian Makin, who received the Derek Wills Cup, for catching three trout for 86cm. Ian Wyse, Castlehill, took the prize for best boatman, and was presented with the Bourke Cup.

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


Lough Melvin

The fishing was quiet enough over the week on Melvin. There was little or no angling effort for salmon and the trout fishing was hard work! There was however some great trout caught at the weekend. On Saturday, one rod recorded a 7lb trout caught in Rossinver Bay on a wet fly. Darren Maguire had a good day with 6 sonaghan and a big brown trout of 5lb caught on wet flies also in Rossinver Bay. John Parkinson accounted for a 4½lb brown trout caught on a wet fly.

On Sunday, the Garrison Anglers ran their annual Seamus Doherty Memorial Cup fly fishing pair’s competition out of Dernaseer. There were some decent catches and the competition was won by Joe Gilroy & James Doherty with a lovely trout weighing 7½lb which was caught off Bilberry Island by James. In second place was Irvin Marshall & Gordon Law with 3 good sonaghan weighing well over a pound each. In third place were Brian & Gary Caruthers with 5 fish. The end of the season is virtually upon and given good weather conditions Melvin should fish well to the end of the season on Thursday.

Lough Eske

Lough Eske was fairly quiet once again this week with only three boats out over the week. All rods recorded multiple catches of smallish brown trout. Alan McGurdy fishing on Sunday however recorded a fine 4¾lb brown trout caught from the top of the Lough on wet flies which was released again.

For info/bookings etc on the Eske Fishery –
Tel: 074 9740781. (9am to 1pm).
Note: For 2010 angling for salmon on the Eske Fishery is on a catch & release basis.

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Northern Ireland

[ most recent report 05/05/10]

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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


Trout switch to nymphs and lures at Cashel Trout Fishery

Temperatures have dipped slightly and this reflects on the type of fly been used by the anglers. 

Dry flies are beginning to go with little Nymphs, Buzzers and a few lures now in use instead. 

Maurice Whiteman used some Dries and Buzzers to land 11 trout.

Billy Haslett bagged 1trout 2lb 5ozs and released 10 others which also took Dries and Buzzers. 

Alan Temple bagged 2at 4.5lb in total and released 3 others which took a small Green Nymph and Hoppers. 

Our annual competition will be on Saturday the 30th October 2010.  If interested in taking part please get in contact with the staff at Cashel Trout Fishery as soon as possible for more details.

Well done to all!
17 Birren Road , Dungiven, BT47 4SH, 
Tel/Fax: 028777 42159
email:  Website:

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Coarse Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


No coarse angling reports were received this week. Anglers were catching roach and hybrids at Lough Ramor on Monday. There is not much coarse angling taking place at the moment due to the high water conditions.

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Southern Region


IFI presents angling gear to Junior Angler

Photo: Tony Byrne & Noel Power from the Inland Fisheries Ireland formally S.R.F.B. and Gerry mc Straw from Carlow Coarse Angling Supplies, Graiguecullen, Carlow supplying Jamie Walsh with new equipment following his ordeal in Carlow last Sunday.

Junior angler Jamie Walsh was in great form after winning the novice prize in last week's Barrow competitoin reported on here. To celebrate he went fishing with a friend on the following Sunday but was accosted by a gang who threw all his gear in the river. The local community and businesses all responded to the news of Jamie's ordeal by generously giving what angling gear they could to replace what had been destroyed. On hearing of the situation Inland Fisheires Ireland also made a contribution to the young angler.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Flying Dutchman wins Carrick-on-Shannon Angling Festival

The Carrick-on-Shannon Angling Festival celebrated its 30th birthday in the best way possible – attracting a new batch of anglers and boosting its figures to 50.  A simple format with a well organised system and excellent sponsorship this year enticed match fishermen from England, Holland and across the island of Ireland.

Photo: Arie Roobes with his Leitrim Crystal Trophy with competitors and organisers.

And it was newcomer Arie Roubes from Niewwegein, Holland, that stole the show with a perfect score of three points and a total weight of 33-950 kilos (75lb) earned him the €1,000 first prize and a piece of Leitrim Crystal.
Arie is no stranger to Carrick-on-Shannon, for he has been fishing in Ireland for the past 18 years and taking part in the Dutch King of Clubs each spring.
Carrick’s festival is across four days with the section winner getting one point and dropping their poorest result so that only three days count. 

The champion’s sections began with the famous River Shannon mudflats and he managed to catch 10-200k of roach and skimmer bream while pole fishing at 13 metres with maggot and caster despite flood conditions; day two he was on Lough Scur and weighed-in with 7-700k of skimmer bream on the same method.

There was a rest day on Wednesday but Arie returned to his pole attack when he moved to Kiltybardan Lake and finished with 9-100k of skimmers and roach before finally going to the shallow waters of Heron’s Shore on Lough Allan.  This day he chose a groundbait feeder and had roach and skimmer bream on worm and caster for 6-800k.
He did well and  .... 3 wins and a 2nd

In second place – again – was Tony Kearsley from Enniskillen who won his section every day but failed to match Roubes on weight.
Tony, who helps the organisers in running the festival, has taken part for the past eight years, won the competition three times and been runner-up three times.

Overall result:

Terry and Leigh
Photo: Terry Mann presents €500 for the heaviest fish to Leigh Maitland.

€500 was the prize for the heaviest fish on Friday, an enticement for those who are not in the hunt points-wise to carry on fishing and donated by Shannon Fishing Tackle at Jamestown Village.

Ireland’s Leigh Maitland was taking part in the festival for the first time and took full advantage of the opportunity.  In fact this was his first ever angling festival and though he did well in the event, there were no prizes coming his way unless he caught a large fish. He was on Heron’s Shore, Lough Allen, where he feeder-fished with three pieces of corn on a large hook and waited 90 minutes for his first bite – a hybrid of 1.150k (2.5lb) – and worth its weight in Euros.
Dave Houghton
Active Irish Angling
Tel: (UK) 0151 324 4744 (Ireland) 00 353 (0)71 9642743


Photo: Ken from Newcastle with nice Bream catch despite flood conditions

Jimmy and Ken from Newcastle made there annual trip to Ireland only to face the high winds and water levels, after prebaiting the swim the night before each session day's one and two were slow to start with only a few Bream and silver fish Showing. Day three started well with Ken catching 30lb of Bream and 10lb of Roach, Jimmy had a few Bream averaging 3lb and 9lb of Roach. The water levels continued to rise and the fish went of the feed, it was decided to change venue and target good Hybrids, Roach and Rudd. This next venue was also flooded but did not put the lads off from giving it a try on Kevin's advice, Kevin said the lads had to wade through the water to reach there pegs but it was worth it. With Hybrids to 2lb +, Roach to a 1lb and some big Rudd, they done well considering the weather conditions.

roach and hybrids
Photo: Jimmy and Ken from Newcastle with mix catch of Roach & Hybrids

Fishing in and around Longford area is still difficult due to the high water levels, this is having an effect on the fish feeding normally so causing reduced catch rates. However some anglers have braved the conditions and had some good catches considering the levels of water, Bream to 3lb, Hybrids to 2lb + and some good Roach and Rudd. At the time of writing we are due more rain with some settled weather promised for the weekend, tune in next week for more pictures and reports.
Kevin Lyons, 
Drumlish Road, Clonrollagh, Co Longford
Tel : 003534345061
Email: Web:

River Shannon, Portumna

I have fished various venues over the past week with mixed results. The Suck was in flood so we switched to Banagher. The water levels were high but managed about 25 roach all around 8-14ozsThe next day we tried the canal at Shannon Harbour for 3hours with just one Roach for our efforts so we spent the afternoon on the river close to Shannon Harbour.

My wife Bernadette, Dave Halliwell and Mike Waterworth from Yorkshire and Vinny Fennel from Belmont all fished through heavy showers and had a great day with Bream Skimmers, Hybrids and quality Roach and Perch. My wife on only her second outing this year again acheiving the best results for which I have had to endure constant ribbing from my friends.

The canal at Belmont fished well the following day with Roach, Skimmers and good Tench caught in the late afternoon. On the last day Dave, Mike and myself tried Rodgers Island stretch in Portumna having our best day yet with not a tiddler in sight!! We all caught Bream, Hybrids and Roach the Bream averaging 4-6lb a 6lb 9oz beauty making my day with no wife in sight!!

The heavy rain will affect river fishing over the next few days but with so many rivers lakes and canals within a few minutes drive its always possible to find an alternative venue
Mike Murray ,
MURRAY'S B&B, Derryhiney, Portumna
Tel +353 909759596
Email Web

Gaulmoylestown Team League Finals

Gaulmoylestown Team LEague
Photo: The winning team, Cloughbally Mill Angling Centre: Mark Theedom, Nick Howell, Tony Kersley, Jack Tisdall.

The final match in the Gaulmoylestown team league took place today, full results attached.

Tony Kersley (Cloughbally Mill Angling Centre) won the match on peg 1 with 124lbs 02ozs, Alan Turton (Weir Lodge) was second with 100lbs 06ozs on peg 9 and Nick Howell (CBM) was third on peg 18 with 82lbs 08ozs.

Cloughbally Mill Angling Centre won the event on the day with 75pts, second was BSI Sensas on 66pts and third was Gaulmoylestown on 54pts. Cloughbally Mill Angling Centre won the league with a total of 349pts from BSI Sensas who had 323pts.

Top individual in the league was Tony Kersley (CBM) with Nick Howell (CBM) second and Brendon Jennings (Weir Lodge) third.

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Northern Region

Alice Murtagh reports: 


Edward Carson junior angling competition

The Edward Carson junior angling competition was held recently on McDermotts Shore on Bawn Lough.  Nine young people competed and the following weights were recorded:-

John Finnegan


Darren Reilly


Brendan Clarke


Padraig Tight


Colm Reilly


Lorcan Walsh


Darren Hanlon


Padraig Reilly


Michael Wilson


Cootehill Festival

cootehill festival
Photo: Mr S Sadler is presented with his award for winning the Cottehill Festival.

The 30th. annual Cootehill Festival took place last week with 93 anglers fishing over five days.  They fished Sillan, Barnagrove, Mullinary and Bairds Shore.  This year the festival was sponsored by Airtricity.  The following is a list of the winners: -










S Sadler








N McAnulty








N Mazurek








P Leesee








R ONeill








A Pollard








S Perry








A Faulkner








T Girdlestone








J Barr Jnr







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Northern Ireland


Horseshoe Grand Slam

Terry Bintliff
Photo: Terry Bintliff won the Grand Slam with 154lb

Nottingham builder Terry Bintliff laid the foundation for the Horseshoe Grand Slam title when he bagged 38.700 kilos (86lb) of fish on Lower Lough Erne on day one of the five-day festival.

Sponsored by the Horseshoe Bar in Enniskillen and organised by Vale Royal Angling, Northwich, there were 40 men taking part and fishing Killadeas, Rossahilly on Lough Erne, plus Lough McNean.


Terry’s opener was at Killadeas where he opted for a groundbait feeder with worm on the hook to catch bream and hybrids for the perfect start and a netful of fish.

From there he went to the farm stretch of Lough McNean and caught 8.450 kilos; next he moved to Killadeas lay-by and weighed-in with 8.420.  Day four he fished at McNean Forest where he had 10-630 and on the last day he struggled to 3.920 on the River Erne at Cornergrade.
Dave Houghton
Active Irish Angling
Tel: (UK) 0151 324 4744 or (IRL) +353 (0)71 9642743

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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


New coarse fishery: Longvale Coarse Fishery, Lifford

The McKeans have landscaped and enhanced a disused stone quarry on their land to offer an excellent site for coarse fishing! The fishery holds a good population of wild roach. A recent survey was undertaken by local professional angling guide and instructor Gerry Campbell and Carlingford area coarse angler and angling instructor Geoff Quinn.

The report  was very favourable and concluded: "The fishery was in a very quiet and peaceful area, convenient to both Derry and the town of Lifford. The fishing was excellent with a bite a cast all day long...  this lake could turn out to be an excellent Coarse Fishery and a great addition to the local area."

Open 7 days - however, the McKeans ask that people do not contact them on a Sunday. 



Telephone number to follow - or contact Loughs Agency angling development manager in the interim ( 028 7134 2100 or - ROI 048 7134 2100 )

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Pike Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Angling guide Pat McLoughlin had two fish in the Cavan area during the last week. Pike fishing has been slow because of the water conditions.
Reports and pictures will be posted as and when they are available.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:



103cm pike on the fly

Photo: Angling guide, Bodo Funke, with a 103cm pike caught on the fly.

Yes, finally as expected the bigger fish are starting to show. This morning we had fantastic sport fly-fishing for pike, which culminated in the capture of a 103 cm pike estimated to weigh around 20lbs. 10 smaller fish also readily came to the boat. Water temperature has dropped to 14-15 degrees C.
Bodo Funke,
Angling Services Ireland,
Boyle, Co Roscommon

River Shannon, Shannonbridge

Weather has been generally good with little rain but the river level has risen to 3.65 metres. Fast strong flow on the river. Forecast good next five days.

On 22/9 0n Suck in sunshine and rain Willy had a 95cm pike and Ermin had two pike 97cm and 87cm. They heard that a permit is required to fish The Suck so they returned to The Shannon.

On 23/9 Willy had 6 pike on the overcast Shannon measuring 94, 86, 79, 77, 76 and 60cm. The same day Ermin also had 6 pike 86, 85, 79, 65, 60 and 60cm.

On 24/9 on Shannon in sunshine Willy one pike of 82cm and Ermin caught two pike of 62cm and 47cm.

On their last day 25/9 in sunshine on The Shannon Willy caught 3 pike of 91, 85 and 69cm
Dermot Killeen,

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Sea Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Louth coastline

Rod Coan reports that boats were out in Dundalk Bay on Sat and Sunday last. The mackerel are still about in good numbers. The tope fishing has been slow with only one fish being caught on both days around 30lbs. Rod was out on Pat Rankin's boat with a crowd of lads from Newbridge.  They caught plenty of mackerel and also landed 6 bullhuss 3 of which weighed over 10lbs. The biggest of the bullhuss weighed 13lbs.

Finally, the Dundalk Sea Angling Club hope to host their final competition of the season this Sunday 3rd October. The event is a points species competition and results will be posted in next weeks report.

A small number of bass were recorded along the Louth coastline during the last week. bass fishing has started to taper off though.

Dublin to Wexford


red mullet
Photo: Sue Tait with new Irish record red mullet (weight 0.82 kg)

In what was an extremely tight competition, ’Louisie B’ from Blackpool won the 25TH Rosslare Small boats competition, which was held from 18th – 24th September with 27 different species of fish, beating 42 other boats from Ireland and the UK.

The annual Rosslare Small Boats Festival, celebrated its 25th  year this year. Sponsored by Inland Fisheries Ireland, Failte Ireland,  Plastimo UK, Daiwa Sports UK and Sea Angler magazine, the event attracted more than 120 anglers from the Isle of Wight, Southport, Liverpool, Blackpool, Scotland ,Wales and Ireland. All anglers stayed locally for up to two weeks. Despite the windy weather conditions, competitors managed to fish the normally four day competition in three days by launching their boats from Kilmore Quay and fishing along the Wexford Coast.  The fishing was excellent with a total of 40 different species recorded!

First place in the competition went to ‘Louisie B’ (Steve Bateson, John Holmes, Dave Wilson from Flyde Boat angling club in Blackpool) with 27 species for 22.16 kilos. This boat has been coming to the competition for over twenty years so their hard work  finally paid off.  This was followed closely with second place going to ‘Screeming Reels’ (Martyn Rayner, Seirt Shults, Neville Murphy from Rosie’s Sea Angling club in Cork) with 27 species for 18.32 kilos. In third place was ‘Nirvana’ (Richie Stead, Keith Pemberton from the Wirral boat angling club) with 26 species for 22.84 kilos.

Photo: Winners Louisie B of the Rosslare Small boats competition 2010
Left to right:  Phil Hallsworth (organiser UK), Dave Wilson, (winner) William Walsh, Director, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Blackrock, John Holmes and Steve Bateson  (winners – Flyde boat angling club in Blackpool)

A great variety of fish were recorded during the week including coalfish, dogfish, dab, flounder, herring, john dory, red mullet, pollack, ray, wrasse and many mini species such as corkwing wrasse, dragonet and sea scorpion. There were some fantastic specimen fish caught during the week with a new Irish record red mullet recorded by Sue Tait from the boat ‘Predator 2’ which weighed in at 0.82 kilos. There were two other specimen fish recorded, one a fine specimen bass of 5.72 kilos caught by Gary Wright on board the boat ‘Northern Lights’ from Wigan.  A specimen smoothound of 4.18 kilos was caught by Andy Williams from the boat ‘Bluefin 2’.  (All specimen fish have to be verified by the ISFC).

The heaviest round fish was the specimen bass and the heaviest flat fish was a plaice caught by the boat ‘Shock Waves’. Lewis Radcliffe aged 13 was the winning junior from the boat ‘Cod n Bass’, who had 19 species for 16.64 kilos. The best female angler was Sue Tait from the boat ‘Predator 2’, from Cork who had 17 species for 10.04 kilos.

The prizegiving ceremony took place in the Crosby Cedar’s Hotel in Rosslare and prizes were awarded in a variety of categories including the best specimen, heaviest flat fish, heaviest round fish, winners from each day as well as the overall winners. The prizes were presented by William Walsh, Director, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Blackrock and Orla Woods, Angling Product Manager, Failte Ireland.

The total prize fund is €17,000 for this competition and consists of a variety of prizes including fishing equipment products as well as substantial monetary prizes and engraved trophies. Sponsors for the competition in the UK included: Plastimo UK,   Daiwa Sports Ltd, Sea Angler magazine, Inserve Marine Technical Services Ltd and GTI Glazing. In Ireland, local sponsors included Inland Fisheries Ireland, Failte Ireland, Kilmore Quay Harbour office and Self Catering Ireland.

William Walsh, Director, Inland Fisheries Ireland, Blackrock was delighted to attend this event. ‘I congratulate all competitors for their participation, especially the winners for the first time, ‘Louisie B’.  It is fantastic to be celebrating this competition which is now in its 25th year and to see juniors and newcomers in this competition.  This festival is very important not only to promote the great sea fishing we have on the East Coast, and the variety of species available but also the investment it brings to the local businesses in the area each year. I would like to  thank all the competitors and a special thanks to Phil Hallsworth and John Meaning, organisers from the UK and Josie Mahon and Des Chew, Inland Fisheries Ireland for their part in organising the competition’.

Next year’s event will take place from the 10- 17th September 2011. Inland Fisheries Ireland would like to invite all small boat anglers to take part. Further information is available from Ms. Josie Mahon, Inland Fisheries Ireland, 01-2787022 or

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South Western Region

Michael Hennessy reports:
E Mail:


Good pollack, cod, coalfish and ling fishing off Valentia

Photo: A nice ling is landed on the charterboat Sioux.

26/09/10 During the last two weeks three to five anglers caught 277 pollack, 16 ling, 52 coalfish, 78 cod, 5 pouting, 2 grey gurnard, 2 whiting, 4 cuckoo wrasse, 1 ballan wrasse, 2 conger, 1 dogfish, 8 octopus, 1 stone crab and 2 squid.
Siegy Grabher
Ballyhearny West, The Mill, Valentia Island, Co. Kerry.
Tel: +353 66 9476420 or +353 87 6871267
Email: Website:

Specimen blonde ray

blonde ray
Photo: Adrain Hanely of the charterboat Wey Chieftan sent us this photo of Paddy Loftus from Dublin who caught this specimen Homlyn ray in a recent Cahirsiveen  competition . It weighed in at just over 5lbs. It was caught on a very slow drift and took a piece of mackerel.


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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


West Clare Area – Shore Angling Report to 20th. September 2010

ballan wrasse
Photo: A Specimen Ballan Wrasse of 5 lbs. 1 oz. From Bealeice near Doonbeg.

What a week it has been for Wrasse and Triggerfish! Fishing Bealeice near Doonbeg I have had big catches of Ballan Wrasse and Triggerfish topped off with a Specimen Ballan Wrasse of 5 lbs. 1 ozs caught on a small piece of crab intended for Triggerfish. Many Wrasse were in the 4 lbs. range and best Triggerfish was 3 lbs. Crab and Limpet were the best baits.

Photo: A big Triggerfish for Anthony Page from Kilkee caught near The White Strand, Doonbeg.

I brought Anthony Page from Kilkee on a trip to a rock mark near The White Strand,Doonbeg and we lost count of the number of Wrasse and Triggerfish we caught! We had hooks bent, broken and bitten off! We also had to bring the fish through a carpet of heavy froth and did not know what we had caught until we dipped the fish in a small rock pool behind us! This was the day after Arthur’s Day!
Bill Ryan
Shore Angling Guide
Querrin St., Kilkee, Co. Clare. 
+353 87 4130122   
E-mail: Web:

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Foyle and Carlingford Fisheries

Lionel Knobbs reports:



The results of the 2010 ULSTER CLOSED GOLD MEDAL SHORE as follows:

The top 5 will be the Ulster Team for 2011.

6/. Reserve  Liam O, Connor  Culdaff SAC  9 points.

This was a very hard fought 3 sessions with the outcome being a tie for 1st place , the winner being decided on a count back then the longest fish.

Number of fish caught was 1st Session Benone 200    -  2nd Session Waterfoot  121 fish  - 3rd session Ballykelly  90 fish.
Number of anglers who caught fish - 1st session 35 :  2nd session 34  : 3rd session 30.

Number of Clubs represented - 15

Longest round fish Bass 62 cm - Bobby Laughlin 
Longest flatfish  Flounder 42 cm - Natham Davidson (Junior)  

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Northern Ireland


Good inshore fishing around Red Bay

Photo: A lovely turbot from the Antrim coast

Last week's gales  stopped us getting across the channel to the sharking grounds so the group from Holland had to fish but weren’t disappointed catching a few nice turbot, tope, wrasse, pollack, conger, bulhuss, cod, spurdog, blackmouth dogfish, cod, dabs and blond rays.
Hamish Currie
Predator II
Red Bay Stormforce 9.1 Rib
Web: Email:
Telephone: 028 2177 1828   Boat: 07720440117

Photo: A good tope for the Dutch anglers

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