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Irish Angling Update

23 September 2010

Editor: Paul Bourke, Angling Information Officer
email: Paul Bourke
Ph: 00 353 (0) 1 8842600
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Salmon angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


River Fane

Tour operator, Claude Gatti and journalist Philippe Collet from France visited the Fane today Wednesday 22nd September. The visit was organised by Gatti in association with the Dundalk Salmon Anglers Association and supported by Inland Fisheries Ireland. Members of the club warmly welcomed Claude and Philippe to the Fane and help was provided by the committee and members alike.

: Dundalk Salmon Anglers Association, Chairman, Bernard Devenney and Barney Mulholland with French Tour Operator, Claude Gatti  on the Fane at Stephenstown.

Barney Mulholland had two salmon in approximately 20 minutes while fishing on the Fane this morning Wednesday 22nd September. Both fish were taken on a black flying C type spinner. Bernard Devenney and Eamonn Conway report  improved salmon fishing on the River Fane again this week.  Eamonn Conway had two salmon near campbells on Tuesday evening 21st September. The biggest fish was 10 lbs in weight. Eamonn also had two salmon over the weekend at Castlering. John McCaughy had a lovely salmon in Devons pool on the fly recently and Brian McShane had a nice fish in the boiling pool. Matt Campbell also had a lovely salmon around 8 lbs above Castlering Bridge. Many of the fish are being taken on black flying c's but some are being taken on worm and fly. The best fish of the week was taken by Paul Woods and weighed in at just over 13lbs.

Eamonn Conway with a nice Fane salmon.

All red salmon and many fresh fish are being returned unharmed to the river by anglers as part of a practice to conserve the salmon for future generations.

salmon anglers
: Dundalk Salmon Anglers welcome Claude Gatti (tour operator) and Philippe Collet (journalist) to the River Fane. L to R:  Paul Kellett, Paul Woods, Tomas Campbell, Philippe Collet (journalist), Barney Mulholland, Claude Gatti (Tour Operator)

Permits for salmon fishing on the Fane are available from the Dundalk Salmon Anglers, through Island Fishing Tackle, 58 Park St, Dundalk, Co. Louth.
Tel: (042) 9386464 Fax: (042) 9335698
Web: Email:

Castletown River

Sea trout improved in the lower reaches as the water level dropped over the last week but today's torrential rain is sure to bring water levels back up again. Small numbers of sea trout to 1lb were taken over the last week.

Details of day permits, memberships and events are available from the Dundalk Brown Trout Angling Club at


River Boyne

At least 10 salmon were reported caught on the River Boyne in the Navan area over the last week. One nice 8lb fish was taken at Sophie's island.
Additional rain today Wednesday is sure to result in a rise in the water levels on the River Boyne this week. This will bring more salmon into the river.

Additional information and permits for the Navan waters can be obtained from Colm Lynch, East Coast Angling, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Kells Road Navan, Co. Meath. Tel: 046 9073377   mobile: 087 2044996  email:

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Southern Region


River Blackwater

Fort William Fishery

20/09/10 Water levels are perfect at the moment and clarity is improving each day now as it is pteay stained. Good numbers of fish are being taken on a daily basis and anglers are enjoying it. Tim Keane from Dublin landed his first salmon on fly with us yesterday on the Castle beat which was 5lbs. David O Riordan had his first ever on fly on Geoghan's flat also 5lbs. French guest Lionel Ferte had his first aswell yesterday on the Bishops beat of 6lbs. Over the weekend alot of fish were landed and released safely and Paul Wymes proved landing 6 fish up 6lbs and releasing all. Ciaran Ward landed 2 fish on fly releasing both of them. Fly is the best method at the moment and the red francis still seems to be top fly, but saying that the fluorescant green shrimp done very well over the weekend as it works well in peaty stained waters. Forecast for the coming week is for showers so prospects looking excellent once again.
Paul Whelan
Fort William Fishery
Fort William Estate, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford.
Tel: +353 (0)87 8292077
Email: Web:

Blackwater Lodge

Sept. 17: Yesterday 25 fish were caught on the Lodge beats for 16 rod days. 6 came from the upper beats, including the Best Fish of the season so far. This was a coloured 16 pounder released by Denis O'Donnell from Co. Tipperary. All the 6 fish from the upper river were coloured & released. The other 19 came from the lower beats, including 7 to 11lb. on prawn for 2 French anglers. A couple of these were very fresh 6 pounders, & of the 19 from below, nine were fresh. 18 of the 25 fish caught were released in total. 17 were caught on spinner & 1 on worms. The river has fined off more today, & some fish are coming to the fly. Already I have a report of one angler who had never caught a salmon on fly. He is out on a guided day with Glenda and had already landed three by lunchtime.

Sept. 19: 19 fish for 16 rod days. 12 released. Best fish 10½lb.
6 on fly, of which 5 came from Beat 1 including 3 sea-liced 8 pounders.

Sept. 20: 13 fish for 17 rod days. 12 released. Best fish 8lb. 6 on fly.

Sept. 21: 26 fish for 17 rod days. 24 released, but 14 were fresh. Best fish ~16lb. released. Only 3 on fly. 15 taken on shrimp, of which 11 were caught by one rod on an upper beat - all were released even though 7 were fresh.
There are a number of fresh fish being caught on the upper beats, even though these have only been very lightly fished. 119 fish have been caught in the last week for 11 rod days. Total for September is now 225 & for the season is 541.

Current Conditions: The upper river rose 50cm & peaked at 10.00am this morning. It's dropped 20 cm by 6pm. The gauge at Ballyduff was up 2cm to 0.12m at 3pm, but there is a fair dirty flood on the Funcheon which may bring it up rather more. Prospects looking very good for the last week. Rods are fully booked for Thursday & Friday, but there are some available from Saturday 25th. to the 30th.
Ian & Glenda Powell
Address: Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery, Upper Ballyduff, Co. Waterford.
Tel: 00 353 58 60235     From UK: 0871 474 0135  (10p/min any time!)
Mobile: 00 353 87 235 21 20
E-mail: Website:

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South Western Region


Lough Currane

Angling guide Vincent Appleby of reports on the fishing on the LOUGH CURRANE system.

16/9/10 Kiki and Will Van Ufford of the UK had a great day on Lough Currane, with 3 Sea Trout and A fine Grilse, and the Grilse was real special, because it was Kiki’s first ever Salmon, so congratulations to Kiki and may it be the first of many, and just for the record they were fishing with their Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and of Now to the Sea Trout department Susan Timmis, caught 2 Juniors, fishing with here Gillie, Mr. Tom O’Shea and @ and staying in the Sea Trout department, Mr. Mark O’Malley, fishing out of caught 6 Sea Trout , from Junior class up to 4lbs, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan of on the weather front, wind NNW light with reasonable cloud cover with the odd shower, amount of rainfall 0.8mm, max air temperature 15.8c.

17/9/10 Straight to the Sea Trout department, Kiki and Will Van Ufford of the UK fishing with their Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of were in good form again with 5 Sea Trout up to 2.75lbs to their rods, also in good form again today, was Mr. Mark O’Malley of the UK, fishing out of and fishing with his Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan, of caught 4 Juniors to his rod. Now to the catch of the day and that goes to Mr. John Hallstead of Dingle and his good friend Mr. Ken Partington, they caught 20 Sea Trout for the day, 6 were caught early this morning, I was talking to John and Ken, as they were getting ready for their afternoon and evening shift and just for the record Mr. Frank Donnelly, of reported to me John’s and Ken’s, full catch of the day. I was reading on our manger Mr. Trevor Stafford, reports that Cork Angler, Mr. Anthony O’Sullivan, caught 10 Sea Trout and as many rod benders, Now our Manger, takes you to the upper Lakes and Lough Cloonaghlin, where Mr. Tom Moore and his good friend caught 3 Sea Trout up to 2lbs. Wind SW light with reasonable cloud at times, amount of rainfall 0.5mm, max air temperature 15.7c.

18/9/10 Mr. Peter Liddel and Alex Muir, from Newcastle England, caught 5 Sea Trout up to 3lbs on the fly, fishing with their Gillie Mr. Neil O’ Shea of and staying with, in Neil’s hired out boat department, Mr. Ger McCarthy and his good friend, caught 4 Sea Trout and finished the day off with a fine Salmon, now to Frank’s hired out boat department, and Mr . Frank Donnelly of reported to me that their was a fine Stag party in Waterville last night, and today my noble Stag Anglers headed out on to Lough Currane and here are today’s Stag fishing results, Mr. David Ryan and party from county Galway, caught 34 Sea Trout between their two boats, all I can say is some Stag party some great Sea Trout fishing. Staying with the Sea Trout department, Mr. Andrew Price of UK caught 3 Juniors with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly, Mr. Mark O’Malley of the UK, caught 3 Juniors, and last but not least guests Fishing with their Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville boats and @ caught 4 Juniors. Wind SW light to fresh and overcast. Max air temperature 16.8c.

19/9/10 I start downstream on the famous Butler Pool where Mr. Brian Maybery, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville Boats, caught 2 salmon both in the 7 and 6lbs class. Then they headed upstream to Lough Currane and caught 5 Sea Trout up to 1.5lbs. Staying with the Sea Trout and fly department, Mr. Andrew Price of the UK caught 6 Sea Trout from Junior Class up to 2.5lbs, fishing with his gillie Mr. Bob Priestly. Mr. Alex Muir, of the UK fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of caught 1 Sea Trout in the 2lbs class on the fly. Now to Sylvester Donnelly’s Hired out boat department, Mr. Jim Woodhead and Mr. Ian Scolfield caught 4 Sea Trout. Also in good form were Nigel and Bill Percy, with a couple of Sea Trout, up to 2.5lbs and just for the record both hired out boats were fishing out from the Table Rock. Now we cut across the Lake to the north side and the hired out boat department of Waterville Boats and where Mr. Ben O’ Connor and Mr. Mr. Paul O’Sullivan, caught 4 juniors. Also in good form were the Hunt Brothers, with 8 sea trout, in the last 3 days. And last but not least there were a few Juniors caught by Mr Mark O’Malley of the UK, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan and of Wind SW light to fresh and over cast, with the odd light shower, amount of rainfall 3.6mm, max air temperature 17.8c. I end this weeks report on the famous Butler Pool and of Waterville House Manger Alan McGuirk, reported to me that there were 25 Salmon caught in the past week, of which the best weighed in at 8.5lbs.

20/09/10 I start down stream on the Butler Pool and Mr. Pat Healy and Mr. Humphrey Lynch, caught 2 Salmon with their gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan. On Lough Currane, Mr Dona McCarthy caught 8 Sea Trout up to 4lbs with his gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy. Mr. Jim Woodhead and Mr. Ian Scolfield had a fine bag of Sea trout, ranging from Juniors up to 4lbs plus, fishing with their Gillie Mr. Sylvester Donnelly. Dutch angler Mr. William Timmermans, caught 3 Juniors, with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea.

21/09/10 Local Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly reported to me that he and Cork Angler, Mr. Mark Doorman caught a total of 12 Juniors. reports that Cork Angler, Mr. Niall Buyne caught 4 Sea trout and lost a cracker of a fish off Church Island. Dutch Angler Mr. William Timmermans was in good form again today with 1 Grilse and one Sea Trout, caught on the troll with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea. In the Sea trout department, American, Angler Mr. Dona McCarthy, caught 3 Juniors with his Gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy.

Now we go down stream to the Butler Pool, a Guest fishing with Mr. Michael O’Sullivan caught 1 Grilse. Wind SSW fresh to strong and overcast with heavy rain this evening.

22/09/10 Mr. Tom O’Shea reported to me that he and his Guest caught 3 Juniors, staying with the Junior class, Mr. Bob priestly caught 1 Junior and fished his day off with a Brown Trout, Mr. Brian McNaughton, caught 2 Sea Trout in the 1.5lbs class.

Now we head down stream to the Butler Pool, UK Angler, Andréa, caught 1 Grilse with his Gillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan.

That is your ration for this week, from your Gillie/Guide and the Waterville Fishery. No Spin No fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby
Angling Guide and Accommodation
Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel
Email: Web:

Weekly reports from salmon fisheries in Cork and Kerry

For week ended 19 September 2010



7 salmon landed between Beats 1 and 2 averaging 6lbs to 10lbs each


There were a good few fish caught on the Laune over the past week and most of our members at least opened their account and the few visiting anglers got lucky also.  But one would have expected it to be a lot better considering we had a drought up to two weeks ago and the water level was perfect for the week.  Over the weekend there was a big fishing effort but news of fish was scarce especially Saturday, Sunday and Monday.  Most anglers blanked and very few really fresh fish were caught.  The forecast rain will again, liven things up mid week and let's hope there will be a few fresh run fish.
Billy Downes


25 salmon landed for the week


Water levels very low, no fishing taking place at present


80 salmon landed for the week – the majority were released


No data available


22 salmon landed for the week


17 salmon landed for the week

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


River Mulkear, Co Limerick

Similar to last week there has been a number of floods on the Mulkear River. Just when the river is fining down well more rain is bringing water levels back up, leaving it  out of order for fishing at times. Anglers reported about 20 Salmon caught yesterday.  The river is  rising again this morning Wednesday and is very heavy  following a lot of overnight rain.  The Newport River is expected to be fishable by afternoon today. Unfortunately more heavy showery rain is on the way tomorrow and into Friday, but weather is expected to settle down for the weekend, which is good news. Fishing should improve, more next week. 
Richard Keays
Millbank Angling Centrer.

MulkearLife Project - Illustrated Talks

Full details of all illustrated talks are available by clicking the link below:

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Western Region


Erriff Fishery

Jim Stafford at Aasleagh Lodge reports on fishing on the Erriff River from the 11th to 17th of September. It was a week of varied angling conditions on the Erriff with heavy rains accompanied at times by gale force winds. Overall there were excellent water levels on the Erriff during the week. Levels were recorded at 1.1 metres on the 11th, rising to 2.3m overnight on the 12th.  Thereafter levels fell gradually from 1.4m to 1.0m by the end of the week. There were still very good numbers of fish showing on Beat 9 and although fish were starting to colour up there were still good fresh fish amongst them. A total of 48 salmon and 18 sea trout were recorded for the week with a lot of salmon being released by anglers.

The Athy Salmon Anglers’ Albert Caffrey, Donal Chambers, Michael Vincent and Paddy Donegan had a great week catching a total of 22 salmon and 6 sea trout – most of the fish were returned to the water including a salmon estimated at 10lbs taken in the Falls Pool on Beat 9.  Arthur Muckian, Dundalk, had 2 salmon taken on Beat 4 and Beat 9, young anglers Killian Duffy released a fish of  7lbs taken on a Cascade in the Otter Pool on Beat 7 and James Muckian released one taken on a Cascade in Kings Pool on Beat 4. James also retained a sea liced grilse taken in the Upper Gauge Pool on Beat 9.  Mr. Fairhurst, UK, recorded 1 salmon and 3 sea trout taken on Beat 7.  Mr. B. Shaw caught 1 salmon and a sea trout in the Colonel’s Pool on Beat 6.

Henry Hosinger and Norbert Meier, Luxembourg, had 4 fish from the Garden Pool on Beat 9 and the Boat Pool on Beat 5 - best fish 6.5lbs. Dr. Bart Maloney and Liam Maloney, Loughrea, had 4 fish from Beats 6 and Beat 9.  Sam McMenamin, N. Ireland, returned 2 fish taken on a Stoat’s Tail in Jenkins Pool on Beat 2. Ken Wickham and Niall Wickham returned one each from the School House Pool on Beat 3. Enda Kenny, Kildare, had one on Beat 5 on a Black Shrimp and lost another in the Garden Pool on Beat 9.  A Thunder & Lightening and a Hairy Mary were successful flies for Nigel & Marcus McCorkell, UK, who returned 2 fish estimated at 7lbs each taken in Wanklyn’s Dam and Mickey’s Run on Beat 7. Michel Winthrop’s party from France, fishing the Erriff for the first time had 5 salmon - best 10.5lbs, taken by Mr. L. Marcoz on a Lady Falaci in the Falls Pool on Beat 9. Both salmon and sea trout continue to pass through the counter every day and prospects are good for the remainder of the season.

To enquire about fishing on the Erriff River, or accommodation at Aasleagh Lodge, contact Jim at 095 42252, or email

Galway Weir

High water levels this week in Galway, and consequently little fishing has been going on. James Quinn had a 5lbs grilse on the fly on Monday which he sportingly released. Water clarity has improved significantly, and there are still good numbers of fish in the river, so Galway could be a good option for a last throw over the next week before the season closes.

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


River Moy

Persistent rain over the past week has continued to keep water levels on the Moy high, with fly anglers only having a few chances to fish upstream of Foxford. As a whole, the river has been fluctuating throughout the week, making angling difficult. However, some beats have fished very well, especially for the time of year, with the worm and spinner being the most productive methods.

The Cathedral Beat remained unfishable for the week, with very few anglers having a go on the Ridge Pool. Neill McCooey, N.Ireland had a nice sea trout of 2.5lbs while spinning the Ridge Pool. The Point continued to produce a few fish, and on the Freshwater beat, Jim McCooey was the only angler to have success, landing a salmon of 5lbs.

The Ballina Salmon Anglers’ water fished very well, with the high water suiting worm and spinner fishing. Mount Falcon Fishery also enjoyed a successful week, with large numbers caught and returned, due to the fact that many ‘colored’ fish are now present in the Moy. Fishing for the week, U.K. angler David Jones, accompanied by his father, enjoyed a very successful trip, catching a total of 26 salmon, with 24 of these released. Their best fish was 10lbs.

Upstream, Knockmore, Attymass and Coolcronan all experienced good fishing. At Coolcronan, Keith Wright and Mike Gilbert both had success, catching two salmon apiece. Byrne’s fishery, Armstrong’s and Gannon’s also produced good numbers, as did the Foxford Fishery.

Rinanney enjoyed good sport also, as did the Foxford town fisheries. At Cloongee, over 20 salmon were caught, including one 7.5lbs salmon for Bill O’Regan, Dublin. Angling on the East Mayo Anglers water has been very productive, with water levels dropping sufficiently to suit fly anglers for a time. Among those to have success with the fly were Pascal Dubich, France, who also had numerous fish to the spinner, with Rob van Alen and friend, Germany, also catching fish on the fly. Petit Ives, France, also enjoyed good sport catching two with the fly on the East Mayo water. Austrian pair Burkhard Weidenbayer and Gunter Profanter, both landed salmon, as did Michael Pallister, Knock, who had one of 10lbs. At Ballintemple fishery Frank Sommer had a fine sea trout of 2lbs on the fly.

Ballisodare Fishery

Flood water seriously impacted on angling at Ballisodare for the early part of the week. However, towards the end of the week dropping levels allowed for some good angling to be had. A total of six anglers fished at Ballisodare, accounting for 8 salmon between them. The heaviest salmon of the week was taken by local angler Paul Collreavy, who landed one of 9lbs on a Willie Gunn.

Burrishoole Fishery

Burrishoole fished reasonably well for the week with some anglers enjoying success. James Ryan, Wicklow caught a grilse of 5.5lbs, while brothers Malcolm and Derek Killian, Dublin had success boating five grilse between 4 and 5.5lbs, all of which were returned.

Newport River

Good angling was had on the Newport River for the week, with water conditions being reported as ideal. James O’Hora, Glenhest enjoyed good sport catching a fine grilse of 6.5lbs and two sea trout, with all fish being safely returned. David Eddis, Glenhest and England also had success with a grilse and sea trout. Newport anglers Dr. Brian Lennon and Frank Chambers had a grilse each while Sean Dolan, Dublin landed a grilse and two sea trout.

Lough Beltra

Angling on Beltra was difficult throughout the week, with only two anglers reporting success. Jackie Diffley, Beltra caught a grilse of 4lbs and a 2lbs sea trout, while Pat Burns had four sea trout and a grilse to the boat.

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


River Drowes

Water levels in the Drowes remained good all week and there were a number of grilse caught through the week by the visiting rods staying at the fishery cottages.
Given here are some of the catches over the week. On Monday, Michael Huldi recorded a 3lb grilse caught from The Meadow on a spinner. On Wednesday, his father Walter Huldi accounted for a 3lb grilse caught the fly from the Sand Hole. On Thursday, Helmut Bregulla logged 2 grilse weighing 4 & 5lb caught from the Ridge Pool on flies. On Saturday, Michael Huldi recorded a further 3lb grilse caught from Lennox’s Bridge on a fly and Stephen Hopper accounted for a 5lb grilse caught from the Washstones on shrimp. There were two French parties staying this week and they recorded 10 grilse caught on worm from various pools weighing from 3¼ to 8½lb.
Shane Gallagher
Drowes Salmon Fishery
Tel: 071 9841055.

Lough Melvin

Melvin was quiet again this week, probably due in part to the Lough being so high due to heavy rains over the week. I have heard of no anglers venturing forth for salmon and there is little to report on this front.

For info/bookings etc on Lough Melvin:
Drowes Salmon Fishery
Tel: 071 9841055.

Melvin & Rossinver Fishery
Ruth Mettler
Tel: 071 9841451.

Owenea Fishery

There were fair amounts of rainfall over the week and consequently, some good water levels. The only exception was Thursday and Saturday when the water was somewhat lower than desirable (0.18 & 0.16m). The gauge average for the week was good reading 0.25 metres. The fishery was fairly busy with 73 visiting rods fishing over the week.

Despite large numbers of salmon now present in the river, there were only small numbers of salmon caught. The fish seemed to be very dour and hard to stir. Alan Watson recorded two grilse caught from beat 8 on flies on Sunday. They weighed 3½ & 7lb with the larger fish being returned.

For info/bookings etc on the Owenea Fishery – Tel: 074 9551141. (9am to 1pm April to May & 7am to 1pm June to Sept).

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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


Conditions remain favourable on Loughs Agency salmon rivers

Conditions remain favourable on many rivers this week and with the heavy rain now falling conditions should remain good towards the weekend .

Upper Mourne

11 fish were caught in the Upper Mourne this week by visiting anglers.

 Richard Kingston caught 5 fish in the last two days, his friend Patrick Ward caught 3 in the same period. 

In the midst of the high water John Stevenson, Long Island, New York, USA caught two 6 lb fish.
Lionel Knobbs
Loughs Agency

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Trout Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


River Fane

Water conditions are more conducive to salmon fishing than to trout fishing in the River Fane at the moment. Continuing heavy rain in Monaghan and Louth has made brown trout fishing almost impossible and not much trout angling activity has been taking place. Heavy thundery downpours on Wednesday 22nd are sure to bring water level up again. Conditions on the Fane on Wednesday  22nd September are not at all suitable for trout fishing.

Details of day permits and memberships are available from the Dundalk Brown Trout Angling Club at


For details of guided fishing on the Fane and fly casting tuition Eamonn Conway can be contacted at 086 1242966 or

or Matt Campbell who also provides guiding services on the Fane and Castletown Rivers. Matt can be contacted at 087 6757550

River Boyne and Tributaries


No trout fishing taking place around Navan due to the unfavourable water conditions. Colm Lynch from East Coast Angling reports that water levels were up and coloured on the River Boyne at Navan over the last week. Lots of salmon have been observed crossing the weirs at Navan.

Additional information and permits for the Navan waters can be obtained from Colm Lynch, East Coast Angling, Balmoral Industrial Estate, Kells Road Navan, Co. Meath. Tel: 046 9073377   mobile: 087 2044996  email:


Marc O'Regan reports that little or no trout fishing has taken place on the Boyne over the last week. The water is high and coloured. Although the Boyne has not been fishable, Marc had two clients from San Diego, USA over the last week on some of the Boyne tributaries. They had 35  wild brown trout to 14 inches during their visit.

If you fancy spending a day on the Boyne, Marc O'Regan can be contacted at or visit

Day permits are available and applications for membership should be addressed to the Secretary. Note: (a waiting list is in operation).

Mr. Pat O'Toole, Secretary, Trim Athboy & District Angling Association
Unit 1 Duggan Industrial Estate, Trim, Co. Meath
Day Permits (€15 per day) are available to visiting anglers - contact Secretary.

Trout fishing on this fishery is subject to club rules and regulations as follows:-

River Liffey

Angling guide John Higgins reports that the water has been too high on the Liffey  for fishing. John is hoping that water levels will drop before the end of the season.

If you fancy spending a day on the River Liffey around Newbridge with angling guide John Higgins, he can be contacted at 

Ladies are Lining up to Fish - Final Event Reminder

With just over two weeks left before the event, ladies are literally lining up to learn to fly fish at the second of Inland Fisheries Ireland's (IFI) ‘Ladies Fly Casting Days’. Because of the increased demand for places, IFI would like to let all aspiring lady anglers wishing to take part that there are only a small number of places remaining for the Annamoe ‘Ladies Fly Casting Day’. This is the second of IFI's two free ‘Ladies Fly Casting Days’ in support of Action Breast Cancer which will be taking place on Saturday 2nd October 2010 at the Annamoe Trout Fishery, Annamoe, Co. Wicklow. These super days have been organized to provide people who want to take up fishing as a hobby, with the opportunity to learn more about the sport of angling and the theory and practice of fly fishing from top angling experts Glenda Powell (Blackwater Lodge) and Mark Corps, Angling Adviser, Inland Fisheries Ireland.

The event taking place on Saturday 2nd October is an informal and fun day out which will run from 10am until 5pm. Registration will take place at the Fishery between 10.00am and 10.30am and all fishing gear will be provided to those who do not have any. However, everyone taking part on the day will be asked to bring wellies, a coat and sun glasses and a hat.

There is a relaxed informal schedule planned for the day and following an introduction from angling expert and instructor Glenda Powell, the ladies will be given details on the theory and mechanics of fly-casting. This will be followed by a practice session during which Glenda, Mark and other assistants will help students to get casting. There will then be a short break for lunch which will be provided at the Fishery and then its off to the lake to catch some beautiful rainbow trout and put all of the learning into practice.

This is a fantastic day out and not one to miss. So, if you ever fancied giving angling a go don't be afraid, now is your opportunity. Absolutely, no experience is necessary and the event is suitable for beginners and improver's.

A small number of places are still available and if you would like to take part in the ‘Ladies Fly Casting Day’ at Annamoe, please contact David Byrne, Marketing Angling Coordinator, Inland Fisheries Ireland at 087 9918608 or by email at To avoid disappointment it is important to enroll as soon as possible to reserve your place. We look forward to hearing from you.

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South Western Region

no report this week - [most recent report 02/06/10]

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Lough Sheelin

The lake fished very well this week with wild trout in excellent condition being caught. With the progression of the season early morning fishing and fishing after 6pm is poor. A lot of small trout are apparent around Church Island and the Bog Bay areas in particular. A beautiful 8 lb trout was caught on Wednesday September 15th by Michael Kelly, which featured in last Wednesday's update.

A total of 34 fish were recorded for the week. As usual most fish are released.

Best catches were:

Michael Kelly, Dublin – Tuesday 3 trout best was 2 lbs, Wednesday 5 trout best was 8 lbs, Thursday 4 trout best was 3 lbs and Friday 3 fish, best weighed in at 2 ½ lbs. All fish were caught dry fly fishing.

Peter McArdle, Dundalk fished on  Sunday September 19th with wet fly and had 4 trout, - 2 @ 1½ lbs, 1 @ 2 lbs and 1 @ 3½ lbs, all fish were released.

Lough O'Flynn, Co Roscommon

Lough O'Flynn
Jimmy Devine with IFI staff member John Ryan on Lough O'Flynn

It was a blustery week with high water. Four to five anglers fished over the weekend. The best reports were from Jimmy Devine, Dublin who is a visitor to the fishery for more than 40 years. In a short session Sunday afternoon, Jimmy had three fish over the 1lb mark and rose other fish.

Lough Ennell, Co Westmeath

ennell trout
Christy Grimes with a nice Ennell trout.

Seamus Eighan of Tyrrellpass is having a ball of a time on Ennell. So far this season he has won all three Trout competitions, and last Sunday added the O'Malley Cup to his achievements for 2010. It was an ideal fishing day, but the Ennell trout proved hard to catch on the fly. Earlier In the week I met Christy Grimes and angling pal Richie Trimble. The lads boated a fine 4lbs Ennell beauty on the troll. The competition scene is really catching up on us, and we have news on Lene, Ennell, Derravaragh, and Lakeland Anglers events coming on line. Also the pike competitions are starting and this is great news as the trout season comes near its end.

GRIMES ON ENNELL: Last week I spent a few hours trolling on Ennell, and the lake is very high after the heavy rain in recent weeks. I trolled small lures for quite a few hours and never even got a hit of a small pike, never mind a trout. It was dark as I was leaving the lake and a few more boats were coming off the lake at the same time that evening. I got chatting to angling pals Christy Grimes and Richie Trimble. The lads had also trolled for quite a few hours, and Christy managed to land a beautiful 4lbs plus Ennell cracker on a Tasmania Devil lure. Christy is a nephew of Tosh Grimes from Ginnell Terrace who has landed some great fish from Ennell this year, some that we have featured in Angling Focus.

O'MALLEY CUP: Lough Ennell Trout Preservation Association hosted the O'Malley Cup last Sunday, and it was well supported. Check-in was Whitebridge Bay and conditions looked ideal for a good days fishing on Ennell. The only concern was the huge volume of water that had flushed into the lake from the recent heavy rain. Still there was a great turn out of anglers and with fishing from 11am-7pm, we had a full day ahead of us. Like many of my fellow competitors I did some beautiful drifts across ideal water, but failed to even rise one trout on the day. It was a very tough day, and my arms are still sore from lashing out flies on the water. On the day it was Tyrrellpass Angler Seamus Eighan who topped the strong field of anglers. Seamus is really taking the Ennell competition season by storm and has won all three events so far including the Jimmy NEA Cup, Lough Ennell Perpetual Cup, and now the O'Malley Cup. Seamus had a trout weighing 2.546kg to take top rod, 2nd place was Tullamore angler Conor Lynch with 2.246kg, 3rd John Tyrrell with 1.756kg, and 4th Ciaren Newman 1.318kg. John Tyrrell competition captain of L.E.T.P.A. thanked all who supported the competition, and also David and Johnny O'Malley who were on hand for the presentation of the O'Malley Cup.

CHRISTY SLEATOR CUP: Next Sunday Ennell anglers will be in action once again. On the day the popular Christy Sleator Cup will be fished. This time it’s an 11am start as usual but will finish at 6pm, starting and finishing at Whitebridge Bay. New members are more than welcome to join on the day.

LAKELAND ANGLERS: On Sunday October 3rd Lakeland Anglers will host their End of Season competition. Starting time is 11am fishing on Owel, Ennell, and Derravaragh. Usual check in points on the day, with weigh-in at 8pm sharp in Caffrey's Bar and Lounge Mount Street. This is a fantastic day out, and even if you don’t fish drop into Caffrey's that night and hear about the one that got away.
Mick Flanagan
Angling correspondent and photographer.
087-2797270. Web:

Lough Owel, Co Westmeath

Lough Owel is very high and this is affecting the fishing as we write. There were a good few pleasure anglers out on the lake but few enough fish were caught. Two anglers from Northern Ireland had 4 fish between them, caught on a red tailed Peter. They kept one fish of 1.75 lbs. The Leinster Shield was fished on Sunday. All clubs from Leinster were represented. 17 fish were landed and Derravaragh Anglers were the winners. 

Lough Derravaragh, Co Westmeath

We have received a list of October and November Trout and Pike competition from Lough Derravaragh Angling Association. On Sunday October 3rd the Gibson/Daly trout competition will take place. Fishing is from 11am-6pm. On October 10th the Stonehall/Knockeyon Competition will be fished. This is the last Trout competition as the season closes on October 12th. More on these events and the winter pike competitions in the coming weeks.
Mick Flanagan
Angling correspondent and photographer.
087-2797270. Web:

Athlone Anglers Association

PHILIP AND KEITH TRIUMPH IN KENEAVY CUP: The last of our association’s trout competitions took place last Sunday when thirty two boats full of anglers set out to try and win the Keneavy Memorial Cup. The weather was good and the wind was blowing so everybody set off with high hopes of a good catch but trout were hard to come by on the day and only nine fish in total were brought to the scales and it was the trout of Philip Keogh and Keith Dowling, caught early in the day, which was to triumph.

The presentation of prizes took place that evening in the Coosan Tavern where Michael Murphy and his team were as usual excellent hosts. The Captains quickly worked out the results and Philip Keogh and Keith Dowling were the clear winners with their fantastic trout. Second place went to Eamon and Adrian Conroy while third place went to Anthony, Reece and Tommy Moran for their trout which had weighed in at seven ounces lighter. With a trout only five ounces lighter and claiming fourth place were Frank Doherty and Jimmy Courtney and the fifth and final spot went to Fran Earl and Pat Tumulty. All of these trout were caught, weighed and released unharmed on the lake during the day.

Our thanks to the Greene Family for their generous sponsorship of this competition and to James Greene and Eamon Conroy who were the Captains of The Day.

THE HALLIGAN CUP - THE HATCHERY COMPETITION: The competition for the Halligan Cup in aid of the Lough Ree Fish Hatchery will take place next Sunday 26th September and is open to all members of the angling clubs associated with the hatchery. The start will be from Coosan Point at 10.30am and will finish at 5.30pm with the presentation of prizes in The Lough Ree Inn at 6.00pm sharp. The entry fee is €10 per individual or €20 per boat. The prizes will be €300, €150, €100, €50, 50 and in the junior section the prizes will be €50, €25, €25. As this is a catch and release only competition all fish must be weighed and released unharmed on the lake during the day and to assist in this there will be a number of Captains based in the following locations; Eamon Cunningham at Carna/Cribbies, Michael McKiernan Black Islands, Paul Sleator Portlick/Whinning, Padraig Corcoran Lecarrow Harbour/Quaker Island and Martin Casserly at Barley Harbour. The competition is being sponsored by Hannon Sand and Gravel and the associated clubs.
Eamon Cunningham PRO
Athlone Anglers Association
087 - 2340815

Lough Acalla

Anglers are reporting better fishing than of late. Water level has risen on the lake.  Best reported fish this week was a Rainbow of 2.5lbs, caught on a green peter by Anthony Doyle from Ballygar, Co Galway.  The average weight of fish caught was 1lb. Best flies were the usual range on Lough Acalla - Green Peter, Invicta, sedges and muddlers. Prospects look good again for the coming week. However, evenings are getting shorter as September advances. 

Little Brosna and Camcor River, Co Offaly

There were a number of  floods on the Camcor River. Considering the number of anglers out, angling returns overall were disappointing enough. Local anglers did have success one morning earlier in the week downstream of the red bridge as fresh fish were running, some reached their bag limit of three fish. 

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Western Region


Lough Corrib

Lough Corrib has been fishing quite well over the last week according to John Walsh in Cornamona. Anglers are reporting a lot of smaller fish coming to the fly, and very enjoyable fishing. The Evenly Cadall Trophy competition was fished out of Greenfields on a catch and release basis, and was won by Corrib expert Basil Shields. Ryan Bently was second, and Frank Reilly third. Dorrie Gibbons from Cong took the ladies prize.

Elsewhere, there were reports from 31 anglers of 36 trout taken in 41 rod-days, with a lot more smaller fish also caught and released. 2 anglers from Ennis landed 4 fish for 7lbs for a day on the dap. Michael Donnelly and Martin O’Rourke from Mullingar fished wet fly over 2 days and landed 9 trout, all released. With the last week of the season upon us, Corrib is producing good fishing right up to the finish, and often this is the best time of year to get a big fish.

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


Lough Conn

With the excessive rainfall experienced throughout the week, water levels on Lough Conn have risen significantly and remain high. Few anglers ventured out in the poor conditions. However, some of those who did fish enjoyed good sport. Fishing from Murphy’s Boat Hire, Mick Sweeney, Loughrea, and Liam McHugh, Edenderry, had success and caught a total of 8 trout to wet flies, their best weighing 1.5lbs. Sean Creane, Cloghans, enjoyed a very successful evening’s fishing, boating a total of 7 trout in under two hours, with the best weighing 3lbs. However, Sean also captured a salmon of 5lbs on his outing, completing a great evening on the Lough, with all fish falling to wet Dabblers.

The Kieran Lynn Memorial Cup angling competition was held on the Lough on Saturday the 11th in conjunction with Murphy’s Boat Hire and Murphy’s Bar, Lahardane. A total of 30 anglers participated in the competition. Liam McHugh, Edenderry, won first place with a trout of 1.5lbs, with Ray Lynn, Lahardane, coming second and Dominick Concannon, Derry, taking third.

The Foxford Trout Anglers hosted the Chris Downey Memorial Cup on Lough Conn on Sunday past, with 17 anglers participating. Keith Moyles, Ballina, won first place with a fish of 1.4lbs, with Gary Binley, Foxford, coming second and Sean Creane, Cloghans, third.

Mount Falcon Rainbow Trout Fishery

Mount Falcon hosted the annual Angling Media Fishing Competition on Saturday 18th September, supported by IFI-Ballina and Bord Failte. In total 17 anglers participated, and with only four hours angling time, an impressive 158 rainbow trout were caught. Winning the competition was John Buckley, Co. Kerry who caught a total of 28 trout. John only just beat Denis Goulding, Co.
Dublin to first place, who also caught 28, however John won on total length. Catching the biggest fish of the day was David Dinsmore of the Irish Angler Magazine, with a fish of 53cm.

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


Lough Melvin

There were a number of anglers out fishing for trout. The going was hard work and the sonaghan were hard to tempt though some rods did report fair catches. One angler landed his first ever brown trout caught trolling a Mepps. This weighed 6½lb and was caught over the Sunken Island at Garrison.


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Northern Ireland

[ most recent report 05/05/10]

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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


Good dry fly fishing at Cashel Trout Fishery

It’s just brilliant to still see that the dry fly catches many trout during this season of autumn.  Derry’s Henry Kelly released two trout averaging 2lb while his brother Noel (Detroit, USA) also released two trout around the same weight.  Kevin, another brother, also released two which took wee black dries.  Billy Hazlett (Derry) bagged two weighing 6lb 14ozs while his friend Alan Temple (Derry) bagged two at 5lb 12ozs.  These two anglers continued to release at least six more trout between them.

Our annual competition will be on Saturday the 30th October 2010.  If interested in taking part please get in contact with the staff at Cashel Trout Fishery as soon as possible for more details.

Well done to all!
17 Birren Road , Dungiven, BT47 4SH, 
Tel/Fax: 028777 42159
email:  Website:

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Coarse Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Lough Muckno            

18 Dutch anglers continued their visit to Castleblaney this week.  They continued to fish alternate days at Lough Muckno in Castleblaney and Lough Sillan in Shercock.  All anglers continued to catch fish and those leaving on Saturday 18th September were very happy with their visit. The Church Hill pegs continued to provide good angling.

Jeff Quinn reports that high water levels on Lough Muckno is making things difficult but Church shore is fishing well with bream and hybrids showing. All other sections starting to fish but still a bit slow.

Arresting Performance for Irish Garda Team in the European Freshwater Angling Championships

Ireland's Garda Coarse Angling Team  which comprises of a number of anglers from Carrickmacross and Castleblaney has just won the European Police Freshwater Angling Champions which took place over the weekend 17th and 18th September at the commercial Fisheries complex at Makins in Nuneaton, Warickshire in the UK.

Team manager Richard Caplice commented " we have broken the mould in Irish international angling in 2010 and we look forward with confidence to 2011 when we compete in Holland and onwards to 2012 when the event is scheduled for Lough Muckno, the centre of excellence in Angling in Ireland and will be hosted there by An Garda Siochana". 

Preparation for the 7-man Ireland squad of An Garda Siochana commenced at least 4 months in advance of the event and indeed stealthily a year ago when the event venue was announced and visited by the two delegates on the European Police Angling Federation Richard Caplice and Eamonn Bracken.

Weeks of preparation including practicing the advised methods went well and the team set off for the event with some justified confidence.

The team comprised serving, retired and reserve members as follows Team manager Richard Caplice Carrickmacross, Donnacha Maguire Ballymun, Ernie Henderson Tralee, Eamonn Bracken Castleblaney, Co Monaghan, John Nee, Athlone and the Dunne brothers Rory and Shane from Roscommon.

Logistics manager Kieran Roche from Carrickmacross who also provided his own transport to ferry the bulk of the squad members supported this group acted throughout as helper, adviser, bank runner and was to play a vital role in the bid for some expected degree of glory.

Day one was that of the pole championship and the Irish team turned in a masterly performance in some sections only to have the difficult draw in two other sections yield higher than expected points.

The teams success on day 1 earlier in the week and confidence on the method feeder discipline showed when battle was joined on the second day of the event on Saturday 18th September.

Despite early setbacks on pegs drawn by E Henderson and R Caplice where no fish had been netted after two of the five hours, seasoned bank runner Kieran Roche was bringing news of great performances on all of the teams other pegs with a number of first places on the cards for sure.

Late on Henderson surged from near last to 1st in section and Caplice rescued some serious section points moving from 16th in section to 5th clawing back 4 points from the lead of the England National Team competitor in his section who finished in 9th and Henderson with his 1st place eliminating the England lead.

More astonishing news then filtered through that the remaining team members had blitzed the entire field with Eamonn Bracken gaining a magnificent 5th place with his England competitor trailing, Rory Dunne had secured a spectacular 1st place and the top weight overall.

England fate was sealed when the result of Shane Dunne filtered through as he had also gained an awesome 1st place in section with the 3rd best overall weight.

Donnacha Maguire had performed well yet again and the new man on the block John Nee fishing as an individual (only 5 per team) had a massive 3rd in section also.

Unofficial devastating results and reports soon permeated the 6 teams of the UK regions and their national team but while nothing was confirmed it soon became apparent that Ireland had not only pulled off the impossible, on an alien method, on an alien water, in the backyard of the best angling nation in the world but had done so in a devastating fashion.

The official result sheet report would show come presentation time, that Ireland had indeed swept the board with an astonishing win of an unthinkable margin of 28 points.

Three of England Regions followed the Ireland team home before the England national team was announced as 5th overall and second of the nations to the brilliant performing Ireland team.

Holland had moved from 6th amongst the nations to 3rd in the nations overtaking a vastly experienced Belgium team in 4th coached throughout the entire week by Holland’s world champion Yan Van Schendel.

Germany finished in 5th place in the Nations and was followed in 6th by a strong but somewhat disappointed Italian side.

In the Pole championship Richard Caplice had gained the third highest weight overall of 27kgs but it was in the Rod and line championship that our team members excelled.

Shane Dunne had won the bronze in third place and the marvelous Rory Dunne followed in the footsteps of last years Rod and Line champion Richard Caplice by taking the gold medal in this discipline with a brilliant 29.90kgs.

Rory Dunne, Richard Caplice and Eamonn Bracken all figured in the top ten overall and along with Shane Dunne all picked up valuable tackle prizes of high-grade rods and reels to match. 

Team manager Dick Caplice said "no superlatives can adequately describe this result which must range amongst the best ever achieved by any squad from An Garda Siochana representing our nations police force in any sport.

The anglers pitted against us on this occasion at the Mecca of British angling are in sporting terms from the premiership clubs of the discipline of fresh water angling.

Hard work and steely determination aligned to a positive team plan that was executed unerringly brought this unprecedented success to our best ever team of seven, I thank and salute everyone of you that made this fantastic result happen".

Caplice added "Stu Killen’s advice and expertise was pivotal and maybe the key to our success on this occasion but each mans trust in and perseverance with the team plan was critical in achieving the wonderful outcome.  Lesser-prepared team members might be tempted to deviate in despair following a slow start, when other teams were forging ahead; we still kept it simple and fished to our strengths.

Tackle giants Maver UK under local boss Phil Briscoe help to sponsor the Ireland and England national teams in all of their tackle requirements and spare equipment was even brought to the fishery to augment the extensive range of kit required by us at this varied method venue.

Peter Nicholson at Irish Bait and Angling Services supplied us with a huge quantity of excellent bait again on this occasion and for this we are sincerely grateful.

Coiste Siamsa continues to support our team and it is thanks this continued support that we have been moving upwards and onwards.

Thanks also to St Paul’s credit union for their help and support.

To Stu and Kieran we could not have done this without you.

All mentioned helped in making this remarkable result happen and even when our travel arrangements became imperiled by a clutch failure at the port on the outward journey, our good friends and mentors in the Irish angling world, Peter and Niall Walsh proprietors of I.D.A.S provided a replacement van at 6.45am on Sunday morning at a moments notice, we can not thank you enough". 

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Southern Region


Lewis Parr wins Barrow Clubs Junior Championship

Photo: Anglers at the first ever Barrow Clubs Junior Championship

The Angling Council of Ireland which are the national body for all the anglers in Ireland, Sea, Game, Pike and Coarse angling, held their first ever Junior match in Carlow today; The Barrow Clubs Junior Championship 2010. The Barrow clubs were brought together for the first time, in attendance were the Waterford Coarse Angling Club, The Carlow Coarse Angling Club and the Athy and District Angling Club. The weather was a wee bit wet however this didn't dampen the spirits of the Junior anglers. All juniors caught fish on the day and all received a special goodie bag courtesy of Waterways Ireland and Traper/Robinson/Fishing Masters Carlow. Bait was supplied by Gerry at Carlow Coarse Angling Supplies Graiguecullen, Carlow.

There were three sections which were under 18's, under 13's and Novice. The under 18 section was won by the Traper sponsored Lewis Parr (Carlow club), the under 13 section was won by Thomas Quinlan (Carlow club) and the Novice was won by Jamie Walsh (Carlow club). Waterways Ireland also sponsored the cut glass trophies and Fishing Masters a Robinson rod and reel for prizes. A special thankyou should be extended to Der Casey, Pat Dalton and the other Waterford people who helped Franz Caffery etc. from the Athy and District Club and Gerry mcStraw, Neville Martin, George Quinlan and all the other Carlow volunteers who helped out on the day.

If anyone is interested in fishing or have juniors interested in learning the art of coarse angling please do not hesitate to contact Gerry on 085 2844566. The Carlow Coarse Angling Club have an officially recognised A.C.I. trained coach who will pass on his knowledge to club members for free.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


River Shannon, Lanesborough

There have been no anglers about in the Lanesborough area to test the local waters.


Photo: Dave and Stewart from Wales with a few Bream from their catch.

Fishing was difficult due to rising water levels and flooding of the rivers and lakes locally. Some UK anglers did manage to bag up some good Bream to 4lbs. Weights were affected by the conditions though. However, with the correct approach, they did have some success so hopefully we will have more pictures and reports of their catches next week. The water levels will take some time to recede. Unfortunately more rain is on the way over the next few days, so who knows how the fishing will pan out.

Dave and Stewart from Wales were over for their annual fishing trip, staying at Melview lodge. Facing very high water levels, they knew the fishing was going to be challenging. They selected two venues, pre-baiting regularly. Knowledge, experience and determination helped them through a very tough weeks fishing. They had to stand up all day in the flood water for all of their nine days and the fish took a little time to appear but Dave and Stewart were rewarded with Bream to 4lb, Hybrids and Skimmers. It shows where there is a will there is a way - well done!
Kevin Lyons, 
Drumlish Road, Clonrollagh, Co Longford
Tel : 003534345061
Email: Web:

River Shannon, Portumna

After a couple of disappointing weeks, fishing is gradually improving. Billy Owen of Liverpool had a Bream of 5lbs 2oz the best fish of a mixed bag of Bream, Hybrids and Roach from the Salmon Run. The odd 50lb bag was reported. Large Pike to 25lbs proved to be a problem for match fishermen on both the Sheebeen stretch and Salmon Run. Fishing from our boat near Portland my wife Bernadette put me to shame with a nice Bream on her first cast followed by more Bream, Hybrids and Roach in just 2 hours fishing. The Suck between Ballinasloe and Shannonbridge is totally un-fishable due to flooding. Tench and quality Roach from the canal at Belmont were taken today by Dave Halliwell and Mike Waterworth of Leeds. Skimmers, Bream Hybrids and Roach providing good sport around the Portumna area although large bags still rare.
Mike Murray ,
MURRAY'S B&B, Derryhiney, Portumna
Tel +353 909759596
Email Web

River Shannon, Banagher

The Banagher Coarse Angling Festival is being fished this week. The venues are the Salmon Run and Meelick, we will have the results next week. The river Shannon was in high flood last week which has restricted angling to a few venues. However it is an improving situation as we write.
Ray Duthie,
Old Forge
Tel: 057 9151504

Lower River Inny and Lough Ree

There is very little coarse fishing to report. Water levels are very high on Lough Ree.
Tommy Foxe
Mob: 087 9960173 for enquiries and boat hire.

River Shannon, Shannonbridge

21/09/10 The spell of rain over a few days has caused the river level to reach 3.65 metres at Shannonbridge on Tuesday 15th and this has eased back to 3.5m today. Many Belgian, Dutch and German pike anglers in the area on cruisers or staying in local accommodation and using lake boats. Pike fishing appears to be better when moving with the strong current.

Keith Harrison from Brigg in Lincolnshire fished the same swim for the last three days of his holiday which was some ten yards away from the village bridge. Fishing in flood water and standing in water Keith only fished for four hour stints. On September 15th Keith used a 17ft rod, maggot stick float 7BB to catch 71 Roach, 3 Rudd and 2 Perch for 25 lbs. The next day in sunshine, he used the same tactics to catch 87 Roach, Perch and Rudd in four hours. The last day September 17th he caught 56 Roach and no Rudd or perch in the 3.5 hour session. During the three sessions he had lots and lots of pike attacks and one day while releasing his catch a pike came along and took one of the Roach.
Dermot Killeen ,

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Northern Region

Alice Murtagh reports: 


King of Clubs report

Lee Klimczuk
Photo: Lee Klimczuk from Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, is the 2010 King of Clubs Champion.

IRELAND is for Lee Klimczuk.  The Van den Eynde sponsored match angler from Whittlesey, Cambridgeshire, is the 2010 King of Clubs Champion and £3,000 richer after two great weeks match fishing in Cavan and Leitrim.
Lee finished fourth in the five-day King of Clubs last year, but this time around made himself almost unbeatable by winning his section on four days, while finishing second on the all-important final last day to clinch one of the tightest keenly contested festivals ever.

The rotation of sections was very important because some loughs with a high proportion of bream and skimmers, tended to improve as the week went on.
Lee began on Monday with end peg one on Eonish Lake where he caught 8.460 kilos of roach and hybrids; day two he moved to the upper shoreline on Gulladoo Lake and netted 7.300 kilos of hybrids on a groundbait feeder and worm.

On Wednesday he found himself in the middle of the section on Derries Lake at Lisney and won with 12-780 of small silver fish after wading 15 metres to work with his feeder and red maggot on a 14s hook for roach and hybrids.  On day four he moved to Leonard’s Farm on Lough Gowna and and was seven kilos ahead of the nearest man when he weighed-in with 15.140 kilos of hybrids caught on pole-fished caster at 14 metres.

At breakfast on Friday in the Breffni Arms Hotel match HQ, little more than two kilos of fish separated the the top four contenders from the guaranteed £1,000 sponsored by Irish ferries and Tourism Ireland.  The line up was: Kevin Rowles (45.780), Alistair Ogilvie (45.400), Lee Klimczuk (43-780) and Leo Koot (42-990).

The top two were wiped out by when they drew alongside each other on mediocre pegs on Derries.  That left Holland’s Leo in with a chance from peg two on Gulladoo Lake and took full advantage, sticking to long pole tactics that produced a raft of small roach, hybrids, skimmers and perch that kept him busy and resulted in a well taken 9-860 kilos.

Meanwhile, Klimczuk had picked an end peg on Rosduff Shore where he struggled through a blank opening 90 minutes before catching skimmer bream.  He was casting a groundbait feeder 50 metres into four metres of water and with red maggot, alternated with worm, he put together a festival-clinching 9-940 kilos  ... to win by 0.870 of a kilo.

It was the end to a brilliant fortnight of match fishing for the new champion, who the week previously won his section every day during the 100-peg Arva Angling festival.

Finals result:

  1. Lee Klimczuk (Van den Eynde) 53-720 kilos
  2. Leo Koot (Holland) 52-850 kilos
  3. Alistair Ogilvie (Maver Bait Tech) 49.380 kilos
  4. Kevin Rowles (Devizes) 49.260 kilos
  5. Wayne Swinscoe (Maver) 49.380 kilos
  6. Will Freeman (Browning Hot Rods) 38.00

King of Clubs winners
Photo: Leo Koot (Holland), King of Clubs Festival Champion Lee Klimczuk (Van den Eynde), Orla Woods (Angling Development Office with Failte Ireland), Alistair Ogilvie (Maver)

Tourism Ireland and Irish ferries have announced their continued sponsorship of the festival for 2011 with the tournament running from September 11 to 16.
Dave Houghton
Active Irish Angling
Tel: (UK) 0151 324 4744 or (IRL) +353 (0)71 9642743

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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


New coarse fishery: Longvale Coarse Fishery, Lifford

The McKeans have landscaped and enhanced a disused stone quarry on their land to offer an excellent site for coarse fishing! The fishery holds a good population of wild roach. A recent survey was undertaken by local professional angling guide and instructor Gerry Campbell and Carlingford area coarse angler and angling instructor Geoff Quinn.

The report  was very favourable and concluded: "The fishery was in a very quiet and peaceful area, convenient to both Derry and the town of Lifford. The fishing was excellent with a bite a cast all day long...  this lake could turn out to be an excellent Coarse Fishery and a great addition to the local area."

Open 7 days - however, the McKeans ask that people do not contact them on a Sunday. 



Telephone number to follow - or contact Loughs Agency angling development manager in the interim ( 028 7134 2100 or - ROI 048 7134 2100 )

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Pike Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Blessington Lake

Anglers please note that Blessington Lake will be closed during the month of October for all angling. As for the last few weeks there is still nothing much happening on the pike angling scene in the north east due to the high water levels in all lakes.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:



Good pik action

Apart from one or two bad days, the pike fishing has been great this last few weeks with catches of between 10 -20 pike per boat per day on some occasions. On top of that we also had some nice perch as a bonus catch.
The big pike should start showing up any time soon!!
Bodo Funke,
Angling Services Ireland,
Boyle, Co Roscommon

Boyle and District Angling Club News

On Sunday the 5th of September Boyle and District Angling Club headed for Lough Gara and fished for the Paddy Kelly Perpetual Memorial cup. The late Paddy Kelly hailed from Memphis and was a one time owner of the Memphis bar (formerly the railway bar) on Elphin street. During his short stay in Boyle Paddy make good friends with the Boyle and District Angling Club. Anyone familiar with our Easter angling competition will be aware that it was Paddy that started the barbecue and cooking facilities at the competition for us back in 2002. In 2003 he presented the club with the Paddy Kelly Cup.

Paddy left Boyle to return to Memphis in October 2004 and before he left he offered the club the chance to buy the now famous barbecue. Sadly shortly after returning to Memphis Paddy passed away and we now honour his memory annually with the fishing of the Paddy Kelly Perpetual Memorial Cup. This year a total of 29 anglers took part in the competition on a breezy but sunny day. fishing was slow to start but as the day wore on there were some good catches recorded. The biggest number of fish caught on the day by one angler was four, by John Keenehan which moved him closer to the top of the table for the angler of the year award. The heaviest of John's fish also netted him 3rd place. Joe Mulrennan also moved up the league table with two good catches the heaviest of which gave him second place in the competition.

The winner for the second time having also won in 2004 and now leading the angler of the year league was Jim Clarke with two catches on the day the heaviest weighting over 10lbs. Jim has a habit of winning club competitions over the years and is always thereabouts at the end of the season when it comes to lifting the angler of the year award. With three Competition remaining and some of the more seasoned anglers not recording over the weekend it looking like an exciting finish to our angling year.
Presentation of prizes took place in An Craobhin bar on Sunday night and the next outing will be the Donnellan Cup on Sunday the 3rd of October.

THE DONNELLAN CUP: Sunday 3rd of October. Fishing from 11am to 5 pm on Lough na Blaithe Elphin.

THE MICHEAL CONROY PERPETUAL MEMORIAL CUP: Sunday the 17th of October 2010. Fishing from 11am to 5 pm on Lough Skeen, Ballyfarnon. Presentation in Dodds at 9:30pm.

ANGLER OF THE YEAR LEAGUE CUPS: Sunday 7th November. Fishing from 11am to 5 pm on Lough Key. Presentation will take place after the clubs annual Christmas dinner.

UPDATES: See:  or contact Club Sec Jane Suffin, Mob: 086 8301261 for further info.

River Shannon, Portumna

The Pike seem to be getting very active on the Shannon, with coarse anglers experiencing several Pike strikes, while match and pleasure fishing.
Mike Murray,
Derryhiney, Portumna

River Suck

A keen Pike angler fished the upper River Suck Valley and reported catching 6 pike for a days fishing, best 11lbs. The upper River Suck was bank high up to Thursday and most angling stands were submerged in water. The river here has been dropping and getting back to normal as we write.

River Shannon, Shannonbridge

The spell of rain over a few days has caused the river level to reach 3.65 metres at Shannonbridge on Tuesday 15th and this has eased back to 3.5m today. Many Belgian, Dutch and German pike anglers in the area on cruisers or staying in local accommodation and using lake boats. Pike fishing appears to be better when moving with the strong current.

Arthur Acker from Holland used Jerkbait for pike fishing on the Shannon. On September 19th he caught and released a pike 85cm and the next day he caught a pike measuring 76cm. Barry Klien from Holland fished the Shannon on September 20th using Jerkbait to catch a pike 101cm.

Marco Prouder, Holland fished the Shannon on September 20th using a spinner to catch a pike of 50cm. Dennis Prouder  30 cm pike with a spinner. Karl Barsch, Germany fished Shannon on a sunny 20/9 using a wobbler to catch 3 pike 30cm to 60cm.  In Erinneming a friend of the late angler Manfred Girch told us the sad news of Manfred's death. May he rest in peace.

Willy Use from the Belgian Club used a lake boat and dead bait to catch 7 pike measuring 80, 75, 73, 68, 66, 50 and 45 cm. He promised to take his friend Ivan over in May next year.  Vau Broer, Belgium fished in a lake boat with Willy and used a spinner to catch 6 pike ( 75- 60 -50 -45 - 40 and 30cm length) on September 20th.

Karl Barsch, Germany fished today in cloudy conditions using a wobbler to catch a pike 84cm or 3.8Kg.
Dermot Killeen,



24 anglers fished the Pikefly competition which was fished out of Killaloe on Saturday September 18th. A total of 10 fish were caught. It was a windy day but pleasant.  Local anglers and some overseas anglers took part, mainly those over for the European Pike Angling Challenge. Tommy Conway won the competition with a fish of over 10lbs. Other smaller fish were caught down the line. There were good prizes up for grabs.

The winner received and electric motor and €300.00 in cash. Second prize was a fly fishing set, sponsored by Ger Bond in Limerick and €200.00 cash.  Third prize was a selection of fishing tackle and €100.00. 
For further details contact TJ O'Brien of TJ's Angling Centre, Web:  Email:


Each year this prestigious event takes place in late September out of Killaloe. The dates in 2010 are the 20th, 21st and 23rd of September. Contact Jim Robinson Web: for further details and application form.

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Sea Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Dublin to Wexford

Wexford Small Boats Festival

The Wexford Small Boats Festival got under way this week. Despite the less than ideal weather conditions 17 species were taken by anglers on 1st day.  Tides along the coast are slightly weedy. A full report will be posted after the competition.

Wexford bass

Photo: Another lively bass on the fly.

Angling guide Jim Hendrick has been having great success with his clients over the past week. French and Danish bass anglers battled strong winds to land some nice fish to 77cms. To read more and see a huge selection of excellent photographs visit the link below.

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Southern Region

John Flynn reports:

[no report this week]

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South Western Region

Michael Hennessy reports:
E Mail:


More albacore tuna from the south west

Albacore tuna
Photo: Rob with his first albacore tuna.

After spending weeks awaiting a window in the weather last friday 17th provided Mike Dennehy with suitable conditions to steam 70 miles to the area of the continental shelf where the albacore are most frequent. The caught 5 albacore the biggest weighed 25lb.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


West Clare Area – Shore Angling Report to 20th. September 2010

At last Anglers are getting Triggerfish!

trigger fish
Photo: Triggerfish!

Shoals of triggerfish have been seen in Kilkee and near Doonbeg.
My nephew Ben was the first to catch them with his best Triggerfish
tipping 2 lbs. 8 ozs. His father Emmet also had several Triggerfish from a rock mark near Doonbeg. In the last few days I have caught several Triggerfish near Farrihy, Kilkee, my best Triggerfish was 3 lbs, just 4 ozs. off qualifying weight for a Specimen Award!

Many fish are being lost as they break hooks and bite through nylon! Best bait is crab though they will take Limpet and Shrimp. Use small baits and strong 1 or 1/0 hooks and strong snoods! I am now using Kevlar for the snood!

Poulnasherry Bay

A few Thornback Ray are being caught on night tides on mackerel or sandeel.
Bass are scarce due to the presence of a lot of fresh water.

Bridges of Ross

Good wrasse fishing when weather and tide allow. Triggerfish reported here.

Farrihy near Kilkee

Photo: A good ballan wrasse from Farrihy

I have had Wrasse and Triggerfish here recently. Good numbers of wrasse to 4 lbs with Triggerfish to 3 lbs.

Doughmore Beach and Seafield

Some very good bass being caught. Lugworm seems to be the only bait producing fish.

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Western Region

Kevin Crowley reports:


Chris Feeney wins 2010 Connaught Open Gold Medal

Galway Bay SAC hosted the 2010 Connaught Open Gold Medal competition on Saturday 18th. Based at the Helm in Westport, and fishing Whitestrand beach south of Louisburgh, the event was well attended, with 36 seniors and 6 juniors from 14 clubs around the country entering. Bad weather on the day meant a few more did not travel, but the competitors who did brave the elements were rewarded with good fishing. Flounder was the main species caught, with a lot of turbot also taken, as well as several bass, including 4 for Wexford angler Adam O’Neill.

Despite the presence of many older and experienced match anglers, several of whom have fished for Ireland, it was a red letter day for young Chris Feeney from the Galway Bay club, who landed 14 counting fish to record a score of 325 points and take the Gold Medal. He was closely followed by Mike Curtin (also Galway Bay) with 314 points.

The event was fished in 2 zones, with Zone A being won by Fiachra McKenna (Corrane SAC). 2nd in the zone was John Bermingham, from South Shore SAC in Dublin, 3rd was Declan Gallagher from Newport SAC, and 4th place went to Fergus Collins (Cois Fharraige SAC). Zone B was won by Mike Curtin (Galway Bay SAC), 2nd in the zone was Peter Atkins (Galway Bay), 3rd was Adam O’Neill from Courtown SAC, and 4th place went to Tom O’Mahony (Bannow SAC).

The junior prize was won by Kaylem Feeney from Galway Bay SAC, with Joe Birney Jr from Lisdoonvarna Fanore SAC in 2nd, and brother Stephen in 3rd.
The team event was won by brothers Chris and Kaylem Feeney. Mike Curtin had the longest flatfish, a fine flounder of 45cm, and Adam O’Neill took the longest round fish prize with a 34cm bass. Between all the anglers there were 206 fish caught.

Galway Bay SAC would like to express their sincere thanks to Vinny Keogh in the Helm, Westport, for hosting and sponsoring the event. Over 30 tired and wet anglers made it back to the Helm late on Saturday night to be greeted with steaming plates of stew and curry, a welcome sight after 5 hours in incessant rain! Vinny and his staff went the extra mile to look after everyone and ensure the event went off perfectly. Thanks are also due to Doug Priddy in A Shore Thing tackle shop in Westport, who provided very generous prizes for the juniors.

Around the region, mackerel have been showing in huge numbers in many bays recently. Species fishing is also very good, and Galway Bay is producing good numbers of pollack, cod, ray, spurdog, pouting and whiting to the boat. Skipper Kevin MacGabhann of the Maighdean Mara has had very good fishing lately with his clients and is looking forward to a good last few weeks of the 2010 season.

To book fishing contact Max Couque at 086 3234638, Kevin McGabhann at 086 8547890 or check

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


Still some sharks around Downings

Photo: Porbeagle shark

blue shark
Photo: Blue shark

Fishing generally has been poor to fair. Mackeral are very patchy. There are a few Sharks around – mostly Blue Sharks – but nowhere as many as 2007 & 2008.
Michael McVeigh
Rosguill 43' Aquastar. Twin 310 HP
Downings, Co. Donegal.
Telephone: +353 74 9155080
Email: Web:

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Foyle and Carlingford Fisheries

Lionel Knobbs reports:


Sam Snoddy wins UPC/Loughs Agency Open Shore Competition

The UPC/Loughs Agency Open Shore Competition was held Sunday, 18 september, at Benone - a long, sandy Atlantic beach, near Limavady. UPC is the Ulster Provincial Council of Irish Federation of Sea Anglers.

Both a senior and junior event was held. Fish caught included two dogfish, with the majority of fish caught (and released) being flounder, with some turbot.


  1. Sam Snoddy
  2. Lynd McKee
  3. Matt McMurtry
  4. Paul Divito


  1. Mathew Williamson
  2. Andrew Snoddy
  3. Andrew McMurtry
  4. Drew McMinn

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