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Irish Angling Update

24 June 2010

Editor: Paul Bourke, Angling Information Officer
email: Paul Bourke
Ph: 00 353 (0) 1 8842600
Fax: 00 353(0) 1 8360060

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Salmon angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


River Fane

There has been no big run of salmon into the Fane as yet but there are still reports of small numbers sea trout being taken, mainly on the lower reaches. Better runs of sea trout should enter the river once we have some rain. This should also bring in some salmon but the run is usually much later in the year.

Permits for salmon fishing on the Fane are available from the Dundalk Salmon Anglers, through Island Fishing Tackle in Dundalk.

Castletown River, Dundalk, Co. Louth

There was a slight rise in the water level in the Castletown River following some rain recently in the upper reaches of the catchment. Unfortunately, this has just run straight out and the water is low and clear again. Conditions are good for sea trout at the moment and there are reports of some fish being taken in the Toberona area.

River Boyne and Tributaries

Water levels have continued to fall in the River Boyne over the last few weeks resulting in reduced salmon fishing. To date we have received reports of three salmon being caught and released in Navan area. Some sea trout have also been reported in the Navan area. Sea trout continue to be taken on the fly on the Boyne estuary at Mornington.

River Slaney

Small catches of sea trout have been reported from the River Slaney at Ballycarney, Clahamon, Enniscorthy and Bunclody. The average size of sea trout is three quarters of a pound but a small number of fish around 2lbs have been reported. The best fish reported so far was a nice 2.5lb taken on the fly. Lots of smaller fish are being taken downstream of Enniscorthy Bridge to the turn-hole wall. Anglers should note the salmon and sea trout regulations 2010. All fish over 40cms must be returned and only single barbless hooks should be used.

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Southern Region


River Nore

The Nore is down to it's bones, no sign of any salmon yet, we are praying for rain.
Jim Brown
Salmon and trout ghillie
Address: Rosebank Lodge, Mount Alto, Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny.
Email: Web:

River Blackwater

Blackwater Lodge Fishery

June 17:  Three grilse released on fly. Two good fish (~10lb) also lost on fly.

June 18:  Only one rod fishing. Caught two grilse & lost 3 more.
Ian & Glenda Powell
Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery
Upper Ballyduff, Co. Waterford.
Tel: 00 353 58 60235     From UK: 0871 474 0135  (10p/min any time!)
Mobile: 00 353 87 235 21 20
E-mail: Website:

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South Western Region


Lough Currane

Angling guide Vincent Appleby of reports on the fishing on the LOUGH CURRANE system.

Lough Currane
Photo: Landing a sea trout on Lough Currane.

17/6/10 all quiet on the SW front in all departments, and with light to calm wind coming from the NW and variable with bright sunshine blazing down on Lough Currane, my Noble Salmon and Sea Trout were in a lethargic mood and my noble angler didn’t fair much better, but at least we Anglers have an excuse. Max air temperature 20.7c.

18/6/10 Not a lot to be said on the game fishing front, even though there was good cloud cover, but my Noble Anglers failed miserably in their duties in Procuring my Noble game fish, Mr. John Murphy Esq. would beg to differ and for good reason, John caught a fine fresh Grilse on the troll. Now fishing from the Tube, Mr. Robertson of the UK fishing in his Tube, caught 4 small trout, and as he said to me, better than nothing. Wind NE and variable with very light rain, so light one didn’t need ones waterproofs, max air temperature 19.4c.

sea trout
Photo: A Fine 7lbs specimen Sea Trout caught by Mr Martin Roberts

19/6/10 All quiet in the salmon department, now to the Seatrout department, Mr. Con Russell caught a 2lbs Sea Trout on the troll, Con was fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea and of there was also a 2lbs Sea Trout caught by Mr. Dan Sugrue, and as always Dan was fishing with his Gillie Mr. Brod O’Sullivan of Stella Maris guesthouse Waterville. A Fine 7lbs specimen Sea Trout was caught by Mr Martin Roberts. On the Weather front, blazing hot sunshine all day, wind NNE light and variable and I can tell you, Waterville Fishery, is in need of liquid refreshment, max air temperature 17.8c.

20/6/10 Lough Currane was like blazing saddles i.e. the weather, now down to facts there was fine 5lbs Grilse caught on the troll on the early shift, by well known local Gillie, Mr. Bob Priestly, there was also a 6lbs Grilse. caught on the troll, by Mr. Walter Ruche of Switzerland, as always, Walter was fishing with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of and just for the record both fish were fresh in from the sea, now to the Fly department, no reports of any real rod benders, but to be fair the conditions were not in favour of the fly angler. The same couldn't be said on the evening shift, there were three Sea trout, ranging from the Junior class up to 5lbs and all caught on the fly by Mr. Walter Van Dominick of Belgium. And just for the record, Walter was fishing in a hired out boat from Waterville Boats and @ and staying in the hired out boats, Mr. Peter Murray fishing out of caught two brown trout. Wind light to calm NW then veered SW this afternoon, max air temperature 20.5c.

21/06/10 It’s the Hired out Boats, that capture all the headlines today. Mr. Mertens Jan of Belgium caught a 1.5lbs Sea trout and finished the day shift off with a 4.5lbs Grilse, all caught on the fly, and his Good friend, Mr Paul De Neef, caught two sea trout ranging from the Junior class up to 3.5lbs again all caught on the fly. In the trolling department Mr. Frank Donnelly, was telling me that he and his client caught one Junior. Wind SW light with reasonable cloud cover at times.

22/06/10 There was some fine action on Lough Currane today, I will start with the early shift, where the Prince was in good form, when he caught a fine Grilse and two Sea Trout, both in the 2lbs class, all caught on the fly, with his gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan, staying with the Grilse, in the trolling department, Mr. John Butler and his Father, from Kenmare, fishing with their gillie Mr. Vincent Appleby and of caught a fine Grilse and a sea trout all in the 2lbs class, plus they also lost two Grilse, now to the drifting department, a Belgium fishing party, fishing in a hired out boat caught a 3lbs Sea trout, also in good form was Mr. Jim Sayers, with two Seatrout both in the 2lbs class. Wind SW light to fresh and overcast with the odd light shower.

23/06/10 All today’s headlines go the fly department, and I will begin with the early shift, Mr Dona Mc McCarthy, of the USA and Waterville, caught two sea trout in the 2lbs class, Dona was fishing with his gillie Mr. Dominic Mc Gillicuddy, and in the late morning Dona resigned his fishing seat to Bill, and it wasn't long before he caught himself four Seatrout, ranging from the Junior class up to 2lbs class, now to the south side, in Copal, Mr. Walter Ruche caught a 5lbs Grilse and finished the day off with two fine Sea Trout in the 2lbs Class, Walter was fishing with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly, now we head for the drifting department, Mr. Frank Donnelly, also reported to me, that one of his hired out boats caught two Sea trout in the 2lbs class, and last but not least Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr was telling me that an Angler fishing on his own caught a fine fish, but he didn’t know if it was a Sea Trout or a Salmon.

That is your ration from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery.
No Spin No fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby
Angling Guide and Accommodation
Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel
Email: Web:

River Laune

Beats 1 and 2

No catches.  Water levels low.

Laune Anglers and Beat 3

This past week was a bit quite compared to last week.  There were five fish reported.

And yet again Tommy Hurley Tralee had another good fish on Wednesday, 11lbs.  The fish was caught on the Johnston fishery.

Danny Joy also had a fish, 10lbs.  The fish caught over the past couple of weeks have been good fish a lot of them in double figures.

No news of fish from Beat 3 yet.
Billy Downes
Laune Anglers Association


5 salmon landed on the lakes averaging 6lbs to 10lbs. Water levels very low.


15 salmon caught on the River Lee for last week, all of average size, water levels are low as there is no generating taking place.

ESB Fishery

No report this week
ESB Fisheries
Innscarra, Co. Cork.
Tel: +353 (0)87 9983879


5 salmon landed on the river Bandon, water levels very low.  Biggest fish on the Bandon was 9lbs. 

River Argideen

The river Argideen fishing well; sea trout up to 5 pounds caught.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


River Feale and Smearlagh

23/06/10 Very Low fishing water Weather: Overcast 18.5 deg.
Anthony McAuliffe
North Kerry Anglers Association
Web: Email:

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Western Region


Galway Weir

Photo: Don Keegan from Northern Ireland landed an impressive sparking silver fish of 12lbs on fly.

Water levels are now extremely low in Galway, with the result that the last remaining open gate on the weir has been half closed since Tuesday. The river is as low as it gets, and fishing is now extremely difficult. Prior to the lowering of levels, fishing was exceptionally good, particularly to the fly, with a great run of grilse so far this year. Very good numbers of grilse have now moved on upstream to Lough Corrib, and until we get substantial rain, will be resident in the lake before they can run the main spawning rivers.

Despite the low levels, the excellent grilse run produced a great catch of 85 salmon for the week, the vast majority on fly. Tom Beecher from Dublin landed 3 grilse to 6.5lbs on fly, while J.J. Sulivan from Co. Meath had a cracking 11lbs salmon on fly. Shay Dolan from Kildare had 2 nice grilse on fly and shrimp, as did Jimmy Davison from Northern Ireland. Tuam angler Eoin Cosgrove had 2 grilse of 4.5lbs on fly, and Fergal Molloy from Kilkenny had a 5lbs grilse, also on fly. Joe O’Connor from Limerick recorded 2 grilse to 6.5lbs on fly, and Shannon man Damian Nolan landed 2 grilse on shrimp. Jimmy Dunne from Galway had a 5lbs fish on shrimp, while fellow Galwegian Dave Lenihan landed 3 grilse to 6.5lbs on fly. Joseph O’Toole from Galway must have been taking lessons from grandfather Sean, as he landed 2 nice grilse on the fly.

Donegal man Kevin McCrossan landed 4 grilse to 6.5lbs on fly, while father and son Paddy and David Marron had good sport in spite of the half gate closed on Wednesday morning, with David landing 3 grilse while Paddy took a fine 8lbs fish, all on fly. Finally Don Keegan from Northern Ireland, who has been fishing the weir for the best part of 50 years, had a great day when he landed an impressive sparking silver fish of 12lbs on fly, as well as another small grilse.

The reduced water level will probably impact on sport over the next week, and anglers will be praying for rain to bring up water levels in the near future.

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:

[23 June, 2010]

River Moy

Another week has passed without any significant rain and the Moy system is now at an extremely low level. Some grilse have entered the system despite the low water and anglers on the Moy Fishery continue to catch these fresh-run fish. The Black Banks and the Point produced a few fish over the week, with the Cathedral Beat yielding twenty-seven, including fish for visiting anglers Felix Grestmair, Germany, Rolf Gloor, Switzerland and Robert Smith, England. On the Ridge Pool, a total of 34 were caught, including four for Dublin angler, Paul Wymes and two for Carlos Ramos Arenas of Spain, whose best fish was just over 12lbs. The Weir Pool accounted for five salmon for the week.

Upstream of Ballina, the Ballina Salmon Anglers water produced fish, as did Knockmore, Coolcronan and Armstrong’s. At Gannon’s and the Foxford Fishery, good numbers of salmon were caught, where Barry Turnard, England caught one of 8lbs on the fly, and Jack Mc Donald also having success catching three salmon on the worm.

Rinanney continued to fish well over the past week including one at 9.5lbs on the spinner for a visiting German angler. Both Cloongee and the East Mayo Anglers’ water provided good sport for anglers, with good numbers of salmon reported. 

Sea trout angling on the Moy Estuary remained steady, despite blustery northerly winds. Some good catches of sea trout have been reported, with most being caught on sand eel or mackerel strips.    

Carrowmore Lake

The bright weather of the past week has discouraged many anglers from venturing out on Carrowmore Lake and combined with the extremely low water levels, it appears that few fresh grilse have entered the system. Good numbers of sea trout have moved in however, with some nice catches of 2lbs and 3lbs being reported by anglers, including one of 3lbs for a Mr Harper of England. A total of five salmon were recorded for the week, with Gerry Deane, Castlebar, and John Mc Bride, Bangor Erris being two of the lucky anglers to boat salmon.

Ballisodare Fishery

Angling remained steady at Ballisodare however with low levels in the river, most salmon are moving in and out with the tides and are readily being taken with the prawn and worm. There has been some notable catches on the fly also, with Eddie Harte landing a fine fish of 12.5lbs. A. Murray caught one of 9lbs on the fly and a 7lbs fish fell to Trevor Goulding. An 8lbs salmon was taken by visiting angler Fr. Mc Keown on the worm.

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


Extremely low water levels on most rivers. Some fish still trying to run but angling is almost impossible.

New Regulations

The Loughs Agency has introduced regulations in response to declining stocks in the Foyle system, and in particular the River Finn. The Loughs Agency has been forced to take action to protect and conserve wild Atlantic Salmon and to ensure their future sustainability.

These Regulations were made to take account of the Agency's national and international obligations including the requirements of the European Habitats Directive (Council Directive 92/43/EEC on the Conservation of Wild Habitats and of Wild Fauna and Flora) which states that "if a species is included under the Directive (of which North Atlantic Salmon are), measures must be taken to maintain or restore them to favourable status in their natural range.

The failure of the River Finn salmon stocks to meet sustainability targets, is of principle concern. The Loughs Agency has undertaken these of actions which will

. Suspend commercial salmon fishing
. Direct that recreational angling in the River Finn and Foyle become strictly catch and release. 

These measures should be seen as part of a much wider programme that includes juvenile salmon habitat rehabilitation, anti poaching efforts, pollution control and raising concerns over salmon predators.

These regulations will be enforced from Tuesday 15th June 2010.

Further information on catch and release for recreational anglers can be found on the Loughs Agency website at

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Trout Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


River Fane

Like all other rivers on the east coast the Fane is in need of water, however, there is still good brown trout fishing in the evenings. Eamonn Conway reports that he and two friends Mark Naylor and Justin Bird from Dundalk fished on the Fane last night. The three anglers had lots of fish with Eamonn and Justin landing two nice wild brown trout circa 1lb in weight. The best fish of the evening, however, was taken by Mark and weighed just over a pound in weight and measured14 inches in length. All fish were taken on dry fly and there were lots of sedges and midges on the water. Olives were scarce and the river is low and clear. Eamonn reported that last nights fishing was better than previous evenings due to the additional cloud cover which prevented temperatures from dropping too much. Previous evenings had been clearer and colder.

Details of day permits and memberships are available from the Dundalk Brown Trout Angling Club at


For details of guided fishing on the Fane and fly casting tuition Eamonn can be contacted at 086 1242966 or

Rivers Dee and Glyde

Both rivers are low and clear at the minute and in need of water. There has not been much angling activity reported but trout have been observed feeding on many stretches in the evenings. Good hatches of olives and sedges have been observed.

River Boyne and Tributaries

Brown trout fishing has picked up on the Boyne in the Navan area with reports of good trout fishing along the ramparts. There has been a good evening rise of late to sedges, blue winged olives, (sherry spinners).

Angling guide Marc O'Regan has had a number of visitors from the United States and included visitors from Louisiana, Wisconsin and the lone star State of Texas. Mr and Mrs Mark Huglen, Dave and Steve Martin and Charles and Ann Southard all fly fished the historic River Boyne for wild brown trout. The water is low and clear and the bright sunny conditions during the day were not the most ideal of conditions so Marc has concentrated on early morning sorties and the evening rise. There is a fantastic hatch of blue winged olives on the River Boyne at the minute and the sherry spinner is proving very effective in the evenings. All of the visiting anglers had fish and the best fish of 1.5lbs was taken by Ann Southard. Marc also reports that there has been a late hatch of E. dani ca which has resulted in some good spent gnat fishing in the evenings.

If you fancy spending a day on the Boyne Marc O'Regan can be contacted at or visit

Kells Blackwater

On the Kells Blackwater 4 Dutch anglers Richard Riebeek, Marcel Klinge, Frank Valk and Eric Lagendyk from Rotterdam, fished for trout with local angling guide Pat Mc Loughlin. Conditions were difficult with the water being low and clear for these four anglers who had never fly-fished before. Eric and Frank had 7 and 8 small trout each on the dry fly and Eric had 2 nice wild brown trout on nymph measuring 25 and 28cm. Richard had 13 with the best fish measuring between 25 and 30cm and Marcel had 18 trout, 5 of which were over 25cm. The best fish, which was taken by Marcel measured 32cm. A late report was received of good trout to 6lb being taken on Lough Ramor during the mayfly hatch. There were big hatches of mayfly reported on the lake with fish showing in the evenings

Additional information about the Kells Angling Club can be found at

Angling guide Pat Mc Loughlin can be contacted at or 086 1017415

River Liffey

The water is low and clear, and further reports of great trout fishing on the River Liffey were received again this week. There are good hatches of olives during the day and there are plenty of sedges hatching in the evenings. There is lots of the black stuff (gnat and smut) on the water as well at the moment. The best fishing is in the evenings but fish are also being taken during the day.

If you fancy spending a day on the River Liffey around Newbridge with angling guide John Higgins, he can be contacted at or on 086 8135497.

The Dodder River

Des Chew reports that with the good weather many anglers are fly fishing during the summer evenings on the River Dodder. Small dry fly patterns seem to work best in the evening rise. As the river is very low stealth is required while fishing with a cautious approach. Good wild brown trout fishing is to be had with fish up to half a pound in weight with the occasional bigger fish. For best results use pattern size 18, midge imitations with small light olives.

River Slaney

Stephen Byrne reports that he and Michael Farnan from Enniscorthy, fly fished the River Slaney for wild brown trout in the last few days. Stephen and Michael fished at Ballycarney and caught and released 16 wild brownies. The Greenwells glory and the kildevil spider proved to be the most effective flies. There is a good evening rise and the best of the fishing is to be had just before dark. According to Stephen there are good hatches of olives at the moment.

Creevy Lake and Lough Nagarnaman, Carickmacross Co. Monaghan

Fishing has continued to be slow at Creevy Lake lately. High temperatures and clear bright sunshine have made fishing difficult. Anglers are still catching fish but they are not as plentiful as earlier in the season. There is still a good stock of fish in the lake and lots of big fish have been seen jumping but they are just not interested in taking at the moment.

Anglers are continuing to fishing Lough Nagarnaman and a number of fish in the three to five pound bracket have been taken in the last two weeks.

Ballyhitt Lakes, Wexford

James Pettit reports that there has been good fishing at the Ballyhitt Fishery in Wexford over the last week. The best fish taken weighed 3.5lbs and was caught by Billy Gill on an early morning session. Billy was fishing dry fly. James will be stocking the lake again this Friday 25th June so if you fancy trying for one of the Ballyhitt big ones give James a call at

Aughrim Fishery

Dublin Angling Initiative summer fishing courses had a great days fishing at Aughrim's Angling for all facility in Wicklow. 13 good quality rainbow trout up to 3lbs in weight were caught and released by the youngsters. Bubble float fishing was the method used with sweetcorn. 2 teenagers tried the bubble and fly method and this produced 2 good fish.

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Southern Region

John Flynn reports:

no report this week - [most recent report 10/05/10]

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South Western Region

no report this week - [most recent report 02/06/10]

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Lough Sheelin

SHEELIN CLASSIC: Pat O Toole from Oakstown in Trim was the winner of the Kells Anglers Sheelin Classic. Pat won a spanking new Sheelin boat and Trailor. Presentation took place in Crover House, and it was top-drawer food and service. Well done to all involved in the Sheelin Classic. The lake is producing some great fish late in the evening, and dry fly anglers are catching a few Sheelin beauties.

For local information on competitions and news for 2010 contact Thomas Lynch L.S.T.P.A. Mobile: 087 9132033 or logon to the L.S.T.P.A website


Trout fishing has been slow enough on Lough O'Flynn, mainly due to the very sunny and calm weather most days. Trout are presently on Perch Fry. Fish can be seen feeding on the fry, but are difficult to catch. Bernard Mannion had a good fish of 3lbs on a dabbler. Anthony Baggott had one fish over a 2 hour session. Eric Shannon from Carrickfergus after a long absence returned to fish Lough O'Flynn. He was joined by his friend Jerry Larkin from Ballinlough and fished over 3 days. Their best day they caught 4 fish between them.

Lough Owel

Angling has slowed down considerably on Owel due to the very bright sunny weather conditions. The best results were during late evening sessions. There has been a recent very good hatch of Mayfly and anglers did have some success. Also anglers fishing the buzzer are getting a response in the evenings. The Leinster qualifier was fished on Sunday last June 20th. 38 trout were landed by 27 anglers. The winner was James Feegan. In 2nd place was Carl O'Toole. In 3rd place was Mark Mc Gorian.
Mick Flanagan


Evening buzzer fishing is getting some results on Ennell for local anglers and worth trying. Daytime fishing has been poor over the week.
Mick Flanagan

Lough Acalla

It was a good week on Lough Acalla with plenty of fish caught. Anglers are reporting a very good hatch of sedges during late evening. The best fishing has been early mornings and late evening in the present bright warm weather. The best reported fish was a Rainbow of 3.5lbs caught by Anthony Doyle from Ballygar. A Dundalk angler caught another good Rainbow of 3lbs. The most successful flies were the usual Green Peter, Green and Golden Olives, Black Pennell, Pheasant Tail and a variety of sedges.

For updates contact John Devaney, Assistant Fisheries Inspector, Roscommon 087 2266735

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Western Region


Lough Corrib

The very warm and bright weather over the last week put most fly anglers off the lakes, with trolling being the predominant activity. Fly hatches are scarce during the day, although sedge hatches are picking up in the evenings, and some mayfly are still hatching. In fact, trout are still being taken on mayfly patterns, mainly dry fly. In the Cornamona-Greenfields area 37 anglers reported 49 trout in 63 rod-days. Vinny Hughes landed 2 fine trout of 6.5lbs and 14.5lbs for a day trolling. Frank Reilly landed 9 trout over 2 days to dry fly, including one fish of 4lbs. Sean Dixon and David Egan landed 5 trout over 2 days on wet mayfly patterns and Green Peters. Laurence Gilligan from Ennis had a nice 2.5lbs trout on a dry mayfly, while Philip McCarthy from Northern Ireland had 4 fish for 6.5lbs over 2 days to Dry Wulff patterns. Mick Lanigan and Sean Cody from Tyrone landed 11 trout over 3 days on dry fly, best fish 3.5lbs. A competition held in Greenfields was won by Frank Reilly with 4 trout, while Craig McKirdy took second with one trout.

It seems the better fish are now coming to surface flies, while during the mayfly it was a lot of small trout. With the sedge hatches picking up these fish could provide good sport late in the evenings.

Loughs Mask and Carra

Lough Mask and  Lough Carra have been quiet again this week, with sedge hatches in the evening providing the main sport for fly anglers. Trolling has also been the main activity on Mask in the warm weather, and some good ferox trout have been taken by trollers.

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


Lough Conn and Cullin

Fishing was slow but steady over the past week on the Loughs, with Dry Mays and Spent Gnats still tempting fish to the surface, despite the reduction in fly hatch. In north Conn, Joe Moffatt and John Warren had two trout on dry flies in Victoria Bay, with their best fish weighing 2lbs. Angling out of Murphy’s boat hire, Massbrook, Chris Dick, James Nixon and Mike Griffiths, U.K. had nine trout over three days, with their best weighing 2lbs and all being taken on dries, while Ian Bertie, Scotland had ten trout over five days on dries with his best 2.5lbs. Fishing out of Pontoon Bridge Hotel, John Beatie and Martin McLoughlin, Scotland had five trout over two days, again all to dry flies.

On Lough Cullin, Graham Williams, Pontoon, and Jack Lynch, Donegal had four trout to dries with their best 1.5lbs.

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Coarse Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Dublin and Kildare

Des Chew reports that despite the bright sunny conditions, ten youngsters from Whitechurch had good results from the Royal Canal at Kilcock where a variety of species including hybrids, roach and perch were caught. All fish were taken on light wagglers, size 16 hooks and double maggots. The stretch was pre-baited with crumb, sweetcorn and dead maggots prior to the session.

Dublin anglers have experienced some good catches of tench on the Grand Canal at Straffan, Co. Kildare. Night float fishing using the lift method with size 10 kamasan hook and lobworm for baits is best. Pre-baiting and raking swims seems to work very well too.

Details just in that tench fishing was good in parts of the Grand Canal recently with tench up to 7lb caught at Briquette Factory in Ticknevin. Two tagged tench were captured at this venue in one evening.

Cavan and Monaghan

Two Dublin anglers fished an overnight session on Galloncurra lake, Bailieborough for hybrids. The fish have finished spawning and fishing was tough. A 20lb bag of hybrids was caught with hybrids ranging to 2lbs weight using 40gm maggot feeders.

Lough Muckno continues to fish well for hybrids, roach and skimmers in all areas.

Coarse Angling Events

An all night fishing competition will be held this weekend 26-27th June on the Royal Canal at Enfield as part of the calendar of events to mark the official re-opening of the Royal Canal.

The next NCFFI junior event will be the Junior All Ireland which will be taking place on White Island on Lough Muckno, Saturday 24th July 2010. For information or booking please check out the NCFFI web site ( or contact one of the committee members.

The Coiste Siamse Garda , All Ireland Angling Championships 2010

This will be taking place on 25th July 2009 at Lough Muckno, Castleblaney, Co. Monaghan.

The All Ireland Garda Confined event under N.C.F.F.I rules will take place on Lough Muckno Castleblaney draw at 9am on the 24th July at Hope Castle. The Garda extends an open invitation to all N.C.F.F.I and visiting anglers to the open section of this event. Draw for the open Section at 9am Hope Castle, Lough Muckno.

Entry fee to the open is 30, all of which will be paid out less 5 per man, which will give each angler a 5euro bet at the Race Night which follows the presentation.

The presentations will take place at 7pm in the Concra Wood Golf and Leisure Centre, Castleblayney, Co Monaghan followed by refreshments and Race Night.

This is a wonderful opportunity for all anglers to savour the great fishing on Lough Muckno on the day preceding the All Ireland and perhaps stay over in one of the many guesthouses the owners of whom have been requested to do some special rates.

Richard Caplice. Garda CAC chairman.

Further Information and booking please contact 00 353 87 2405317 to book your place. Pegs are limited.

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Southern Region

no report this week - [most recent report 16/06/10]

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South Western Region

Eileen Carroll reports:
E Mail:

No report this week - [most recent report 16/06/10]

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Longford and Strokestown

Photo: Ralph's catch despite bright weather

Fishing in and around Longford and Strokestown has been very good considering the Bright and hot conditions, with best fishing has been mostly very early morning with mixed catches of Bream, Hybrids and Tench.

Photo: Ian Davis with mixed catch also bonus Tench.

Ian Davis and Ralph Penfold from Liverpool were over in Ireland for their annual fishing trip. With the bright, hot and sunny conditions facing them they decided to pre-bait and fish from 4am. This proved to be a good decision as they were able to catch Bream, Hybrids, Tench and most other species until around 1pm. Reports coming in looks like the best was yet again saved until last, tune in next week to find out about their 4:30am catch.

Release all fish unharmed

Please note when releasing fish in these conditions care must be taken to ensure fish all swim away. Where possible wade into the water to release them but in a depth where they can be retrieved if they are having difficulty and assist fish back to the water. Please avoid just tipping fish out keepnets straight into the water, this will cause fish to belly up and if not assisted will result in fish casualties.
Kevin Lyons, 
Drumlish Road, Clonrollagh, Co Longford
Tel : 003534345061
Email: Web:

Mohill and Carrick on Shannon

Photo: Terry Jackson from England had a nice bag of Tench

Terry Jackson from England had a nice bag of Tench. Terry rang me before his holiday for some advice so I pre-baited a swim or two for him and in his own words it was one of his best Tench sessions in Ireland.

Photo: Zolton Nagygyorgy who lives in Ireland treated his father Gabor who lives in Hungary to a fishing trip to Ireland.

Zolton and Gabor had a very good week. Zolton and his father are not new to angling and were not lost on a wild Irish fishery with lots of Tench and Bream going their way over the week.
Brian Bohan
Mohill, County Leitrim
Tel +353 (0)71 9631870
Email Web

Photo: Gabor with some lovely tench.


Water temperature is presently 21.5 C on the Shannon, water levels are very low with little or no flow. These are difficult conditions to fish in and anglers are struggling are the moment. Try an overnight session, is the best advice.
Ray Duthie
Old Forge Banagher
Bait Stockist, Tackle and ACCOMMODATION PROVIDER
Tel: 057 9151504. Email:


Water levels are still falling on the Shannon and Lough Derg. The present hot weather has not helped the fishing. Anglers from Oak Lodge reported very poor fishing on Rodgers island stretch, however some guests of mine fished The Sheebeen and Salmon Run. The cloudy weather and lower temperature seemed to bring the fish on the feed as they caught good nets of Roach to 2lbs and some hybrids. They also stated that there was a lot of pike activity, losing several fish to snatch takes. All fish fell to feeder tactics, just a rods length out in about 9ft of water. Dare I say it what we need now is a little rain!
Mike Murray ,
MURRAY'S B&B, Derryhiney, Portumna
Tel +353 909759596
Email Web

River Suck Valley

Water levels on the River Suck are very low as we write. The best chance of fish is early morning or late evening. There are very few anglers about. Those who are fishing are bagging on average 15lbs to 20lbs of mixed fish in a session, fish are generally of small size. Further local info contact Mr John Ryan, Assistant Fisheries Inspector Tel: 094 96 40103 Mob: 087 2536064 and John Devaney, Assistant Fisheries Inspector, Roscommon for the lower River Suck 087 2266735

Lough Derg

The very bright weather is affecting the Bream fishing during the day on Lough Derg. There are no anglers trying the lake swims late in the evening or overnight, which is recommended in the present conditions if good bags are to be achieved. Chris Long from Limerick fished Doon lake in East Clare at the creamery shore. Even though the fishery is very low and clear, he had some nice mixed bags of Roach, hybrids, skimmers, and Perch. Best tactics was with the waggler fished around 30m out from the shore.
TJ O'Brien
Email Web

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Western Region

Kevin Crowley reports

No reports this week - [most recent report 30/04/09]

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:

no report this week - [most recent report 16/06/10]

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Northern Region

Alice Murtagh reports: 


Annual Stena Challenge Festival 2010

The Annual Stena Challenge Festival 2010 took place over five days. Sixty four anglers took part and they fished Gulladoo Steps, Kevin's Shore, Leonards Shore, two venues on Corfree. The following is a list of winners:

  Name Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5  
Peg Weight Peg Weight Peg Weight Peg Weight Peg Weight
1 JOHNSON K C11 7.750 D1 24.150 E15 14.420 A1 15.400 B8 8.400 70.120
2 ROWLES K A6 11.500 B3 10.700 C4 20.100 D1 11.850 E6 11.000 65.150
3 KLIMCZUK LEE B6 13.450 C3 22.600 D12 12.450   5.120 A3 10.900 64.520
4 HARRISON NICKY B5 7.550 C5 12.800 D1 15.950 E7 12.430 A13 13.800 62.530
5 SMITH BAZ D9 16.840 E7 10.280 A6 11.520 B8 8.300 C13 13.960 60.900
6 GERMAINEY IAN D5 16.050 E4 19.700 A1 13.350 B12 5.720 C3 2.750 57.570



Photo: Bob Harris and 156lb of bream

Last week York anglers Bob Harris and Andy Vardy were back in Killeshandra for their annual pilgrimage to fish Carrs Lake at Killeshandra and as last year enjoy some very good fishing.

Day 1;- Tawlaght Lake Andy had 21lb and Bob 17.5lb of roach and hybrids. The lads fished this lake after baiting up Carrs lake for the following day and it paid off.

Day 2;- Carrs Lake Andy had 64lb and Bob weighed in with his personal record for Irleand of 156lb including 34 bream the largest being 7lb 8oz.

Day 3;- Carrs Lake Andy had 27lb with 2 tench, bream and hybrids and Bob had 72lb of bream and hybrids.

Day 4;- Carrs Lake Andy 22lb Bob 81 lb biggest bream of 6lb 6oz.

Day 5;- The lads fished off the boat and Bob had 28lb of roach and hybrids.

Day 6;- River at Carrs Andy 21.5lb including a tench of 8lb 2oz and Bob had 83.5lb of bream, hybrids and roach, biggest bream of 6lb 4oz. Andy's total for the week was 155.5lb and Bob had 438 lb.

All fish were cuaght on corn and red maggot on a bed of Vitalin and flaked maize.

Photo: Andy Vardy's 8lb 2oz Tench


Some pleasure anglers fishing the Arva/Gowna area report good bags of fish with Geoff Farnworth bagging 76lb on Hollybank with some nice Bream up to 4½lb, while Mr. Potts bagged 86lb on Kevin's Shore and D Bass 73lb on Corfree.

Sean Reilly's Shore, Derries Lower had been producing good Tench 6/7lb, some Bream and plenty of Hybrids.


Good mixed bags 40/50lb including Perch, Roach and Skimmers are being fished at Killykeen (lower footbridge section) while good mixed bags including some Bream are being fished at Aghabawn.


Eight anglers fished a five day competition of Muckno last week. The following weights were recorded:

There are some anglers fishing the Cootehill area, Bairds Shore, Annamakerrig, Skeagh, all venues are giving good mixed bags of fish up to 50/60lb. including Bream and Roach.

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Northern Ireland


Cloughbally Mill Teams of Four League

The 24 anglers fishing the latest round of the Gaulmoylestown Teams of four league averaged almost 60lbs per man in today’s match.

Cloughbally Mill Angling Centre won their second match in a row with an excellent score Of 80 points with BSI second on 68pts and The home club Gaulmoylestown third on 62pts.

Individually CBM anglers filled the first two places with Tony Kersley (Ballycassidy) winning the event on Peg 14 with 105lbs 14oz and Jack Tisdall (Ballinamallard) second on peg 2 with 87lbs 06oz. In third place was BSI angler Simon Huthwaite (Enniskillen) with 81lbs 05oz, on peg 23.

Cloughbally Mill now lead the league on 142pts from BSI on 130pts.

The next match is on Sun the 18 July.
Jack Tisdale
Cloughballymill Angling Centre
Unit 3, Sligo Road, Enniskillen. BT74 7JY
Tel: +44 28 6632 2008
Web: E-mail:

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Pike Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan

Photo: Faburizio and Yannick from Belgium show some of their catch

Two Belgian anglers, Faburizio and Yannick have just spent week fishing on the local lakes in the Carrickmacross area. Water levels were very low and clear and conditions for fishing were difficult due to the bright sunny weather. Despite the less than ideal conditions they still managed to catch over 70 pike for the week. Faburizio and Yannick also lost a lot of fish due to pike hitting the lures. The biggest fish caught during their stay measured over 1 meter. Other notable fish included pike of 85cms and 90cms. Lots of jack pike were also taken.

Cavan Area

Four anglers from Holland, Richard Riebeek, Marcel Klinge, Frank Valk and Eric Lagendyk from Rotterdam, fished for pike in the Cavan area with angling guide Pat Mc Loughlin. Pike fishing was very tough in the bright sunny conditions. However, the group managed to catch 10 pike, 2 small fish of 2lb and the rest were between 4 and 8lb. No photographs were taken because Pat removed the hooks without taking the pike from the water. Fishing finished at 4pm in order to prevent everyone from turning to charcoal.

Following a recent trip to Ireland Joseph Jongen from Holland contacted Pat and sent him some pictures of their nice fishing trip to Kells and surroundings. Joseph said "My 85 year old good friend is still very proud of catching this big pike. The "Old Boys" hope to meet you again next year". We look forward to welcoming them back to Ireland in 2011.

Photos: Pat McLoughlin and the Old Boys from Holland who visited Ireland recently

Yannick and Faburizio were guided by Peadar O'Brien from Carrickmacross. If you would like to spend a day on the water with Peadar, his contact details are as follows:
00 353 42 9692699 Mobile 087 9265867.

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Southern Region

no report this week - [most recent report 21/02/10]

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South Western Region

Michael Hennessy reports:
E Mail:

no reports this week - [most recent report 28/10/09]

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:



Fishing in the last few weeks has been fairly good, of course the really warm days were not very good for pike fishing. Swiss angler Thomas Egger was fishing with us in the second week of June and had some good fishing on some of the days with over 20 fish to the boat. Other days yielded fewer fish. Biggest fish of the trip was 98cm.
Bodo Funke
Angling Services Ireland,
Boyle, Co Roscommon


JAMES JNR AND JAMES RETAIN DECEASED MEMBERS CUP... With the sun shining bright, the temperatures in the mid twenties and little or no wind twenty three boats from Athlone Anglers headed down river last Sunday as the competition for the Deceased members Memorial Cup took place.

On the day pike were hard to come by with most boats reporting only a couple of jack pike but others such as the defending champions James Jnr and James Greene had a better day and in fact were to retain the cup which they won last year. T

he presentation of prizes took place that evening in The Olive Bar where Keane Moran looked after the anglers very well and was indeed an excellent host and where Michael Ganly, Chairman of the Athlone Anglers Association, confirmed that father and son duo James Jnr and James Greene had retained the cup with an 8lb 6oz Pike. In second place for the second week in a row and seemingly destined to always be the bridesmaid and never the bride were Angela Sloane and Eamon Cunningham with a Pike weighing 7lb 8ozs. Another father and son duo, Paul and Richie Fallon, collected third prize for their 6lb 9oz Pike while Nephew and Uncle Brian Conway and Manus Conway received fourth prize for their 4lb 10oz pike. In fifth place and with almost the whole family were Paul Maher, Christopher Maher and Aaron Devlin whose Pike weighed in at 4lb 10ozs.

Our thanks to Keane Moran for the very generous sponsorship of this competition and for the excellent hospitality along with Eamon “Speedy” Cummins who, not so long ago, was the runner up in the Guinness Bar Man of the Year!! Thanks also to Liam O’Sullivan, Paul Fallon and Eamon Cunningham who carried out the Captain of The Day duties.

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Western Region

Kevin Crowley reports:

No report this week - [most recent report 01/06/10]


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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:

no report this week - [most recent report 16/06/10]

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:

No report this week - [most recent report 26/05/10]

Anglers support Alannah's Search for Sight

Pike Angling Competition In aid of ''Alannah's Search for Sight''

Lough Gowna, Lough Oughter, Garty Lough/Town Lake

Sunday 11 July 2010, 11:00am - 5:00pm

1st. Prize: 2 Days Boat fishing on Lough Corrib or Lough Mask, plus 2 nights B&B for 2 people

Plus - many more excellent prizes....

Kindly donated to Alannah's cause by sponsors and well wishers.

Entry Fee: €10 . +€5 pools (optional) - 100% payout on pools

Check in/Weigh in - Breffni Arms Hotel, Arvagh -9.30 - 11am

First 3 hours pegged, next 3 hours roaming

For more information:

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Sea Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Co Louth Coastline

The lack of wind has meant that the water is very clear and this coupled with the bright sunny weather has resulted in very difficult fishing conditions as many of the Louth beaches are very shallow. However, since the opening of the bass season a number of bass have been reported caught along the Louth coastline. Terry Johnson from Drogheda fished the Louth coastline last week with Stephen Finnegan and Larry Wilson. The lads managed to land three nice bass on bait. The best fish weighed over 5lbs and was taken on ragworm. Their catch also included a large eel and some flatties. A number of bass have also been taken on lure in the north Louth area. When fishing the Louth coastline it would be well worth fishing the later evening tides. Some small flounder and flat fish have also been recorded. Small numbers of mackerel are also been taken but fishing is far from consistent.

Photo: Terry Johnson from Drogheda shows a small flattie from the Louth Coastline. Terry also landed a 5lb bass and a nice eel which was released back to the water.

Greater Dublin Area

Des Chew reports that the Dublin Angling Initiative (DAI) summer fishing courses were in full swing this week and produced some great results. Ten youngsters ranging in age from 12-14 from Whitechurch had a great days fishing on Greystones south beach with plenty of dogfish and flatfish. Being newcomers it was the first time many of them had ever caught a fish and one of the teenagers lost a good smooth-hound! Ragworm tipped with mackerel proved to the best bait, small hooks size 1/0 were used and fishing took place at the bottom end of the tide.

There are mullet present in the estuaries on the east coast. For the angler who persists bread flake and bubble floats works well on most estuaries. If fishing in harbours a mackerel strip fished under a float works best.

Wexford Area

Des Chew and Andrew Boyce had some great smooth-hound fishing at Rosslare Point in Wexford. 16 smooth-hounds up to 5.5lbs were caught and released from a distance of 40 yards at the top of the tide. Baits used were softy and peeler crabs with pulley rigs, 6 oz grip leads and size 3/0 hooks.

Bass are also been taken in the Wexford area and David Norman from Clonakilty catching and returning a number of bass on the re-opening of the bass fishing season.

smooth hound
Des and Andrew show how its done!!

Martin Howlin, Wexford Sea Angling Club reports that the fishing is hit and miss in some areas of the County at the moment. Martin reports that you can have good catches one day and poor returns from the same beach the very next day. The clean ground on the south Wexford beaches are producing some nice bass, flounders and dogs with a some hounds showing most in the 4 to 6 lbs range.

The rough ground marks have produced some good catches of pollack and wrasse and all the estuaries and harbours are packed full of mullet at the moment. If you have not tried mullet fishing before there is some great sport to be had with what can only be described as one of the hardest fighting fish in our waters.

Dogs, hounds, flounders, bass and dabs are the main species showing currently on the east coast. Tope have showed on several beaches around Wexford with the best of the fish weighing in at over 30 pounds, well done to Jeff Nolan and Joe Duggan who were pictured with some fine tope on a recent night session.


William OConnor from Carlow fished off Cahore recently and had good pollack fishing with many of the fish weighing in the 6 to 7lb bracket. William had lots of Red Gurnard as well.

Des from Southside Angling reports that mackerel are scarce all along the east coast at the moment. Des fished with friends Paul Marcella and Graham Pepper at Cullenstown over the weekend and the three lads had seven bass to 5lbs. All bass were taken on bait. A late report was received of a 2.5kg gilthead bream taken at the same venue by Paul Marcella. Paul took this fish on lugworm.

Lots of schoolie bass are being reported at Tinnebarna and some nice smoothhound and tope are also being taken. Good quality smoothhound (double figured) have been reported at Ballinoulart.

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Southern Region

John Flynn reports:

no report this week - [most recent report 27/04/10]

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South Western Region

Michael Hennessy reports:
E Mail:


Cork Harbour angling reports

Osprey II has another cracker of a weekend

Pat Condon reports that they had great fishing once again aboard Osprey II out of Cork Harbour. Fishing in almost Mediterranean like conditions, his clients had plenty of pollack, cod, ling, conger and numerous others of the smaller species. Best cod, pictured above, went to 8lbs. Many of the pollack were of similar size, with the ling and conger going to double figures. Pat was once again fishing the Smiths, south of Roches Point. It has to be said that the Smiths are fishing very well this year with all the skippers reporting good fishing so far.

Cork Harbour cod in the kelp

Photo: A red cod, caught by Martin, which the lads reckoned at between 12lbs and 14lb

Frank Burke was out recently with Martin Perryman in Martin's boat Dasher Doyle. Also out were Ger Richardson, Tony and John Cahill on Ruud's boat. Although, they didn't have many fish they did have a great day out as the weather was excellent, as can be seen from the above photo. Nevertheless, the quality of the fish caught was superb. The best of the day was this belter of a red cod, caught by Martin, which the lads reckoned at between 12lbs and 14lbs. However, all the lads managed to catch good size kelp cod or tambling, as they are better known, and each had at least one for the table!

Ling Rocks for specimen pollack

Photo: A good pollack on the jelly worm from the Ling Rocks.

The Ling Rocks are certainly fishing excellent for pollack this year. Many of the charter boats reported catches of fine pollack again in the last week. The general stamp of fish is excellent with many fish in the 7 - 10lb range. There already have been a number of specimens this year. Martyn Rayner had this fine fish of 12.2lbs earlier this month. Thats Martyn's second specimen pollack from the Ling Rocks this year! Michael Quirke, guiding out of Bellavista also had a fine specimen. His fish of 12.5lbs, pictured below, was caught in May also on the Ling Rocks.

If you fancy a crack at trying to bag a specimen pollack why not book yourself a place with one of the Cork Harbour Angling Hub charter boats. These are listed on the angling hub blog on You could also try from one of the Bellavista small boat fleet. Have a look at for more information. You might even be able to book Mike as your guide!

Courtmacsherry sharks

blue shark
Photo:  Graeme Pullen helps junior angler Jack Cahalane release his blue shark of 1.96m caught from the Lady Louise fishing out from Courtmacsherry on the 18th June.

Graeme Pullen well known English Angling Journalist with Dutch and Irish anglers had good sport with the blue sharks off Courtmacsherry on the 18th June. We steamed to a position just south of the wreck site of the Lusitania where the ground fishing is good in the event of no shark showing up. The rubby was organised by Graeme and his son Mike and with a slight breeze from the west we had a good trail going. With the tea just made the first run went off at 1300hrs followed by another, then another. I thought that we were going to have the mother of all tangles but we actually had 3 Blues on at the same time. Mike was first to land his, a fish of 1.6m.

Jack Cahalane, my nephew just turned 13, showed us why hes so good at Football and Hurling using his strength to finally land a Blue of 1.96m after a struggle lasting 30mins. Jack wins Catch of the Week for this lovely blue shark.

Another was landed by Mike, soon after followed by  Chris and Geerts with 2 fine fish. The 2 Martins (Martin Langeveld and Martin Klock) landed the last 2. One a fish of 1.96m. We had 7 runs, we landed 7 and tagged 7; a sucessful days sharking. We also caught plenty of big whiting and haddock.
Mark Gannon
Charter Boat Skipper
Courtmacsherry, Co. Cork.
Telephone: +353 23 46427 or +353 86 8250905
Email: Web:

Beara shore angling report

Apart from a bit of rain warm sunshine has made for pleasant shore fishing conditions this week. Top catch for the week would be the 5 visitors from Fountain SAC, Kent, UK who had 29 huss to 9 lbs in one session along with conger and a few LSD's.
They also took ray to 10lbs, wrasse to 4lbs and pollack to 6lbs during their stay.
Plenty of pollack were caught by Sam Reynolds from Belfast using a mix of jellyworms and sandeel as he explored what the Beara has to offer before a further visit later in the year.

Over for their first visit to Ireland Petra, Tony and Edwin had a very successful time learning new methods and catching species of fish not seen in their native Holland.
During their weeks stay they caught huss, wrasse, pollack, conger, dogfish with the highlight being a catch of thornback and spotted (homelyn) rays with Edwin taking a specimen spotted of 2.31 Kilos.

Anyone looking for information on fishing on the Beara can contact me at or ring me on 00 353 27 60330.
Web site

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Shannon tope are in


Since my last report the weather has stayed fine with just a couple of breezy days. We got a chance to try out the Tope marks and we have had fish on all occasions, with the best at 39lbs and falling to my rod! This has given us something to do if it is a little rough out to sea but really there has only been one day when the weather was not co-operating and then it was from the North West so we could fish in comfort under the shelter of Loop Head. On that day there was good mixed fishing mostly of Mackerel and Pollock, which luckily was just what the group wanted. It is fair to say that most of the Pollock were on the small size at around the 3lb mark but there were some better fish. Otherwise the fishing close to the loop has quietened down and even the Mackerel can be hard work. There are still lots of small Saith around, close in, with most less then a pound.

However with all the fine weather I am spending most of my fishing time well off the land and out there the fishing is very steady. There are as many Pollack in the 5lb to 7lb range as you could want to catch, with fish coming to the boat at almost every drop. Through this are a steady catch of Ling in the 10lb to 15lb range and also some good Haddock, Red Gurnard and Whiting. There is also still a steady catch of small Codling. We did try a few drifts for some Turbot but unfortunately this only turned up some Haddock to 5lbs.


One of the groups I had out included some young members of the well known fishing family, the Ryan’s from kilkee. The youngest, Sam, caught a fine Ling of 12lbs which was a pound for every year as he was just 12 years old! Both himself and his big brother Ben fished all day and caught a lot of fish. They both said they enjoyed themselves very much but said they will find it very hard to go back shore fishing (Sorry Bill!!).
Luke Aston
Clare Dragoon, LOCHIN 366, 650HP.
Carrigaholt Co. Clare  
Telephone: +353 65 9058209 or +353 87 6367544
Email:  Web:

West Clare Area – Shore Angling Report

Photo: Conor from Ohio with a good shore caught Pollock from Bridges of Ross.

Rock Marks, Kilkee

Pollock being caught on Dexter Wedges from rock marks at west and east end. I had a good session during the week near George’s Head where I caught Pollock to 6 lbs. fishing an evening tide.

Poulnasherry Bay

Thornback Ray, Bull Huss, Dogfish, Bass and Garfish being caught.
Bass on spinners and bottom fishing with lugworm, crab or sandeel.
Thornback Ray and Bull Huss on sandeel or fresh mackerel. Garfish float fishing small mackerel strips or on small spinners.


Bull Huss on night tides using mackerel.

Carrigaholt Pier

Mullet and conger now present. Groundbaiting with mackerel necessary to get the mullet feeding.
Conger caught recently.

Kilbaha Pier

Lots of mullet present though anglers reporting they are not feeding. Again groundbaiting with mashed mackerel will bring them on the feed.
Conger caught recently.

Bridges of Ross

I had a party of anglers from Toledo, Ohio here during the week.
They had never sea fished before but succeeded in catching Ballan Wrasse and good Pollock.
Bill Ryan
Shore Angling Guide
Querrin St., Kilkee, Co. Clare. 
+353 87 4130122   
E-mail: Web:

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Western Region

Kevin Crowley reports:

no report this week - [most recent report 16/06/10]

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


Sligo specimen wrasse

Ballan wrasse
Photo: A 6lb 3oz ballan wrasse from

With some great weather & fishing in the past few weeks in Co. Sligo, a wrasse session was on the cards. It turned out to be a great day when I hooked and landed this fine specimen and personal best ballan wrasse that tipped the scales at 6lb 3oz. The wrasse took lugworm fished close to the bottom and  give a mighty scrap. After a few quick photos the fish was released to fight another day.
Brian Dunleavy
(via email)

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


Downings charter report

Photo: 3 tope on the Rosguill

21/06/10 All is well on the fishing front. Weather, mackeral, reef, general, sand, Tope, going reasonably well. Tope arrived in big numbers and have been “blowing hot & cold" since.

Photo: 11lb cod from Downings.

22/06/10 Cod to 15lb, good ling, haddock, turbot, plaice, rays and more tope. Great fishing in beautiful conditions.

Michael McVeigh
Rosguill 43' Aquastar. Twin 310 HP
Downings, Co. Donegal.
Telephone: +353 74 9155080
Email: Web:

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