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Irish Angling Update

15 April 2010

Editor: Paul Bourke, Angling Information Officer
email: Paul Bourke
Ph: 00 353 (0) 1 8842600
Fax: 00 353(0) 1 8360060

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Salmon angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Sea trout

sea trout
Photo: A wexford sea trout caught from the sea

Clients targetting sea trout in the sea had good fishing this weekend with fish hitting the flys eagerly.

Jim Hendrick
Bass Angling Guide
SEAi, 8 St Johns Road, Wexford, Ireland.
Telephone: +353 53 9123351
E-mail: Web:

Catches of sea trout have been reported from river estuaries along the east coast in the last week. Sea trout have also been taken along the coast and fish to 4.5 lbs. were reported from a number of venues on spinner. On the river scene, many rivers are still coloured but water levels are dropping and clearing.

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Southern Region


River Nore

New Bye-Law

This Bye-Law provides for catch and release in respect of salmon and sea trout (over 40 cm) in the River Nore during the period 17 March to 11 May, 2010 and a bag limit of 3 fish during the period 12 May to 30 September,  2010 subject to a daily bag limit of 1 fish during this period. The Bye-law also provides for the use of single barbless hooks and prohibits the use of worms as bait in angling for salmon and sea trout (over 40 cm). 

River Report

15/04/10 At .9m on the gauge I would like to think a few salmon will be caught soon, still a wee bit high for the fly but good spinning water.
Jim Brown
Salmon and trout ghillie
Address: Rosebank Lodge, Mount Alto, Inistioge, Co. Kilkenny.
Email: Web:

River Blackwater

Blackwater Lodge

The river is in good spinning order today. Now coming down to fly order with excellent clarity.
Ian & Glenda Powell
Address: Blackwater Lodge & Salmon Fishery, Upper Ballyduff, Co. Waterford.
Tel: 00 353 58 60235     From UK: 0871 474 0135  (10p/min any time!)
Mobile: 00 353 87 235 21 20
E-mail: Website:

Fort William Estate Fishery

Water levels are dropping back quickly and clarity is perfect. Ideal for spinning and suitable for fly on some of our beats. With this dry spell water levels are dropping quickly so conditions are ideal. Forecast is to stay fine and settled into the weekend so there is a good chance of a fish been picked up.
Paul Whelan
Fort William Fishery
Fort William Estate, Glencairn, Lismore, Co. Waterford.
Tel: +353 (0)87 8292077
Email: Web:

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South Western Region


Lough Currane

Angling guide Vincent Appleby of reports on the fishing on the LOUGH CURRANE system.

8/4/10 What can I say, not a lot, even though there were a few rod benders, they all turned into losses Wind SSW light with reasonable cloud cover, max air temperature 12.7˚C.

9/4/10 There was some good action in the Mouth of the Commeragh, I will start with Bernd Rall of Germany who caught a fine 10 lbs. Salmon on the fly with his ghillie Mr. Michael O’Sullivan of Waterville Boats and also in good form was Bernd’s good friend Mr. Mattias Gruber who also caught a fine 8 lbs Salmon on the fly with his ghillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan and and for the rest of we anglers no comment. Wind SW then veered SSE light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover at times, max air temperature 14.2˚C.

Photo: Bernd Rall of Germany who caught a fine 10 lbs. Salmon on the fly

10/4/10 All quiet on the SW front after yesterdays good action in the fly department. Wind SE light to fresh with bright sunshine all day, max air temperature 17.4˚C.

11/4/10 Again bright sunshine and not a cloud in sight and my noble Salmon were like the clouds in the sky. Wind was SE then veered WNW and veered again into the WSW light to calm in all directions, Max air temperature 18.4˚C. That is your ration from your Gillie and the Waterville Fishery. No Spin No Fly’s just facts.

12/04/10 There was a fine 8lbs Salmon caught on the troll by Mr. Sidney Kennedy and Mr. Dan Lynch of Cork. News just in, on the evening Shift local angler Mr. Jerard Cronin caught a 7.5lbs Salmon on the troll

13/04/10 All quiet on all fronts.

14/04/10 Tim O'Connor caught a fine 8lbs Salmon on the troll with his gillie Tom O'Shea

Photo: Tim O'Connor caught a fine 8lbs Salmon on the troll

15/04/10 No reports of any rod benders.

New Fisheries Manager

Just a quick note on the appointment our new Fisheries Manager, Mr. Trevor Stafford

I am pleased to inform you that Mr. Trevor Stafford is the new manger for the Waterville Fishery development Group and on behalf of all the members and the good people of Waterville, we wish him good luck in his new appointment.  Just for the record here are some facts on our New Manger. Trevor has a degree in environmental science and qualifications in Aquatic Science, Trevor has also worked for the Central Fisheries Board for a number of years and going by what I have heard, he is highly thought of, in that department. he worked with his father Mr. James Stafford who is the manger of the Erriff Fishery, and he also worked at Delphi as a Guide and  by the way I saw him handle a fly rod, I am not surprised and all I can say is their loss is Waterville’s gain.

No Spin No fly’s just facts.
Vincent Appleby
Angling Guide and Accommodation
Eureka Lodge, Caherdaniel
Email: Web:


1 salmon weighing 10 lbs. caught on the Lakes


4 salmon were reported from beat 1 of the Laune, with the best salmon weighing 16 lbs. and the other three weighed between 9 lbs and 10 lbs


10 salmon were reported on the river Lee

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


River Feale and Smearlagh

Last weekend there were reports of a few fish caught, unconfirmed up to 8 to 10 fish. Angling conditions were ideal but fishing was far from spectacular. 

North Kerry Anglers Association

Photo: John Scanlan' first salmon for the 2010 season, met at the Joinings (meeting of Feale and Smearlagh rivers) with a spining lure on the 1st April.

Water levels on the river are low at the moment with bright sunny weather.
Anthony McAuliffe
North Kerry Anglers Association
Web: Email:

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Western Region


Galway Weir

With 13 gates open on the Weir, angling is at a standstill. 3 salmon have been caught to date before the floods came, but with Corrib so high it may be another few days at least before water levels drop sufficiently to enable fishing. I have heard reports of good salmon landed at Cong so there are surely a good few springers running through Galway in the high water.


I have just heard reports of the first fish taken at Screebe today, a fine spring salmon of 13 lbs. In addition, some fine brown trout up to 6 lbs have been landed, as well as several sea trout.

Colin Folan of Inagh Lodge has been in touch to give details of a fly-fishing weekend commencing Friday 23rd April 2010 at 6pm in Lough Inagh Lodge Hotel.

Kylemore Abbey Fishery

14/04/10 Although I am yet to see fish in the river, I talked with the counter reader this afternoon who has informed me that fish have entered. Three yesterday and a further three, during the early hours of this morning. To date approximately twenty fish have passed through the counter so far since the last flood before Easter.

Kelts are still returning to sea on mass, mainly under the cover of darkness and the boat pool this afternoon, was alive with them.

No rain for the next few days but hopefully on the next flood........
Nigel Rush
Kylemore Abbey Fishery
Tel: +353 (0)95 41178 or +353 (0)95 41161
Email: Web:

April starts well at Delphi Fishery

14/04/10 A dozen fish so far in April – and some good salmon among them.

Willie Cotter and Pat Molloy each had a 14-pounder, from the Holly Pool and Finlough respectively. And Peter Morris had a 13-pounder from the Rock Pool. Werner Zirngibl and his wife Yvonne each had 10-pounders from the Meadow Pool and Rock Pool respectively.

Sean Moogan has opened Doolough’s account for the season, with a 9-pounder. Others to put their name on the scoresheet have been Andrew Lyall (6lbs, Waterfall Pool), Lucy Downes (7lbs, Finlough), Heribert Konvalin (9lbs & 6lbs, both Finlough), Marcel Dittrich (7lbs, Finlough) and a second for Willie Cotter (7lbs, Finlough).

That’s 21 fish for the season to date – a significant improvement.
Peter Mantle
Delphi Fishery
Delphi Lodge, Leenane, Co. Galway.
Tel: +353 (0)95-42222 Fax +353-95-42296

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:

[14 April , 2010]

River Moy

With extremely high water at the start of the week few anglers ventured onto the Moy.  However, towards the weekend weather improved greatly and water levels are slowly receding. The Ridge Pool has yet to yield its first fish for the season so a reminder to all anglers that the Ridge Pool remains free to fish until the first salmon is caught.
A total of four salmon were reported for the week on the Moy, two of those being caught on the Ballina Salmon Anglers water. A further two salmon were caught on the East Mayo Anglers water, one by Ian Guegan on the spinner and another by Jim Ruane, Castlebar, on the fly. Both fish were released.

Carrowmore Lough

Angling on Carrowmore remains slow with two salmon being reported for the week.  Peter Maguire, Dublin, had one salmon at 7 lbs while Declan Dooley had one salmon also weighing 7 lbs.

Lough Beltra and Newport River

Beltra continues to yield some good catches of spring salmon. Fishing out of Newport House, James O’Hora caught a fine 13 lbs salmon at Morrisons and David McClune, N.Ireland, had one salmon at 9lbs. On the Glenisland Co-Op waters, on Beltra East, Declan Dooley, Dublin caught a 7 lbs salmon, Rocky Moran had one at 6 lbs and Michael Dolan had one salmon at 8lbs. All fish caught on Beltra this week were safely returned as required by law up until 11 May.

A total of four salmon have been reported for the Newport River for the week. Alistair McClune had one salmon at 8 lbs while Mike Stuart, Dublin, caught one at 7 lbs. A Mr Cahill landed one salmon at 8 lbs while a Mr Haywood had one salmon at 6 lbs.

Ballisodare Fishery

Angling effort at the beginning of the week was somewhat hampered by high water, with the river in flood up until Wednesday the 7th. Good numbers of fish continue to run the system, however, and with water levels falling, angling and catches soon resumed. Billy Moore, N.Ireland, had a 10 lbs. salmon taken on the worm on the 8th and the following day three salmon were also caught on the worm. These included one at 9 lbs, one at 6 lbs and a 8.5 lbs. salmon caught by John Connelly, Sligo. A total of four salmon were reported for the 10th two weighing in at 6 lbs, a 7 lbs fish and an 8.5 lbs salmon caught and released by James Cuffe who took the fish on an Ally Shrimp. Three salmon was the total for Sunday 11th, with one at 4 lbs, one at 6 lbs and a fine 9 lbs salmon taken by Michael Gallagher, Tipperary on the fly.

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:



The week started off wet with heavy rainfall at times. This ensured that the river rose from 6.8 on the gauge to read 7.2 by Thursday. Thereafter the river fell slowly to read 6.6 by Sunday. The middle of the week gave cool bright conditions but by Friday, spring had sprung giving very sunny, warm and pleasant conditions over the weekend. Too bright for salmon angling some would say! I for one am not going to complain after the unseasonal cold spell we have just endured! With the good water levels there were fair numbers of salmon anglers fishing (though not as many as I would have expected). There were a number of salmon caught this week.

Photo: James O'Toole and his 8.5lb salmon.

On Monday, Denis O’Toole recorded a 10 lb salmon caught on a size 8 Cascade Fly Tinkers Hole and there was a further salmon caught from the Soft Hole on prawn. On Thursday, James O’Toole accounted for an 8½ lb salmon caught on a size 8 cone head Cascade fly from the Island Pool. Unusually there were no fish recorded (to date) on Friday despite good angling attendance.

On Saturday, Ivor Doherty recorded an 8½lb salmon caught on a size 8 Jock Scott fly from Lennox’s Bridge. On Sunday, Richard Todd accounted for 5 lb fish caught on a Flying ‘C’ lure from the Stone Ditch and one angler lost a big salmon at the net from the Mill Pool after a 20 minute battle!

The weather is forecast to remain warm and settled and with good water levels, prospects look good. The only complaint will probably be that it was too sunny!
Shane Gallagher
Drowes Salmon Fishery
Tel: 071 9841055.

Lough Melvin

Salmon fishing was quieter and with the onset of bright, sunny weather with only light winds, few salmon anglers ventured out over the weekend. Harry Lloyd recorded a 6 lb salmon caught on a Rapalla from Derrynaseer on Saturday.

For info/bookings etc on Lough Melvin:
Drowes Salmon Fishery
Tel: 071 9841055.

Melvin & Rossinver Fishery
Ruth Mettler
Tel: 071 9841451.

Owenea Fishery

The week started with a big unfishable flood reading 0.7 metres on the gauge on Monday and by the following day the river was still reading 0.51 on the gauge. This gave good water levels on Wednesday (0.27m) but the river then fell away very quickly due to settled sunny and warm weather setting in. By Sunday the gauge was only reading 0.11 metres! It is still early in the season for us and despite the fair conditions mid week, the fishery was quiet and only 3 visiting rods fished for the week. To date, I have no reports of any salmon caught for the week. The forecast is fro the dry, sunny & warm weather to continue and so there is little prospect of a rise in water levels.

For info/bookings etc on the Owenea Fishery – Tel: 074 9551141. (9am to 1pm April to May & 7am to 1pm June to Sept).


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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


River Finn

The fishing remains very slow on the local rivers here and is almost nonexistent on the Finn at the minute due to the very low water levels.

River Mourne

The Mourne is holding more water but still isn’t fishing well as the salmon numbers just aren’t there at the minute with just the odd one pushing up through the tides. Any area of the Mourne would certainly be worth a throw but we would only recommend giving it a few hours of your time. Wait until we get another good decent bit of rain and we see a few more fish in the system before giving it a full day. If the sun stays behind the clouds this evening we might chance a run at the lower end with the fly.

Email: Web:

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Trout Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Trout rivers

On the river scene, many rivers are still coloured but water levels are dropping and clearing. There should be better information on trout fishing available over the coming weeks as conditions improve.

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South Western Region


Lough na Mona

Nick Gough arrived on the 8th and the following day we decided to try Lough Namona.  We had good sport with the brown trout catching at least a dozen and with 2 of them around a pound each. 
John Quinlan
Salmon and Bass fishing Guide
Thatch Cottage, Kenneigh West, Cahersiveen, Co Kerry.
Tel: +353 (0)64 9474721
Email: Web:

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Lough Sheelin

Daniel Levy had a good week on Sheelin with fish of 1.5 lbs, 2 fish of 2 lbs and one at 3 lbs, 3 lbs 13 ozs , 4 lbs 7 ozs and 5 lb 4 ozs . His friend had fish of 1.5 lbs and 2 fish at 2 lbs and a 6 lbs. fish also

Lough O'Flynn and Upper Suck

Regular shore anglers are enjoying quite good trout fishing on Lough O'Flynn most evenings. The River Suck and tribs were out of order for fishing due to high flood conditions and strong winds last week. This week’s weather is much more settled which is expected up to the weekend and possibly beyond.  
For updates contact John Ryan,  Assistant Fisheries Inspector Co Roscommon at 087 2536064.

Lough Owel

Lough Owel is fishing reasonably well with anglers meeting fish in the 2lb bracket. The Ace Cup was fished on the lake on Sunday April 11th. 40 anglers weighed in fish. The winner was Pat Noone with a fish of 0.9 kg. Second was John Corcoran and third was Eugene Fagan. 

Lough Ree

JAMES AND MICHAEL COMPLETE THEIR HAT TRICK: Last Sunday the clubs first catch and release only trout competition took place on Lough Ree. As in previous years the Fallon Memorial Cup attracted a great entry with thirty three boats taking part which makes it the largest competition we have held for a number of years. With the sun beating down on what was the hottest day of the year so far anglers set off in good form but no wind and hot sun the fishing proved difficult but James Kearney and Michael Sherriff have a special affinity with the Fallon Memorial Cup having won it twice in the last number of years and they were determined to go for the hat trick.
Paul and Richie Fallon were manning the scales on each side of the lake and it was Richie on the Leinster side who had the busier day weighing fish as none were brought to Paul on the Connaught side.
The presentation of prizes took place that evening in McNeill’s Bar where as usual Arlene was an excellent host. With no scales to take down as all the fish had been weighed and released on the lake during the day Paul got stuck straight into his speech and confirmed that James and Michael had indeed achieved their hat trick with a trout weighing 4lb 14ozs. The competition for the remaining places was close and it was Club Chairman Michael Ganly along with Doc Doherty who clinched second prize with a trout weighing 2lb 12ozs. Third place went to father and son Tony and Declan Doolan for their 2lb 5oz trout while brothers Johnny and Hugh Tobin received fourth prize for their 2lb 1oz trout. Fifth place was awarded to Pat Rohan and Madeline Malone for their 1lb 4.5oz trout.
Our sincere thanks to the Fallon family for their very generous sponsorship of this competition and in particular to Paul and Richie who were the Captains of the Day and also to Arlene McNeill for the excellent hospitality on the night.

THE CASTLE INN CUP: The competition for the castle Inn Cup will take place next Sunday 18th April and as usual the start will be from Gallagher’s Boat Shed at 10.30am and will finish with line up at 6.00pm. The weigh in and presentation of prizes will take place that evening in the Castle Inn with the scales down at 8.30pm. The Castle Inn was recently taken over by John McDermott and it was at his instigation that this competition was reinstated into the competition calendar and we would like to thank John for this and wish him well with his new business in the Castle Inn.

FOR YOUR DIARY: The following is the schedule of competitions that it is proposed to hold over the next few weeks Please note this list may change due to unforeseen circumstances, however the details of each competition will be published in this newspaper, the website and sent out to members by text message in the week prior to each competition.

18th April – The Castle Inn Cup,
25th April – The Tipperary Water Cup (Pike),
2nd May – No competition,
9th May – The Donovan Cup,
16th May – The Lough Ree Inn Cup,
23rd May – The Barra Flynn Memorial Cup,
30th May – The Teddy Browne Memorial Cup

Lough Derg

Most anglers on Lough Derg last Sunday were concentrating on trout fishing. About fifteen boats took part in the trolling competition organised by Garrykennedy Fishing Club and sponsored by TJ’s Tackle shop in Ballina. The sunny conditions militated against good fishing and only seven fish were produced for the weigh-in.

Congratulations to John Kennedy who won the event with a trout of 3 lbs 4ozs. In second place was Sean Lyons (2lbs 6ozs) and third was Martin O’ Brien and Keelin O’ Connor (1 lb 9ozs).

Other anglers who caught fish were: Eddie McGrath, 1 lb 7ozs; Peter Ahern 1 lb 7ozs and Alan and Martin Slattery, 1lbs 8ozs. The winner John Kennedy also had a second fish of 1 lbs 11ozs.

Fly fishing on Lough Derg starts in earnest this Sunday when Garrykennedy Fishing Club hosts a wetfly competition sponsored by Sherry Fitzgerald Talbot Auctioneers of Nenagh. The competition will be held in conjunction with the tenth annual Tommy Giblin Memorial trout fly fishing competition hosted by Scarriff, Whitegate and Mountshannon Angling Club.

The competition, the first major open event of the season, starts at Ducey’s Marina, Scarriff, at 11am following the blessing of boats.

Afterwards, in the panoramic elevated setting of Ducey’s overlooking the lake, the Giblin family will host the weigh-in and a complimentary barbecue including musical entertainment by trumpeter Johnny Carroll.

The entry fee is €30 per angler at Ducey’s from 9.30 am on the morning of the competition. John Kennedy and Brian Maloney of Garrykennedy are taking entries up to Saturday on the Tipperary side of the lake.

Boats and/or accommodation can be arranged in advance by contacting Padraic Giblin at 086 2520663.
Peter Gleeson
Nenagh Guardian

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Western Region


Lough Corrib

Finally some proper action on the Western lakes. After the long cold winter, and the recent drought followed by torrential rain, spring has sprung on Corrib, Mask and Carra. Massive duckfly hatches have been in full swing all week, with clouds of smaller midges also hatching and proving a nuisance to many out on the lakes.

The weather has been dominated by high pressure, with very bright and calm conditions prevailing, so the best fishing has been in the evenings, with buzzer nymphs proving the most successful method.

In the Greenfields-Cornamona area, 69 anglers reported 75 trout in 110 rod-days, with the best recorded at 16 lbs. Irish Angler’s Mike Shanks had a red letter day on Sunday, landing 9 trout for approx. 16 lbs on buzzers, releasing most of the fish, while Swiss visitor William Martin took a fine fish of 11.5 lbs while fishing with J. Thomas. Greenfields Anglers held a competition on Sunday, with Frank Reilly taking first place with 2 trout for 4.3 lbs, with Craig McKirdy second with one trout for 2.2 lbs. Aidan O’Halloran took first prize in the Ennis Anglers Foley Cup held out of Greenfields, with 2 trout for 6.1 lbs. Padraic O’Loughlin was second with 1 trout for 3.3 lbs, with J. Moroney third with a trout of 3.13 lbs.

The Corr na Mona Anglers held a heaviest fish competition, with 10 anglers landing 17 fish. Peter Walsh took the prize with his fish of 4.35 lbs. Mike Shanks was second with a fish of 3.5lbs, while Roy Pierce was third with a trout of 2.6 lbs.
The Garda Trout and Salmon Anglers held the Paul Reid Cup competition over the weekend, with 32 anglers competing. First place went to Aidan Kelly, with 5 trout for 9.6 lbs. Seamus Kelly was second with 3 trout for 3.13 lbs, and Mick Benson was third with 2 trout for 3.08 lbs.

Young Oisin Reilly will be a proud man having outfished dad Frank on a recent trip, landing his first trout on fly, a nice 2 lbs fish, and on the same evening taking his first fish on the troll, a cracking trout of 8.5 lbs.

Photo: Philip McBride was trolling on Good Friday just off Inishmicatreer when he hooked and landed a monster ferox trout of 16 lbs 3oz

I also got a report from Burkhard Hobler of a fine fish taken by one of his clients over Easter. Dublin man Philip McBride was trolling on Good Friday just off Inishmicatreer when he hooked and landed a monster ferox trout of 16 lbs 3oz. The fish was officially weighed on a certified scales and will be submitted for a specimen award. Burkhard can be contacted through his website at or email

Over on the Oughterard side, angling has improved with the upturn in temperatures and good hatches of fly. Lots of fish have been showing, but not proving as easy to catch! The Collinamuck competition fished on Sunday had an entry of 68 anglers, landing 30 trout over minimum size. Mike Keady took first prize with 4 trout for 4.375 kgs. Harold O’Toole was second with 3 trout for 3.25 kgs, and Joe Quinn from Mayo took third with 3 trout for 2.55 kgs. Basil Shields landed the heaviest fish with a trout of 1.45 kgs.

A party of Welsh anglers staying at Lal Faherty’s Lakelands reported 50 trout for their week, including 3 trout for 6.5 lbs for Nigel Davies. Dai Williams had 5 for 7 lbs, plus another 5 returned, and Glen Jones had 6 trout for 15 lbs.
Another party of Finnish anglers were deterred by floods on their trip to the Blackwater River and decided to fish Corrib. Fishing with guide Gerry Molloy from Glann, they caught fish of 5 lbs, 3 lbs and 2.5 lbs, all returned alive. Emmet Gardner from Roscahill and fishing partner Jim Brazil from Australia were delighted with their catch, a fine trout of 11 lbs 6 oz taken off Birchall on a lure. Finally, John McElhinney from Northern Ireland and his fishing partner landed 8 trout for 3 days, mostly to wetfly.

Finnegans LakeTrout Fishery

The start of the week was a total washout, as we are all well aware. The lake rose a good foot and a half with all the rain. As the weather began to pick up by midweek, the fish began to move on the surface. There were plenty of terrestrials being blown onto the water. Saturday started off slow, with the fish reluctant to feed on top but by early afternoon there was a great rise of fish. There were good hatches of olives and plenty of buzzers coming off. Sunday was the same but with the added bonus of the first proper hatch of sedge this year as well as plenty of black knat.

Richie Jordan had at least 10 fish to 4.5 lbs on Saturday on a size 18 brown knat. Good catches were also had by Brian Dolin and Paul Kelly with most fish averaging 2-3lbs.

The magic flies for Sunday were emerging buzzers and peeping caddis which took some nice fish for Ronnie Daniels and Myself.

With the weather promised good for the week, we should see a continuation of the good hatches, especially in the evenings. Low diameter leader and a gentle approach on the bank are a must as the fish are well educated at this stage. Thrashing the water with heavy lines and big flies will get you nowhere!!

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North Western Region

Bryan Ward reports:


Lough Conn

Lough Conn continued to fish well throughout the week, with fish being taken on Buzzers, Duckflies, Bibios and even some being caught on dry flies! In the Bog Bay area John Cooney, Chicago, had one trout at 1 lb while Mike Murray, Leeds, had three trout totalling 4 lbs and all fish were tempted by Bibios. In the Cloghans area Stephen Brown had two trout for 4lbs on Buzzers. Susan and Walter Byrne, Co. Offaly, fishing in the Cloghans area, had a total of thirty trout for a week’s angling with fish being taken on both wet and dry flies. Seamus Kelly, Cloghans, had six trout all over 1 lb.
Fishing out of Pontoon Bridge Hotel, Hans and Achim Bauer, Germany, had two trout for two pounds. Finally, Fred Finlay, Crossmolina, had success while trolling off Inishlee catching a fine 10 lbs salmon.

Ballin Lough

Ballin Lough has continued its good start to the season with a total of twenty one rods fishing for the week, accounting for a total catch of 61 Rainbow Trout of which 41 were safely released. Brian Mc Gowan had a total of 12 Rainbow Trout with the best fish weighing 4.2 lbs. Orla Walsh and friend caught 6 trout with their best weighing at 3.5 lbs. C. Mannion and friends, fishing three rods, had a total of 9  trout with the best of their catch weighing 2.5 lbs. Finally, Tommy Carroll and friend, Islandeady, had 8 trout for their outing with their best weighing 3.5 lbs.

Lough Doon

Lough Doon has started to produce some good angling for those who have tried the lough. Derick King of Galway had five trout for his day, four of which were returned with the best weighing 1 lb. All were taken on Olives. Peter McManus, Antrim, had a successful day catching 10 trout and returning 9 all taken with black Duckflies. Dromahair angler, Arron Devenny, had five trout on olive-nymphs with the heaviest at 1.25 lbs. Finally Paul Flanagan, Sligo, had two trout on duckflies, both of which were released. For information on permits or booking a boat on Lough Doon, please contact the Blue Devon, Main Street Dromahair on 071 9164134.

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Northern Region

Lindsey Clarke reports:


Lough Melvin

Lough Melvin started to fish very well for trout this week with the improvement in the weather. There were finally decent hatches of early sedges and buzzers and good catches of trout were reported, mainly on wet fly. This week should prove productive for trout.

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Loughs Agency area

Lionel Knobbs reports:


Cashel Trout Fishery

Beautiful weather has brought trout to the surface in quite promising numbers.  Billy Stevenson (England) took one trout home weighing 2lb 4ozs while John Hall (Campsie) used dries, buzzers and bloodworms to bank twenty trout.  Martin Bradley (Dungiven) released eight trout using dries and zonkers in the evening.  Kieran Mc Garrigle (Limavady) released six and bagged two weighing 4lb 13ozs which fell to buzzers and white fry.  Christopher McKinley and Vincent Harkin (Gleneely, Donegal) banked seven between them with Vincent’s big trout weighing 8lb 12ozs which took a wee bibio.  Christopher’s trout weighed 3lb which also took a bibio.  James Kelly (Feeny) bagged two at 4lb 11ozs and released three others back into the lake.  John Hasson (Dungiven) released fifteen trout over two short days using dries and an f-fly.  Tommy Reilly (Maghera) bagged two weighing 4lb 8ozs and released two which took wee nymphs.

Well done to all!
17 Birren Road , Dungiven, BT47 4SH, 
Tel/Fax: 028777 42159
email:  Website:

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Coarse Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Monaghan area

Water conditions in the lakes in the Monaghan area were described as near perfect by local coarse angler and fishing guide Peadar O'Brien. Following the heavy rain of recent weeks, the water level has now dropped considerably but has not yet cleared fully. The remaining tinge of colour in the water has meant that fish are moving closer to the bank than usual.

Some good coarse angling has been reported from Lough Muckno in Co Monaghan. The feeder is reportedly producing the best results at the moment with good bags of roach and skimmers being taken in the Concra Wood area of the lake.


Nice tench to 5 lbs have been taken from the shore in recent weeks on Monalty Lake outside Carrickmacross. Sweetcorn is producing good results.

Carp to 15 lbs have been taken on the Brothers lake in Carrickmacross with popped up boilies producing the majority of fish.

Capragh Lake has also been producing good results and local angler Kieran Roach from Carrickmacross had nice bags of skimmers, roach and hybrids recently on an 8m whip. Fish are again in close because of the slight colour in the water.

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Southern Region


Barrow produces the goods yet again.

Photo: Junior Carlow member Lewis Parr with a 31 lb bag of Roach.

Nine members of the Carlow Coarse Angling Club decended on the picturesque St.Mullins on Sunday 11th April. The day was absolutley glorious with excellent Roach fishing, sun and good craic. It took a while for the fish to come on the feed. Most lads fished the feeder whilst Gerry mcStraw fished a stick float at two rod lenghts to bag two faboulous Bream and several large 1.5lb quality Roach all mounting to 30 lb, Junior member Lewis Parr bagged 31 lb of Roach, whilst Duncan Collins managed a bag of 40 lb. The rest of the lads had good bags of Roach and methods varied from the Stick float to 8 mtr whips to feeders.

If anyone wishes to fish the Barrow or need information regarding Coarse Angling they can contact Gerry mc Straw on 085 2844566,.
Gerry McStraw
Tel: 085 2844566

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:



Friday 9th April - I'm sure regular readers will not be surprised to hear the fishing has not improved. Despite a beautiful spring day, the shoals have yet to appear. The week around St. Patricks day was the best week so far when several Pike over 20 lbs and bags of Roach to 40 lbs were reported. This was when the air temperature was at it's peak and the water level was almost 2' lower than today.
I had a go for an hour but only had three fish, a Rudd, a Perch and a Roach, none of which exceeded 1/2 oz. I also tried the Roscommon harbour where a solitary Roach of 2oz was my only reward in 45 minutes. Others came and went on the stretch without too much excitement. My evening session produced a 2oz Roach and a 6oz Perch. Quite frankly, I don't know why I bother!

Saturday 10th April - I was confined to the shop for what was the warmest day so far this year. A few anglers came and went and I didn't hear of any significant catches. A small Pike was caught near the harbour which is crammed with fry. My evening session was pretty much the same as the last few days, 9 fish with a total weight of not over 5ozs. At dusk there was absolutely no surface activity whatsoever. I honestly think it will be next weekend before I get any action here.

 Sunday 11th April - It was quite warm in the April sun this afternoon and many casual anglers tried their luck. I don't think a single fish was caught. I went out at 7pm and before the sun went down, had 6 of the usual sprat sized fish that have taken residence in the slack water below the gusher. As the sun disappeared, I moved to the bush above Ryan's gate where first cast a 2lb Hybrid was hooked and beaten. I haven't been so happy since Tottenham were knocked out of the F.A. cup. Ten minutes later a good sized Roach had the better of me and I waited 'til it was nearly dark before I hooked another. I weighed it in at 1lb 2oz. So it appears some fish may be caught this forthcoming week after all. The water has receded but not by much. Let's hope for a rain free April, or what's left of it.

Monday 12th April - The alarm was set for 05.45 and I somehow managed to get out of bed soon after. This was to be my first early session of the year and I'd forgotten just how cold an April dawn was. There was no surface activity and despite very hot water coming from the gusher, it was looking ominous. I chose the bush swim above Ryans gate and lobbed in two balls of groundbait. 2nd run through a 6oz Roach was landed, closely followed by a lb 2 oz fish. The following two hours were patchy but I totalled 14 fish for about 5 and a 1/2 pounds. After a breakfast break I returned to get another 14 fish but their average weight was far smaller. Peter wood joined me and fished opposite the gap. His ten fish or so were of a good stamp averaging 10 oz a piece. It was nice to see quality fish back in the stretch.
I have no evening report as I decided to embark on my first Inny session. Starting at Ballymahon on the steps, I had a Salmon Parr first cast and followed this with 7 Roach, the best going close on a pound. Then I drove to Maladys to join Peter and Frank. By the end of the evening we had amassed about 40 fish between us, with a couple topping a pound. My contribution was 10 Roach, 2 Perch and a Trout. My most satisfying day so far this year, (I'm easily pleased)

Tuesday 13th April - It was even harder to get up this morning (ooh-er!) but after a slowish start I had just under 10 lbs of Roach with a solitary Hybrid. Three fish were around a pound, but nothing really exciting. I had a short break before starting again at 11.30. The fishing wasn't as good as between 7- 9am but I did manage to beat my personal best Roach. Despite two attempts at weighing, the fish refused to put on 1/2 an ounce so I had to settle for 1lb 15.5 oz. Perhaps it's my destiny never to catch a "2"

Photo: Paul with a lovely Roach of 1lb 15.5ozs, just short of the specimen size - this was a personal best fish.

The evening session was very poor. Phillip and Joe were above me and two others below, all on the feeder or lead. I hooked but lost 3 good fish, 1 of which was a large foul-hooked Hybrid. I only caught a single Roach of 12 oz, whilst Joe caught one considerably bigger. Everyone else blanked except one angler fishing with a shallow worm on the gusher had a couple of Perch of 12 oz or so. He also reported several Perch approaching specimen weight from the harbour.
Paul Waghorne

Mohill and Carrick on Shannon

Water levels are fine after the rain of last week and are dropping back nicely with most fish starting to move around. Some nice Tench were caught from the ramp at the cottage last week by a group of Dublin anglers staying at the cottage.
Brian Bohan
Mohill, County Leitrim
Tel +353 (0)71 9631870
Email Web

Lough Rinn

Oisin Mac Aodhagain reports on a recent trip to Lough Rinn:

I fished (Coarse, Cage Feeder) on Lough Rinn from 6am on Friday 9th until about 6pm on Saturday 10th of April. The lake was very very high, the highest its been in years but I did not let it interfere with my fishing plans. Pre-baiting is essential the night before if you wish to catch big nets. Due to the current conditions of the lake not much was happening, however I did manage to land two beautiful hybrids and one Roach. One of my angling partners also caught some very big Tench, some weighing up to 3.5 lbs. Weather was heavenly and the lake looks very promising for the summer.


Water level is a couple of feet above normal but has been receding each day as the weather improves. The Sheebeen and Salmon Run are fishing well with good bags of Roach and Skimmers falling to feeder, but pole seems to the better method producing a fish a cast some 4 metres out. It's a similar story at Fairyhill and Town stretches, but with some good Bream also being caught, although not in huge quantities. Fish seem to be feeding late morning to early evening as temperatures rise.


The Angling School will be up and running within a couple of weeks. I will mainly be catering for the novice angler from 10 years old to adult and instruction will be both theoretical and bankside. Topics covered., water safety, environment, baits, pole, feeder and float fishing. All bait and tackle provided. Tuition group or individual as required. Can also provide meals/accommodation. As well as boat hire. I wiil be providing a separate tackle hire service. This should be of particular interest to schools, community groups and holiday makers. I would be happy to do a presentation on coarse fishing to any interested parties. My wife and I are attending a course next week run by The Sports Council of Ireland on Child Protection in Sport which should be of benefit.
Mike Murray ,
MURRAY'S B&B, Derryhiney, Portumna
Tel +353 909759596
Email Web

Mid River Suck

There's little coarse fishing to report. The River Suck was in flood last week due to heavy rain in the catchment. The competition for anglers with disabilities organised by Cuisle Holiday Centre had to be cancelled due to the conditions.
Further local info contact Mr John Ryan, Assistant Fisheries Inspector Tel: 094 96 40103 Mob: 087 2536064 and John Devaney, Assistant Fisheries Inspector, Roscommon for the lower River Suck  087 2266735

River Inny

Tom Foxe's angling stretch

The River Inny has been very high but is starting to drop back now. Roach are moving up through the system and anglers are having some success. Not many Bream yet. A few anglers are meeting some Bream late in the evening and are worth targeting at this time from now on.
Tommy Foxe
Annagh, The Pigeons, Athlone County Westmeath
Tel +353 90 6485284 Mob: 087 9960173 for enquiries and boat hire
Email Web

Peter's column

April 5th, Peter went out yesterday to get just bite that resulted in a Hybrid of a pound and a half. There are Roach in the river, seen topping, but these are probably very small and most certainly not feeding. The river is high, but with improving conditions, the possibility of a Bream may occur.
April 9th, A bit of excitement today, a very large Bream estimated at around 6 lb was lost at the net. Peter was fishing peg 32, "the bog hole" at Tom Foxes. A few Perch and a Hybrid were the other fish caught, but things are looking up.

April 12th, - Loads of Roach seen coming through Toms, but unwilling to feed. Only a handful caught at Maladys but good sized. Roach at Ballymahon.

Mullingar Area

Ballinafid lake has started to produce some Carp, best fish of 15 lbs and 17 lbs. Other than this coarse fishing has been reported as slow.

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Northern Region

Alice Murtagh reports: 


Cootehill Easter Festival

Results for the Annual Cootehill Easter Festival.  25 anglers fished Skeagh Lake, Barnagrove and Annaghierin L. over three days.  The following is a list of the winners:

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Northern Ireland


Waterways Ireland Junior Angling Classic

Jack Tisdall from the Cloughballymill Angling Centre reports on the 2nd leg of the Junior Classic in the Co. Fermanagh area near Enniskillen.

The third and final round of the Waterway’s Ireland Junior Classic took place on Saturday in glorious conditions on the River Erne, Broadmeadow and Derrychara sections.

The individual winner of this final match was Anna Theedom (Erne Integrated) with 2.460 Kgs on Derrychara peg 6.

Runner up was Jack Pincombe (Lisnaskea High School) 1.850 Kgs with Kieran Kelly (Erne Integrated) third with 1.120 Kgs.

Eleven year old Anna Theedom was the overall champion on 2 Points with a weight of 3.720 Kgs. narrowly beating Kieran Kelly to the title, Kieran also had 2 points but only had 2.960 Kgs in weight.

Anna also won the under 14 age group with Paul Burke (Erne Integrated) second on 4 points and Charlie Pincombe (Lisnaskea High School) third on 6 points.

Kieran won the over 14 age group with Jack Pincombe (Lisnaskea High School) second on 3 points and Daniel Wright (Portora)
third also with 3 points but less weight.

In the team event Erne Integrated were the clear winners on 14 points however the lower placings were very close with Lisnaskea High School second on 21, Portora third on 22 and St Michaels fourth on 24.

A total of 27 anglers representing 15 schools took part.

The prize giving took place in glorious sunshine on the banks of the river, were Jack Tisdall Secretary Erne Anglers (organiser).  Thank the Sponsors Waterway’s Ireland and FDC for their support. He also thanked the members of the club for their assistance in providing Coaching and stewarding for the event.  
Jack Tisdall

Cloughballymill Angling Centre
Unit 3, Sligo Road, Enniskillen. BT74 7JY
Tel: +44 28 6632 2008
Web: E-mail:

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Pike Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


The warm weather and increased temperatures in recent days has led to an increase in pike spawning activity on many lakes in the Eastern Region. Some anglers have decided not to fish during this period. Reports have indicated that numbers of small jack pike are been taken at many venues in the north east. However a number of larger fish have also been landed.

Peadar O'Brien reported good sport on the lakes around Carrickmacross with his best fish caught locally coming from Rahan’s lake. Peadar also had a nice 16 lb fish on Muckno which was taken on a trolled lure. Peadars tip this week is "try a spinnerbait".

Bernard Desruelles from France had a nice 90 cm fish from Lough Muckno during his recent stay in Co. Monaghan.

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Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


Lough McHugh

A party of five Belgian anglers fished Lough Mc Hugh from float tubes on Tuesday and  had 22 pike in total, best fish was a 15 lbs. fish.

Brian Bohan
Mohill, County Leitrim
Tel +353 (0)71 9631870
Email Web

River Inny

The River Inny was about a foot higher than normal and was faster for this Kingspan Qualifier. That said the water was clear and most of us expected reasonable catches. In the event the pike weren't taking and the 92 anglers only managed to catch and return 42 pike. There were 2 other factors at play, bright sunshine and spawning pike. We had thought that spawning would have been over but most anglers saw pike spawning some at their feet !!!!

Entries were taken in Sloweys Oasis Bar and we returned there to calculate the results. John and Philomena kindly laid on a huge number of sandwiches and gave us a bottle of whiskey and wine for the raffle. The top 5 who qualified to fish in the Final were

Pat Dunphy caught the best pike at 15-06 and took first prize in the pool a nice €230.
The top 10 today will fish against 10 guys from the Polish Club Fishmaniak. In addition to the above 5 the following finished 6th to 10th  - Terry Sheridan, Mickey Doherty, Sean Markey, Eddie Johnston and Robbie McShane.
We were delighted to welcome 4 members of Fishmaniak who took part today.

Next Venues are:
May - Killywilly Lake near Ballyconnell.
June - River Suck
July - Shannon, possibly Castleconnell, date may change
August - Erne at Belturbet,
September - Mayo venue yet to be clarified
October - Lough Acannon in Co. Cavan
November - Rossmore Park Lakes
December - Ross lake near Castleblaney
January - Lough Sillan

John Chambers

River Suck Valley

Uwe Pinnau and friends report on their recent trip to a very flooded River Suck Valley

"Just few miles away of Dublin airport we noticed some snow beside the street and the Wicklow mountains were covered in white too, oh oh!

We met John Ryan right the next day and he told us that the water levels increased dramatically in the past two days. Not easy for such a nice person like John to become the deliverer of bad news like that. Not what we wanted to hear but everything but shocking. We got used to the weather over the years and knew what to do to match with some pike which hopefully were not in a spawning mood.

A first try with all kinds of multicoloured lures on the river didn’t really work, some jacks fell on frog-like looking lures and soft plastics in a nearby lake.
Next day the weather was so bad that we decided to spend the morning hours in our cosy accommodation, “Feeney’s Cottage” in Dysart, one of the best places to be when the weather forces you to stay inside.
Tried some bank fishing at Holygrove lake that evening but just saw some fish.

The next two days fishing went quiet good and we could manage to catch some fish in low and mid double figures up to a descent 1,04 m pike of about 18lbs.
That’s what I call “Bingo” but the weather god went angry again and it started raining cats and dogs the whole night and day through. After that the river was flooded far beyond our personally known highest level and we drove metres high over places where the kettle was on for tea last year.
Pike were hard to find and convince of our baits then but the coarse fish were in a good feeding mood and Chris caught a nice one.

All in all we had a good craic and some really good fish and since we know that it could have been much better, we’re looking forward to come back next year.

It’s kind of ironic that the rain stopped and temperatures raised high the day we left!!"
Uwe Pinnau

Lough Derg

Monster pike on fly

All of my life as an angler I have watched other guys bringing in the big fish, hoping that one day I too would catch the monster of my dreams.

Well, my dream of landing “the big one” came true on Sunday last on Lough Derg. Myself and my boat partner Austin Kenny set out from Garrykennedy at 11am, more in hope than in confidence, as the glorious warm day was not the kind of weather that is usually good for fishing.
As well as everything else, we were doing the experimental stuff: While many anglers in the Derg area are renowned for their skills with a trout fly rod, it’s not at all in our tradition in this part of the world to try to catch pike with a fly.

Still, Austin and I decided to give it a go, encouraged as we were by our first pike fly fishing venture together exactly a year ago when a half a day on the lake yielded us three small jack pike.
On Sunday last we headed over to the Clare side of the lake, fishing the shallows in Church Bay. After about an hour of fruitless effort my fly rod suddenly doubled over with the tug of a fierce lifeforce on the other end of the line.

To be honest, it felt like I had mistakenly hooked a bull calf in the ear. Whatever was on the other end of the line surged to the debts and doubled my fly rod to one hundred and eighty degrees. In four decades as a fisherman, I had never felt power like this before. The reel screamed and off the fish raced on a run towards the Tipperary shore.
Heart pounding, I eventually eased the unseen creature back in the direction of the boat but it still refused to come even close to the surface of the lake. It was a full ten minutes before I even managed to catch a glimpse of the magnificent fish on the end of the line.
Oh God! Monster! Lough Derg Monster! The fish, a beautiful hen pike, was about three feet long. Several times I tried to bring her to the net but again and again she surged to the depths to try to make good her escape. After 15 minutes she finally came to Austin’s net, an event that was, I can assure you, greeted by loud cheers and whoops of delight from both of us.
Unfortunately we had no weighing scales but estimated that the fish was at least over the 20 lbs mark. Austin then photographed her several times and we both marvelled and admired the beautiful creature for a minute or so before we put her back to where she belonged. Thankfully, she swam lively away back into the black deep of the lake, looking none the worse for her experience.

derg pike
Photo: 20lb pike on fly from Lough Derg

Again this monster fish underlines the world class angling we have here on our own doorstep. Let’s tackle our pollution once and for all and preserve this wonderful tourist amenity for future generations to enjoy.
Peter Gleeson
Nenagh Guardian

FisHerman report

April is always a difficult month to fish for pike, mostly because of the water temperature which influences the spawning time.  Do they start early or late this year, and are they yet to be caught with lures? This winter was very cold, so cold that even some parts of Lough Derg were frozen; I’ve never seen this before! However, we went fishing with the first spring guests, this time from France. For them, fishing on a lake of this size is extraordinary challenging and even more dangerous because of the rocks, especially the ones you can’t see on the surface.

Never the less, on the first day, one of the anglers caught his personal best pike, a 97 cm fish of around 18 pounds, but the following days it was hard work to catch only 3 to 4 pike per day. On the last day the hard work was rewarded with a 102 cm pike of about 22 pounds.

We have been casting a lot using the Jerkbait technique but pike proved very hard to hook. Neither trolling brought us the fish we would have wanted although we weren’t very surprised with a water temperature of 8°c.

The temperature of the water is rising quickly now with this great weather. We can't wait to see the pike starting to feed properly again and to get some action.
Herman Molenaar
Pike Guide and Boat Hire
Tel: +353 (0)87 985 74 91
Email: Web:

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Sea Angling Update

Eastern Region

David Byrne reports:


Sea angling on the east coast was described as being in that transitional period when things are difficult and slow. However, more anglers are starting to venture out. The draw for the last man standing competition scheduled to be held by Wexford Sea Angling Club were made this week with club members competing one on one through to the end of May. Details on joining the WSAC can be obtained from club Secretary Martin Howlin.

Numbers of small bass are being recorded in the Wexford area and at a number of other venues along the east coast to north County Dublin. Angling guide Jim Hendrick from Wexford has posted some nice photos of bass caught recently in this area on his website at Some nice flounder are also being taken in the Wexford area but the are not there in big numbers yet.

Conditions for the competition held at Maurice Castle last weekend were very tought, with bright sunny conditions and clear water. Some small dabs and whiting were landed. Around 66 anglers fished.

Estuary bass


14/04/10 Pat Connolly from Waterford was fishing this morning hoping to hit a nice trout - he did land silver but of a different kind!

A little bit of fishing in your day.
Jim Hendrick
Bass Angling Guide
SEAi, 8 St Johns Road, Wexford, Ireland.
Telephone: +353 53 9123351
E-mail: Web:

Kilmore Quay angling report

11/04/10 An absolutley fantastic day to be out on the water. As planned the three of us steamed out of Kilmore harbour at 6am. Neap tides and light North Easterly winds allowed us to investigate how the light tackle would cope in deeper water. Target species would be any predators that would attack a moving soft plasitic on a light jig head. Previously we have light tackle fished water up to depths of 40 feet to great effect when conditions allowed, today the depths we targeted were ranging from 60 to just over 100 feet.

It took a while to find the correct type of ground we could fish effectively, blindly dropping your lure over the side of the boat is not going to get you anywhere, so a keen eye on the depth sounder is required. Once we found suitable ground the fishing got going with Pat taking the first 3 fish all over 5lb, fine lumps of Pollock that refused to come to the boat without a good quality fight. They had a good depth advanatge and they used it very well, doubling up the light rods and stripping line off the 4000 sized reels.

Barry was next in, a fine Wrasse smashed his lure and was digging in like a tick, eventualy Barry got the better of him and eased him up through the depths, another fine fish on board. I was playing ‘Guinness card’….. good things come to those who wait until a 6lb + Pollock smashed me on an underwater ledge, epic fight on the light gear, up and down like a demented yoyo…brilliant stuff altogether.

A triple hook up was on the cards soon after with Pollock taking a serious liking to the lures, a good bit of banter ensued on who had the best corner of the boat! The fishing continued with a good stamp of fish all above 3lb, which was an improvement on our last outing, granted we were in a different area/depth.

Photo: 5lb wrasse on a soft plastic lure.

Pat landed a lovely Wrasse in the afternoon, 5lb and a half pound of madness, that fight lasted awhile. A quality fish by anyones standards and to land it on such light gear..hats off to him. Your codding me.. the man does it again…Barry always gets a Cod ! A lovely 5lb fish took a liking to the purple and black lure and put a smile on Barrys face, and I let off few chosen words for good measure. It was to be the best Cod of the day too. Pat also took a ling over some rough ground, a nice suprise which raised some more ideas for the future.

The fishing was good but it took a bit of work to find good ambush ground. We found the most successful colours for the day were Aurora Shad and Aniseed. 22g jig heads were adequate to get to the bottom as long as we used a lure with a slim profile. The light tackle handled the fish very well, a slight drag adjustment was all that was required really.

Its only early April with the water temp reading 7.5/8 degrees and the fishing is quality already, cant wait for the summer to roll in !

14/04/10 Fresh North Easterly greeted us over high water this evening, made fishing the light lures difficult, water clarity was varying from poor to good depending on location. 
Danny Meagher
Wexford Angling Blog

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South Western Region

Michael Hennessy reports:
E Mail:


Bass on the fly and plug


12/04/10 A good few bass have started to show on the fly and plugs. Nothing big - up to about 5lb. If the weather stays calm we should have a good year for the game angler,
Kevin Brain
KB Fishing Ireland
Waterville, Co. Kerry.
Telephone: +353 66 9474942
E-mail: Website:


On the 10th Nick Gough and I decided to focus on the bass and had one of those days we will remember for a long time.  Between the 2 of us we had 27 bass with the best one being 63cm (5.5lbs).  This 5.5lber was a personal best for Nick.  Most were caught on light spinning rods with a few on the fly. 

The good sport continued on the 11th with Nick and I managing 18, all bar one on the fly.  Nick had the lions share at 11, all were on the fly with a few fish around 55cm.  The weather was exceptionally warm and settled and the daytime temperature on the 11th peaked at 20 celcius. 

This really warmed up the water which made for some exceptional fishing.
John Quinlan
Salmon and Bass fishing Guide
Thatch Cottage, Kenneigh West, Cahersiveen, Co Kerry.
Tel: +353 (0)64 9474721
Email: Web:

Courtmacsherry sea angling report

Summer has arrived, plenty of fine weather, water temperatures rising and the fish getting hungry!  We fished the reefs and wrecks over the last few days and the results were good.   On the reefs good pollack to 8 lbs, Ling, codling, conger, wrasse, Pouting and many coalfish to 4 lbs. ,not very big but good sport on light tackle. 

While fishing the inshore wrecks we caught good ling to 8 kg, and pollack to 5 kg. 

In the Estuary last weekend there was good fishing with Flounder in abundance, one session 10 decent fish were caught just shy of the Specimen weight.  Bass are being caught but only a few fish so far, one magnificent fish was landed a fish of 11.5 lbs. caught on a german sprat off Fíalnabó by a Polish angler fishing for Pollack.  During the next slack tides with hopefully good weather we are planning a few excursions to the offshore wrecks to target big Coalies and Cod, 
will keep you posted, 
Mark Gannon

Shannon Region

Brian McManus reports:


West Clare Shore Angling Report

Bridges of Ross

The first mackerel of the season were caught here recently.
Wrasse and pollack will be close in any day now.
Try fishing in the deeper gullies with crab for wrasse and deep spin sandeel for Pollock.

Poulnasherry Bay

The crabs are back and so are the first Thornback Ray! Best bait sandeel. Frequent rebaiting necessary to keep ahead of the crabs!
A few Bull Huss are also turning up. Anglers fishing Lugworm are getting some Bass.

Carrigaholt Pier

Conger close to Pier wall.
Dogfish with chance of a Thornback Ray casting further out.


White Strand, Doonbeg and Doughmore Beach

Bass in Surf conditions.  Best bait Lugworm.

Baltard Cliffs

Anglers with a head for heights are catching Wrasse on Limpets.

Cappa Pier and Aylevarroo

Bull Huss and Thornback Ray are turning up at times.
Mackerel or sandeel best baits.

Tight lines,
Bill Ryan
Shore Angling Guide
Querrin St., Kilkee, Co. Clare. 
+353 87 4130122   
E-mail: Web:

Lots of wrasse off Looop Head

Back fishing last weekend with 2 day charters. There was no sign of any Mackerel so we had to settle for frozen bait, some Rag worm and Peeler crab.

We had a good session on a mark just to the north of Loop Head for some Wrasse. Lots of Ballan Wrasse from 2lbs to 3 lb were about. Further off the fishing was mixed with some quiet periods but overall there was a steady run of Pollack to 5lbs. We also had some handy Ling and a few Haddock to 4lbs. The second day we covered more ground looking for Whitefish. Again we only had frozen bait. The fishing was ok in the morning but got very slow in the afternoon.

Out again at the end of this week and we will be hoping that some Mackerel show up as this always has a good effect on the fishing.

Luke Aston
Clare Dragoon, LOCHIN 366, 650HP.
Carrigaholt Co. Clare  
Telephone: +353 65 9058209 or +353 87 6367544
Email:  Web:

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Western Region

Kevin Crowley reports:


West Coast Shore League

The first leg of the West Coast Shore League takes place on Sunday 18th April with a competition hosted by Galway Bay SAC on  Lettergesh Beach near Leenane. Fishing is from 12-4 p.m., with check in from 10.30 a.m. The inaugural West Coast Shore League will be run over 8 legs, with best 6 scores to count, and includes many generous prizes. Main sponsors are The Helm, Westport, A Shore Thing in Westport, and Irish Angler magazine. An optional pairs competition will be included, and most competitions will be eligible for Penn points. An exciting season of shore competition awaits.

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