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Rainbow trout fishing

Please take note:

Access to many of the fisheries is across private lands and the Board has developed and maintained a good relationship with landowners but it is important that anglers do not compromise this by behaving in inappropriate ways.

Above all they must not leave litter, light fires, leave gates open or break down fences and if in doubt should always ask permission before entering on lands.

Fly fishing etiquette

We operate a number of rainbow trout fisheries in Cork and Kerry which make a great day out for families and friends. They are marked on the map with a happy fish symbol. Adult and juvenile permits are available. Please note that some of these fisheries are open all year round. Permits charged at a nominal rate are levied on all rainbow trout lakes. Rules and regulations regarding these fisheries are printed on each permit.

Rainbowtrout fisheries in the South West Lough Aderra Schull Reservoir Garranes Lough Bofinne Lough Avaul Lower Lough Avaul Upper Lough Barfinny Lough Fada Lough Nakirka Lough Caum

It is advisable when fly fishing for this exciting species that the angler brings a variety of fly lines with him/her as rainbow trout feed at varying depths in the water column during the day and night. We also allow anglers use worms and spinners when fishing these lakes but all other baits are forbidden.

These ainbow trout are stocked on a weekly basis. Boats are available for hire at these sites which are clearly marked on the map in this guide. In addition we stock a number of them during the winter for the avid angler so as to allow rainbow trout angling throughout the year.


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Rainbow trout fisheries

  1. Lough Aderra
  2. Shepperton Lakes
  3. Garranes Lake
  4. Lough Bofinne
  5. Lough Avaul Lower
  6. Lough Avaul Upper
  7. Lough Barfinny
  8. Lough Fada
  9. Lough Caum

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