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Trout fly fishing in Mayo

Clogher Lough

Clogher Lough, situated three miles north east of Westport, covers about  30 hectares and holds a good stok of small brown trout.

A permit is required for Clogher Lough - available locally. Boats are normally available for hire.

Permit details and information on Board managed fisheries [.pdf, 95 KB]

Loughs Lannagh and Bilberry

Loughs Lannagh and Bilberry (Islandeady) are two substantial lakes (>50 ha each) located between Castlebar and Westport. They are stocked annually with catchable sized brown trout.

Permit details and information on Board managed fisheries [.doc, 27 KB]

Boat hire and accommodation avaiable from:
Windermere House Bed and Breakfast, Westport Road, Islandeady, Castlebar
Tel: 0949023329

Lough Brohly

Lough Brohly is another scenic, peatland lake of approximately 100 acres which has a stock of small wild trout. It is also stocked annually with takeable brown trout which make for lively fishing at any time through the season. The banks are solid and shore fishing is very productive. Boats are also available for hire locally and from Inland Fisheries Ireland Ballina.

Permission: Inland Fisheries Ireland Ballina
All legal methods are permitted, but wetfly fishing appears to be most productive. Favorite flies include, Black pennell, Bibio, Claret & Mallard, Soot olive, Connemara black, Daddy and Green peter, all in sizes 10 – 12.

Callow Lakes

Callow Lakes are situated close to the N26 Foxford – Swinford road. The two lakes (north and south) are approximately 100acres each and are joined by a narrow channel, which is navigable throughout the season. Both lakes hold good stocks of wild brown trout averaging about ¾ lbs to 1lb in weight, although fish between 2 and 3 lbs are regularly caught. They are not heavily fished and, in terms of the quality of fishing the offer, are probably the most underestimated trout lakes in the region. Trout in the south lake are of a slightly larger average size, while those in the north lake are smaller and more numerous. This lake gets good hatches of duckfly, mayfly and sedges and fishes particularly well with a moderate southwesterly wind in spring and early summer.

Lough Muck

Lough Muck is a scenic lough located in the high ground between Foxford and Callow. It has a large stock of small wild brown trout which rise freely, it has good road access and can produce sport for anglers using light tackle, particularly during a westerly breeze. Boats are available for hire locally.

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