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Lackagh fishery and Lough Beagh

This fishery comprises the Lackagh River, Owencarrow River, Glen Lough and Lough Beagh. Inland Fisheries Ireland now manage the left bank of the Lackagh, the western third of Glen Lough, the left bank of the Owencarrow river and Lough Beagh. The remainder of the fishery is in private hands, although the Letterkenny and District Anglers Association do have the fishing rights for the right banks of some of the Owencarrow and part of Glen Lough.
The Lackagh fishery has been developed over recent years, resulting in improved access. Further development work is planned over the next few years with the main focus on habitat improvement and river enhancement. The Lackagh is a short river of only 2 miles flowing from Glen Lough to Sheephaven Bay, which is noted for its good runs of spring salmon, grilse and sea trout.

Permits to fish the left bank are available. Anglers need to make themselves aware of current legislation relating to this fishery.

Glen Lough is noted for the quality of its sea trout fishing, with many fish caught up to 2lbs. with the odd bigger 3 & 4lb fish now again. The lough also has a healthy population of brown trout that can weigh up to 3 & 4lb. (A brown trout weighing 9lb was recorded in the late 80’s). Recommended flies are the Peter Ross, Teal Blue and Silver, Wickham’s Fancy, Butcher and Connemara Black. Bank fishing is not allowed on the lough shores but there are boats available for hire.

The Owencarrow is a 4-mile stretch of river connecting Lough Beagh to Glen Lough. A large section of this river is deep and slow. These sections require a stiff breeze to fish well when a drawn fly can be effective.
Lough Beagh is located in the heart of the Glenveagh National Park. It is primarily a sea & brown trout fishery. Recommended flies are much the same as Glen Lough but the Fiery Brown and the Alexandra are also worth trying. The resident brown trout population tends to be fairly small, running from ½lb to 1lb, but 2lb and 3lb fish are caught every season. The lough also has a resident population of Arctic Char but these are seldom fished for though a few are recorded on wet flies usually near the end of the season. The season runs from 15th July to 30th September and sea trout and salmon run right through this period. Bank fishing is not permitted but two boats with engines are available for hire on the lough.



Glen Lough

Available from:

The Letterkenny & District Angling Association at The Log Cabin Bar, Creeslough, Co. Donegal. Tel: (074) 9138188. Club Secretary Gavin Mobile: (086) 3899810.

• Day permit Adult €20
• Boat permit €10

Lackagh River


Online at

Lough Beagh

Available from

Owencarrow River

Day permit Adult €30 (7am to 6pm)
Evening permit Adult €30 (7pm to 2am)


Online at

Permits for The North Bank Sections:

Day permit Adult €20

The Letterkenny & District Angling Association at The Log Cabin Bar, Creeslough, Co. Donegal. Tel: (074) 9138188. Club Secretary Gavin Mobile: (086) 3899810

Licences are available from:

McGee's Service Station, Main Street, Falcarragh, Co.Donegal.
Tel: (074) 9135237.

IFI Glenties, Owenea Angling Centre, Glenties Hatchery, Glenties, Co. Donegal
Tel: (074) 9551141

Boat Hire

Boat hire for Lough Beagh is available from:

Boat hire for Glen Lough is available from:

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