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The Avonbeg River

Bye-law 897 of 2012 prohibits the use of any fish hooks, other than single barbless hooks, and the use of worms as bait in angling for all species of fish in the waters specified and revokes both Angling Bye-law No. 888, 2011 and Eastern Fisheries Region (Angling) Bye-law No. 824, 2007. The list of waters this bye law applies to is available at the following link: ANGLING BYE-LAW NO. 897, 2012 [.pdf, 19 KB]

The Avonbeg is atributary of the Avoca River which joins the Avonmore at the meeting of the waters. Although mainly a spawning tributary, this river contains stocks of small wild brown trout. The average size of trout is 8ozs but fish to 12ozs can be taken. Fishing is controlled by riparian owners. The river is heavily overgrown in places.

Location: Co. Wicklow. The main towns in the area are Wicklow, Arklow, Avoca and Woodenbridge.

Season: Fishing takes place from March 15th to September 30th.

Fish Species: The Avonbeg contains some stocks of wild brown trout.

Methods: Fishing must be consistent with bye laws for the time being in force as well as the current rules and regulations set out by the riparian owners.

Best Flies: greenwells spider, iron blue dun, silver sedge, badger quill and golden olives.

Angling Club: This water is controlled by riparian owners

Fishing Tip: On smaller overgrown rivers like this keep your tackle small and light.

Permits: Riparian owners.

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