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Blue fin tuna fishing in Ireland

The Bluefin Tuna Experience 2001: Bluefin Tuna fishing in Ireland - two years in a row and a new European record.

Photo: Adrian Mulloy with his record breaking 968lb blue fin tuna

In 2001, two boats met 15 blue fin tuna and a new Irish and European record was set by Adrian Mulloy, fishing with skipper Michael Callaghan. The pair teamed up in October and had action with a number of bluefins to 300lb, again on plastic squid. Then on the 5th of October Adrian caught an amazing fish of 968 lb. A proper fishing chair helped him to subdue the leviathan. The fish was succoured to the side of the boat, the 22 ft. "Leah C", after a tremendous fight near Rathlin O’Beirne Island only 300 yards off land.

The tuna was then towed into Kilybegs harbour where the huge fish was officially weighed and photographed. Michael and Adrian's parting advice was that this record could easily be broken. They saw fish to at least 1,500 lb. break after bait fish.

Photo: The Cepheus travelled from the Azores to get in on the Action. A few fish were met and  brought to the boat

After a long 30-year wait it took just two short seasons for all of Kevin Linnane's dreams to be realised. Not only has big game angling become an Irish sport - it is receiving international recognition and providing world class fishing.

Sadly, soon after the hectic 2001 season ended Kevin Linnane passed away. His contribution to angling in Ireland and big game fishing in particular will never be forgotten.
Map:  tuna fishing locations

2002 Update

In 2002 6 fish were submitted to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee from 387 pounds to 870 pounds. In all around 20 bluefin tuna were brought to the boat in the 2002 season.

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