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Blue fin tuna fishing in Ireland

Bluefin Tuna fishing in Ireland - the albacore interlude.

Suddenly, and almost out of the blue the very next year, a South-West skipper, Derek Noble, fishing from brand new boat "Nicolisa", took several Albacore to 25 lb. (11 kg) while trolling 60 miles west of Caherciveen, Co. Kerry. Five rods had been employed, two attached to outriggers and three fished from the stern. Each trailed tango-type American lure rigged in a daisy-chain pattern. A subsequent trip yielded a new European 12 lb. line-class record of 28.25 lb. (13 kg). Big game angling had gone Irish. The month was July.

Photo: The Tango Lure

In late September, sightings of Blue fin tuna intensified in Donegal Bay. Commercial boats continued to take fish - up to 20 blue fin tuna to 700 lb. (318 kg) were recorded eight miles north of Downings, Co. Donegal. Irish international boat angler, Michael McVeigh decided to take the plunge and "tool up". He ordered a new boat that would incorporate a number of innovative features including swivelling stern rod holders, and fighting chair.

The year 2000 came rolling in and again in July Derek Noble took Albacore, repeating his previous year's feat.

Photo: The eagerly awaited Rosguill

Michael McVeigh was champing at the bit, eager to set out after the blue fins. Delays in delivery of his new boat however, may have cost Michael his place in Irish angling history.

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