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The market town of Cootehill founded in the late 17th century by the Coote family who built Bellamont House (a fine example of Palladian architecture), along with Shercock its near neighbour are the main destinations for many anglers seeking to exploit the great pike angling opportunities to be found in this part of east Cavan and nearby Monaghan.


Lough Sillan is located on the outskirts of the village of Shercock. This lake covers an area of 162 hectares and has depths to 10m. There is access to good shore fishing at the amenity area and caravan park close to the village (1), at Annaghfarney (2)and there is also a limited amount at Darkley (3) on the southern shore. Other bank fishing is available around the lake but this is only accessible by boat. Generally, Lough Sillan is best fished from a boat and boats can only be launched at the amenity area close to the village. Car parking is available at the village amenity area and at Annaghfarney at the western end of the lake. This water holds good stocks of small to medium sized pike and produces good numbers of fish in excess of 20lbs each season.

4. Lough Tacker is located 3km northwest of Shercock and covers an area of 57 hectares. This shallow lake has recorded depths to 3m and contains good stocks of pike ranging from 5 to 10lbs. The lake can be easily fished from the surrounding shoreline but using a small boat would be an advantage although it must be noted that there is no dedicated boat slipway at this location. Access to the lake and car parking is located on the north western shore.

5. Barnagrow Lake is located approximately 3km northwest of Shercock and covers an area of 39 hectares with depths to 15m. The deeper areas are located at the northern end of the lake. This lightly fished water contains stocks of small to medium sized pike and produces double figure fish annually. Access can be obtained via the car parks at the south-eastern end of the lake and from the roadway leading to the pump house at the northern end. Shore angling is available at both of these locations and it is possible to launch a boat from the shoreline at one of the car parks. Fishing from a boat produces the best results.

6. Corraneary Lake is located 5km west of Shercock and covers an area of 26 hectares with depths to 11m. This popular competition venue contains good stocks of small to medium sized pike but fish in excess of 20lbs are recorded annually. There are two main access points to this lake and these are located at the church on the eastern shore and via a stile from a roadway on western shore. Most of the lake is fishable from the shore. Boats may be launched with the permission of the riparian owners. Dromore Lake (See Dromore & Drumlona, Ballybay)

Satellite PIKE Waters in the Cootehill and Shercock area

(7) Coragh, (8) Wood and (9) Town Lakes are located on the periphery of Cootehill within the grounds of the Bellamont estate. These generally shallow lakes cover a combined area of 35 hectares. As these waters are bordered by Bellamont estate property anglers should enquire locally before attempting to fish.

(10) Annaghard and (11) Killyrue lakes are located 4.5km south east of Cootehill and cover an area of 8 hectares and 18 hectares respectively. Annaghard lake has depths in excess of 7m. Both lakes contain good stocks of small to medium sized pike. A limited amount of bank fishing is available on both waters and there is generally no access for boats.

(12) Shinan and (13) Muddy lakes are located 2km west of Shercock and each cover an area of 7 hectares with depths to 4m. These generally shallow lakes contain good stocks of small to medium sized pike. Shinan may only be accessed by boat and it is also possible to launch a boat from the shore on Muddy close to the church. Access to shore fishing on Muddy Lake is from stands which are located on the northern shore. Roadside car parking is available on both waters.

14. Milltown Lake is located 3km south of Shercock off the (R178) and covers an area of 32 hectares with depths to 6m. This popular pike fishing venue contains good stocks of small to medium sized pike. Access is from a roadway at the southern end of the lake where boats may also be launched. Bank fishing is possible around most of the lake. Roadside car parking is available.

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