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Satellite Pike Waters in the Ballinamore and Keshcarrigan area

Bolganard, Corgar, Drumlonan and Corduff Loughs

These are a cluster of small lakes located 3km east of Ballinamore close to the main Ballinamore/Killashandra road (R199). They range in size from 2 to 13 hectares with depths to 7m having been recorded in Corgar Lough. Bolganard currently holds the Irish bream record of 12lbs 3ozs. These lakes which are almost entirely reed fringed contain reasonable stocks of small to medium sized pike and shore fishing is from stands. There are no dedicated boat launching facilities on these lakes but the use of a small boat or float tube will give access to areas that are not fishable from the shore. Car parking facilities are provided for anglers at or close to the main road.

Keenheen Lough

Keenheen covers an area of 34 hectares and is located 5km southeast of Ballinamore close to the main Ballinamore to Carrigallen road (R204). Access is via the minor road which runs along the entire length of the northern shore. Car parking is available at several points along this roadway. Almost all of the water can be fished from the gravel shoreline surrounding this lake which contains good stocks of small to medium sized pike. Because this water produces roach bream hybrids to specimen size there is also the possibility of larger pike being present. Boats can also be launched from the northern shoreline.

Drumlaheen Lough

This lake covers an area of 103 hectares and is located 6km southwest of Ballinamore close to the R209. This water consists of two basins connected by a short channel which only allows access from one basin to the other during high water conditions. The western basin has depths to 5m whilst the eastern basin (known locally as Greagh Lake) is much deeper, with depths in excess of 18m having been recorded. Access to shore fishing on the western basin is located on the northern shore where a car park is also provided. Access to the best shore fishing on the eastern basin is difficult and entails a 500m walk across farmland. This lake is best fished from a boat and it is possible to launch a small boat from the car park. Good stocks of small to medium sized pike are present in this lightly fished water. However, as this lough has bream to specimen size the possibility of catching much larger pike exists.

Keshcarrigan and Castlefore

These lakes are located close to the village of Keshcarrigan. The larger of the two lakes Keshcarrigan covering 39 hectares with depths to 4m has bank fishing from concrete stands on the northern shore. Two of these stands provide access for wheelchairs and anglers with reduced mobility. Boats can be launched from the lakeshore car park. Castlefore, which covers an area of 21 hectares, with depths to 6m has limited bank fishing from stands. It is possible to launch a small boat at the inlet located at the eastern end of the lake close to the (R209). These popular venues contain reasonable stocks of pike in the 8 to 10lb bracket.

Carrickport Lough

This lough is located at Drumcong village on Ballinamore to Carrick-on-Shannon road (R208). The lake covers an area of 46 hectares and has depths to 7m. Car parking is available at the village opposite the eastern shore of the lake. This lake is mostly reed fringed and is best fished from a boat but bank fishing is possible from the eastern shore. There are no dedicated boat launching facilities at this venue but arrangements may be made locally to launch boats from other parts of the shore with permission of the riparian landowners. This lightly fished lake has good stocks of pike up to 10lbs.

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