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Catch of the Week archive 2010

Catch of the Week 27 May

This week's Catch of the Week goes to Nigel Bell from Portadown who caught a record breaking 238lb common skate. Nigel was fishing onboard the charter boat Predator out of Red Bay, Co. Antrim. The huge fish measured 94 inches from nose to tail and 73 inches across the wings. The skate took a whole 3lb coalfish. After a titanic struggle the fish was landed, photographed, tagged and released. A form has been sent to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee for ratification.

While the big skate was being prepared for release a second 146lb skate was landed!

Predator II
Red Bay Stormforce 9.1 Rib
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Catch of the Week 20 May

This week's Catch of the Week goes to Patsy McHugh who caught a 33lb 8oz salmon on the River Finn. Patsy was fishing bubble and fly at Lifford Bridge and the killing pattern was a Green Highlander. Patsy knew he was into a big fish but had thought it was about 15lb. After playing the salmon for a little longer and getting a glimpse of what was on his line he realised he was into the fish of a lifetime. The fish was weighed on certified scales and was measured at 42.5 inches. This is the biggest recorded salmon caught by an angler on the Foyle system.

Catch of the Week 13 May

sea trout
This week's Catch of the Week goes to Liam Ellis who caught a 12lb 13.75oz sea trout fishing Ireland's premier sea trout lake, Lough Currane. This huge sea trout was caught on the troll out at the Black Rocks on a Perch Rapala. The fish is 5oz more than the lake's previous biggest sea trout. Though it is still a few pounds short of the Irish sea trout record of 16lb 6oz there is always a chance the lake will produce a bigger fish this season.

Catch of the Week 06 May

ferox trout
This week the Catch of the Week goes to Karel Sourek for this incredible 25lb 2oz ferox trout from Lough Corrib. Only a few ounces short of the Irish record this enormous fish is the biggest trout caught in Ireland for over 100 years. Karel and his friends were stranded in Ireland following the plume of volcanic ash from Iceland that grounded airplanes all over Europe. With little choice in the matter the Czech anglers extended their holiday and returned to fish on Lough Corrib. During the stay they caught 8 ferox over 70cm the biggest of which was 90cm and weighed 25lb 2oz. All the fish were carefully returned to fight another day. The monster trout was caught on the troll using lure.