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Catch of the Week 03 December


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Fermanagh. On 15/11/09 at an Erne Anglers Winter League match, Sensas Erne Anglers angler John Potters from Lisbellaw caught a fantastic specimen Roach which if verified is beleved to be of Irish record weight. The fish weighed an outstanding 1.700 kgs (which is almost 3lbs 12ozs) from Inver Lake near Roslea and was caught on pole fished maggots. More information here: Potential Irish record roach.

Catch of the Week 19 November


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Wexford. Joe Byrne of the Courtown Angling Centre and Ashley Hayden (ERFB) fished a local venue last week. Amongst the catch was this 47cm flounder taken by Ashley. This fine specimen win Ashley Catch of the Week.

Catch of the Week 05 November


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Longford. Gareth Walton from Hemel Hempstead was on his annual fishing trip to Ireland at Melview Lodge in Longford, and what a great week it turned out to be. Fishing a few venues during his stay he managed to get into some good fish. Prebaiting the night before and using feeder tactics Gareth managed weights to over 100lb. This bag of 120lb of bream wins Gareth the Catch of the Week. More photos here: Irish Angling Update: Bream by the ton in Co. Longford.

Catch of the Week 29 October


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Clare. John Waldron was fishing aboard the Clare Dragoon when he caught this wonderful specimen. Just a few miles North East of Loop Head John hooked into something really special. It turned out to be a 24lb anglerfish. The bait was two small joey mackerel and its quite probable that one would not have been enough to tempt this big mouth ambush predator. More photos here: Irish Angling Update: Huge angler caught by angler.

Catch of the Week 22 October


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Cork. Pat O'Shea of the Commodore Hotel was fishing in Cork Harbour when he caught this huge bass.

It measured 80cm in length, 48 cm in girth, and weighed 12lb 4oz.

This is Pat's second Catch of the Week this year. His first was in August for another huge bass of 12lb 10oz.

Catch of the Week 15 October

pikeThis week's Catch of the Week is from the River Shannon. Martin Byrne was fishing with Shane Gibbons, a regular angling reporter on the Irish Angling Update, when he caught this lovely 23lb 6oz pike.

After a couple of quick photos the fish was carefully returned. Martin went on to catch another pike of 12 lbs and between them the friends had a very enjoyable day's sport. See more here: Pike Angling Update.

Catch of the Week 08 October


This week's Catch of the Week is from the Red Bay in Northern Ireland. Last week Dutch angler, Hans Dijkman was fishing with Hamish Currie on the Predator II when he caught this huge skate.

The fish measured 92 inches from nose to tail and 76 inches across its wings and has a estimated weight of 249lbs. The current record is 220 lb but for conservation reason specimens are no longer accepted by the Irish Specimen Fish Committee. Record breaking fish are voluntarily released by anglers and this potential record was no treated no differently being first tagged and then safely returned to fight another day.

Hamish Currie
Predator II
Red Bay Stormforce 9.1 Rib
Web:http://www.predatorireland.com/ Email: info@predatorireland.com
Telephone: +44 (0)28 2177 1828   Boat: +44 (0)7720440117

Catch of the Week 01 October


This week's Catch of the Week is from the River Nore. On Friday, 25th September whilst fishing the prawn on a single barbless hook a mile or so below Kilkenny, Martin White hooked into a fish of a lifetime.

Martin was fishing the Maddox stretch when he hooked this monster salmon in the ‘Ministers hole’. The fish broke the first set of scales but its weight was recorded at 32lbs on a second set. The cock fish had been in the river a few weeks and was 42 ½ inches long with a girth of 23 inches. Jim Brown a well known Nore Angling Guide thinks that this is the largest salmon off the River Nore since Marc O’Regan’s 34lb fish caught in 1991 at Thomastown on a Devon minnow.

Catch of the Week 24 September


This week's Catch of the Week is from the River Suck. Stephen Gibbons and Ronan Mullen were pike fishing on the Suck when they caught this lovely pike. The fish was caught today by Ronan on a dead baited roach at 7.30am,the fish was quickly weighed and a photo taken and put back.

Catch of the Week 17 September

sea trout

This week's Catch of the Week is from Doo Lough on the Delphi fishery in Connemara. The conventional wisdom that dapping a big fly brings up the big fish was demonstrated in no uncertain terms this past week. Somerset Moore from England caught what is believed to be the second biggest sea trout of the past 24 years at Delphi – a glorious 8-pound hen fish, taken at Cross Point on Doolough on the dap.

The 8lb sea trout was one of 29 taken by Somerset and his boat partner Martyn Gregory during the past week. They had ten other trout over 2 pounds, including one of 4lbs and one of 3.5lbs.
Peter Mantle
Delphi Fishery
Delphi Lodge, Leenane, Co. Galway.
Tel: +353 (0)95-42222 Fax +353-95-42296
Web: www.delphi-salmon.com

Catch of the Week 10 September


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Mayo. Markus Muller of the North Western Regional Fisheries Board caught and released this lovely 7lb salmon on the Owenmore last week. This river has fished well in recent weeks but Markus did well to catch during a week when the fish were proving dour and difficult to take.

RTE Catch of the Month

Catch of the Week 03 September


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Donegal. Michael McVeigh, skipper of the charter boat Rosguill based in Downings, Co. Donegal, lead a number of anglers on some very successful porbeagle shark advetures. Pictured here is just one of the many "porgies" caught over the last week. In recognition of this the Catch of the Week goes to Michael himself. More photos are available here - Irish Angling Update.

Michael McVeigh
Rosguill 43' Aquastar. Twin 310 HP
Downings, Co. Donegal.
Telephone: +353 74 9155080 or Fax: +353 74 55090
Email: info@rosguill.com Web: www.rosguill.com

Catch of the Week 27 August


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Cork. Pat O'Shea of the Commodore Hotel was fishing in Cork Harbour when he caught this huge bass. It weighs in at 12lb 10oz. It measured 80cm in length and 47cm in girth. Pat has had had a few fish of 80cm this year but they weighed 10.5lbs. This guy was a real buster and is the 4th specimen bass Pat has had since the 16th June from the East Cork area.

Catch of the Week 20 August


This week's Catch of the Week is from Co. Kerry. Jack Lymball age 13 took part in the Recreational Angling Ireland boat angling day out on August 10th in Cahirsiveen along with 14 other junior anglers many of them on their first boat fishing trip. Two local charter boats were involved Wey Chieftain and Anchorsiveen along with several local anglers who helped with instruction to the juniors. Jack fished aboard the Wey Chieftain and although conditions were tough his first fish into the boat was this fine specimen Red Gurnard of 1.2kilos. All the young anglers caught plenty of fish on both boats and hopefully some of these are our anglers of the future.

Photo and report courtesy of
Adrian Hanley
Wey Cheiftain Offshore 105. 320HP Iveco
Base: Caherciveen
Email: info@kerryboatangling.com Web: www.kerryboatangling.com

Catch of the Week 13 August


This week's Catch of the Week is from the River Boyne estuary. John Warnock was fishing for bass earlier this week when he hooked a very lively fish on a pink Tasmanian Devil. He knew that he was into something other than a bass but he could not believe his luck when it turned out to be a twaite shad. This is a very important capture as it is the first record of a twaite shad for the River Boyne in many years. Fisheries bioloists at the CFB will do a complete examination of the fish and their findings will be available online.

Catch of the Week 06 August


This week's Catch of the Week is from Dublin Bay.12 year old Luke Byrne was out deep sea fishing with his father Aiden Byrne on their own private boat out from Dublin at the weekend.  Aiden from Santry in Dublin regularly fishes for tope in the Dublin Bay area and participates in the Central Fisheries Board tagging programme.  On the latest trip, young Luke hooked into a big tope and after a half an hour battle, the fish was quickly weighed, photographed, tagged and safely released.  Luke’s big fish weighed 46 lbs. on board boat and wins our Catch of the Week.