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Currently there is no state Rod Licence for coarse angling. The principle coarse fish species found in Ireland are pike, bream, rudd, roach, eel, carp and tench. Bream, Rudd and Roach will regularily hybridise, combining qualities from both species to give a fabulous fighting fish.

Lough Allua and Curraghalickey lakes are also developing into premier coarse fisheries and offer the coarse angler excellent fishing for Bream, Rudd, hybrids and Pike.

Angling Methods and Techniques

Coarse angling equipment is a matter of choice and as most coarse anglers bring all experiment their equipment this affords them the opportunity to. Irish coarse fish respond well to all international techniques from swimfeeder methods to pole fishing and all methods of floatfishing.

The more productive times for coarse angling are from May to November.


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