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Where to fish?


County Monaghan provides for excellent coarse and pike fishing in wild places. The lakes and rivers listed as coarse angling centres contain the commonly found coarse fish species, bream, roach, rudd, hybrids, pike, perch and eels. Waters containing additional species such as tench and carp are noted where appropriate.

There are no license or permit requirements on many of the waters mentioned below and generally the fishing is free. A Catch & Release policy is actively promoted at all fisheries across Ireland where all fish should be safely returned to the water. There are also a number of angling laws with which the visiting angler should become familiar.

Conservation and Prohibition of Coarse Fish Bye-Law No. 806, 2006

  1. The only legal method to catch freshwater fish is by rod and line
  2. A person may not fish with more than two rods at any time
  3. A maximum of four coarse fish may be taken in any one day
  4. Any coarse fish taken must have a maximum length of 25cm
  5. It is illegal to possess or use live fish as bait.
  6. It is illegal to transfer live roach from one water to any other waters

Conservation of Pike Bye Law No. 809, 2006

  1. Prohibited to take or kill more than one pike in any one day
  2. Prohibited to kill Pike over 50cm long
  3. Prohibited to posses more than one whole pike or over 0.75kg of pike flesh
  4. Maximum of twelve coarse fish for use as bait
  5. If more than four coarse fish being used – these must be receipted

Conservation of Eel Fishing Bye-Law No. C.S. 319, 2015

  1. No eel fishing permitted
  2. Prohibits possession of eels
  3. Prohibits selling of eels
  4. Any eels caught must be returned to the water

Rods cannot be left unattended.

Anglers who are crossing into Northern Ireland for coarse fishing are advised that a coarse rod licence and on some fisheries a permit are required to fish.  Be aware that the River Finn interweaves with and some clones lakes are bisected by the border. Licences can be purchased at outlets throughout the North or on-line at

Ireland probably has the best natural angling waters in Europe in rural surroundings.  Please respect this environment and take your litter home.

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