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A regular round up of local and national press news stories with a focus on inland fisheries and sea angling. Some sites may require registration to read articles in full.

Young lads master the age old art of fly tying

THE age old art of fly fishing for trout has traditionally been very strong in Munster, with skills handed down from generation to generation. But ever before a fly fishing enthusiast gets near the river, the essential skill of being able to create artifical flies is required.
The Corkman, 28/01/10. Read the article 'Young lads master the age old art of fly tying'.

Wednesday, 27 January

First 2010 Salmon of the NW Region!

The first salmon of the season, in the North Western Fisheries Region, has been taken on Lough Gill following over three weeks of fishing in some of the coldest conditions felt in the region for years.
Castlebar.News, 26/01/10. Read the artilce 'First 2010 Salmon of the NW Region!'.

Notes from Waterville

THE ANNUAL report from Waterville, Co Kerry, always provides good reading. Fisheries manager John Murphy chronicles events of the past year in his own inimitable way and, having visited Waterville on several occasions, I can vouch for his team’s management of this world class sea trout and salmon fishery. Indeed, the Currane system produced all 26 specimen sea-trout caught in Ireland last year.
Irish Times, 25/01/10. Read the article 'Notes from Waterville'.

Thursday, 21 January

Bag a trip with Nudd

Anglers are being given the chance to spend the holiday of a lifetime with four-times world champion Bob Nudd. For the first time ever, one of the sport’s biggest stars is hosting a special angling week at Ballyconnell in Ireland...
Angling Times, 19/01/10. Read the article 'Bag a trip with Nudd'.

World toasts bass catch

ANGLING NOTES: JAPAN’S Manabu Kurita now joins US angler George Perry in the International Game Fish Association’s (IGFA) World Record Games Fishes as co-holder of the all-tackle record for largemouth bass, each fish weighs 10.12kg (22lb 4oz), but they were caught 77 years apart.
Irish Times, 18/01/10. Read the article 'World toasts bass catch'.

Monday, 11 January

Happy-end shark tales

ANGLING NOTES: AS FOUNDER of the Shark Angling Club of Ireland (SACI) in 1998, the late Paul Lynam endeavoured to introduce a conservation system whereby large game fish, ie blue shark and tope, could achieve specimen (or record) status by providing length and girth measurements to the Irish Specimen Fish Committee (ISFC) and, after tagging, these fish could then be released unharmed.
Irish Times, 11/01/10. Read the article 'Happy-end shark tales'.

Glenda, the completed angler

Since the thrill of catching her first trout, fishing has defined Glenda Powell's life. The world champion tells Ciara Dwyer that the sport has provided her with so much, including her husband and a way of dealing with her traumas, that she'd prefer not to exist without it. When Glenda Powell was a young girl growing up in the small village of Comber, Co Down, she and her elder sister would walk through the streets, fishing rods in hand, off to the river.
Sunday Indpedent, 10/01/10. Read the article 'Glenda, the completed angler'.

On thin ice fishermen told to stay away from frozen lakes

GARDAI are advising members of the public not to go 'ice fishing' on frozen lakes or canals during the cold snap. The practice, common in many parts of northern Europe, involves walking on to a frozen lake or river and drilling a hole through the ice.
Irish Independent, 09/01/10. Read the article 'On thin ice fishermen told to stay away from frozen lakes'.

Judge takes tough stance against illegal fishing

Cavan District Court: "These are criminals and they have no respect for people's property," stated Judge Sean MacBride when he convicted a Polish national for illegal fishing at a sitting of Cavan District Court. Andrzez Kazmuk, 32, Tearmon Abbey, Sycamore Close, Drogheda, was fined €625 with €1725.25 costs for using a boat in the commissioning of an offence at Black Lough, Derrygoony, on October 4.
Anglo Celt, 08/01/10. Read the article 'Judge takes tough stance against illegal fishing'.

First salmon of the season for the second time for late riser Brian

The early bird may catch the worm but that didn't hold true for Enniskillen angler Brian McEvoy last Friday when he made a late start to fishing at the famed River Drowes in Kinlough but still managed to bag the first salmon of the year for the second time.
Leitrim Observer, 08/01/10. Read the article 'First salmon of the season for the second time for late riser Brian'.

Monday, 04 January 2010

Alien crayfish threat

THE National Parks and Wildlife Service (NPWS) has called for extra vigilance to protect Irish crayfish from the introduction of foreign species. The white-clawed crayfish (Austropotamobius pallipes) is unique to Ireland and could be threatened with “crayfish plague”, a fatal disease, if alien crayfish find their way into Irish waters.
Irish Times, 04/01/10. Read the article 'Alien crayfish threat'.

Reeling them in Angler nets first salmon of the year, again

CONTRARY to the old saying, it is not always the early fisherman who catches the salmon. Brian McEvoy strolled down to the River Drowes, Co Leitrim, at the leisurely hour of 11am yesterday and bagged himself the first salmon of the year less than three hours later. Not only did he snag the fish under the envious glare of many who had braved the morning frost hours earlier, but it was the Enniskillen man's second time to catch the first salmon of the year.
Irish Independent, 02/01/10. Read the article 'Reeling them in Angler nets first salmon of the year, again'.

Salmon poaching increases in line with recession

SALMON POACHING is on the rise because of the recession, according to officials in charge of the State’s inland fisheries. They say that “illegal activity on rivers has increased due to the recession as people have more time on their hands”. There is also a “tradition of poaching” in some rural locations where people believe they have “the right” to harvest and sell the fish.
Irish Times, 02/01/10. Read the article 'Salmon poaching increases in line with recession'.

50 rivers to be open for salmon angling despite falling stocks

SOME 50 rivers are to be open for wild salmon angling in the new year, but salmon stocks are continuing to fall according to Minister of State for Natural Resources Conor Lenihan. Indicators for survival of salmon at sea are at their lowest since records began, Mr Lenihan has said.
Irish Times, 30/12/09. Read the article '50 rivers to be open for salmon angling despite falling stocks'.

Monday 07 December

Six salmon a-leaping

ANGLING NOTES: AFTER AN absence of almost 200 years salmon have returned to the upper reaches of the River Monnow at Kentchurch Weir in Monmouthshire, according to the Environment Agency Wales (EAW). Since completion of a £600,000 (€663,000) fish pass at Osbaston Weir earlier this year, salmon are now getting further upriver than since the industrial revolution, it said.
Irish Times, 07/12/09. Read the article 'Six salmon a-leaping'.

"Wired" Irish River Detects Pollution in Real Time

Nature has gone wireless in Ireland, where scientists have outfitted a major river with sensors that detect spikes in pollution in real time. Sensors recently placed at various points in the River Lee, near the city of Cork, send information on pollution levels back to a data center. Water managers can keep tabs on pollutants entering the river and, if need be, mount an immediate response.
National Geographic News, 06/12/09. Read the article '"Wired" Irish River Detects Pollution in Real Time'.

Tracing our faith in trees, taking stock of our trout

...The Central Fisheries Board is also a national research body, and Brown Trout in Ireland (cfb.ie/publications, €30) might well have turned out a solemn compendium of scientific papers. Scientifically sound it certainly is, but its authors – Dr Martin O’Grady, Myles Kelly and Shane O’Reilly – are keen trout anglers, and O’Reilly a skilled desktop publisher. Their production is both engaging to read and a pleasure to look at, with photographs of living, swimming fish that, as Prof Andy Ferguson says in his foreword, “set a new standard for fish illustration”.
Irish Times, 05/12/09. Read the article 'Tracing our faith in trees, taking stock of our trout'.

IN SHORT: Judge pledges jail for illegal fishing

Comparing illegal fishing to cattle rustling, a district court judge said he was issuing warrants and intended to impose six-month jail terms on people who did not turn up in court.
Irish Times, 05/12/09. Read the article 'IN SHORT: Judge pledges jail for illegal fishing'.

Popstars in court battle for hunting and fishing rights

TWO millionaire popstars sought an interim injunction in Letterkenny Circuit Court yesterday (Thursday) preventing a neighbour "interfering" with their hunting and fishing rights near Ballybofey. Mick Hucknall and Chris DeMargary of Simply Red claimed in court that the manager of the neighbouring Cloghan Estate, Mr John Wilde, was interfering with their rights since they purchased the Glenmore estate in August 2005.
Donegal News, 04/12/09. Read the article 'Popstars in court battle for hunting and fishing rights'.